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June 8 Patch forecast

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Next Thursday (June 8)  patch schedule:

1. Fleet war contents modification

- Fleet war When you select a member, only the fleet in which you are logged in is displayed.

- Only the fleet within 30 minutes after entering Fleet war fleet list is displayed.

- Fleet war start time changed from 1 hour to 10 minutes after matching.

2. Fixed TeamKill issue: The Allied torpedoes will be changed so as not to damage the Allied ship.

3. AAW addition: DD and CL have added anti-air capability to the main gun.

4. Modify package item contents

- Fuel Pack: Salior changed to boost item (2 times production at refinery, salior XP twice in battle - PvP & PvE)

- Steel Pack: changed to Captain Boost item (50% Captain experience added in online combat, double the amount of steel acquired)

- Premium: 40 gold bonus for attendance compensation

- Start Boost: Steel, Gold 2x - PvP & PvE (Start Boost is not sold as a single item and is only sold as one of the starter pack components.)

- Starter Pack: Premium + Start Boost + Sail Boost

- Steam Pack: Sail Boost + Captain Boost

- Captain Boost and Start Boost in online battles will receive double stakes in steel.

- Items purchased and in use are marked with an icon and displayed at the top left of the port along with the remaining period. (You can also check in the captain info window.)

5. Add 110 level battleship

- United States: California, United Kingdom: Duke of Edinburgh, Japan: Mikawa, Germany: Stresemann, USSR: Proletariat

6. Online battle map changes. (The horizontal size increases and the buoy is placed more inside.)

7. The basic torpedo armed for light cruisers will change from mines to torpedoes.

8. Soviet light cruiser Svetlana 3 upgrader has been changed to 8-inch 2-extension gun.

Patch lists and schedules may change depending on development status and Apple's review period.

Thank you.

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