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Hi all,


First of all this, I am kaptSpeirs rom TDP. I am from The Netherlands so please forgive my bad englisch. 

I talked with a Mod about my questions he said to me ask it in th forum. So I do it here, I hope it is the right place.

Since like 3 days, I purchased the Starter pack, later on also the Captain Pack. And for Today also the Steam pack. As expected made the steampack, the duration from the capain and crew boost longer. from 27 days to 57 days. But the number at the symbol with te red arrow (I suppose it is the symbol for doubl steel reward. I am not sure?) Didn't change to 57 days. (In the captain boost, also in the captain from steampack includes double steel in Online). It was sill standing on 27, wich I find weird. 

Other question related to this is: What means the symbol with the wings and the red arrow?? (I think for double steel???)

And I didn't really notice the past days, how I should have received my Double Refinery produce. Cause that is included in the crewboost wich is in the starter boost, and also in the steam pack I added. Also for that is not a symbol. Mabe it is included in the symbol for crewboost (the grey guy) same as for double steel with captain boost (the white guy).


So hopefully someone understands what I mean with all of this. And hopefully someone can explain it to me.

Kind Regards,

Kapt. Speirs.


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Hello! I believe I was the mod who referred you to the forum. Unfortunately I'm not sure of this. If you have a Facebook try checking out our page at mobile navyfield and sending them a message. I'm sure they can answer! 


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