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Looking for Opinions on How best to Upgrade Ships

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Well, I have not yet gotten into a BB yet. But I have been playing around with DD, CL, and CA with all 5 nations. Note: PvP online battles, ship class Ops, and Campaign missions only. I have not done much of anything with Harbor Assault, since that just seems to be only for resources (no xp of either type) and I have pretty much always had more than enough.

In general, here is what I've found with the ships I've tried:

DD and CL with Torpedoes - Max the torpedoes and the engines to quickly get into and out of torpedo range. Then put the other points into main guns or a little armor. Maybe some FCS if it does not have a scout plane. Exception, the American CL's seemed to have better performing guns than the torpedoes (but I'm not certain of that). I assume the Hedgehog is meant to take on subs, but I have not yet managed to get a DD with the Hedgehog into range of a sub before dying.

CL without Torpedoes - Max range (not necessarily level) of main guns. Max engines to try to dodge incoming rounds and torpedoes as well as stay out of range of fast auto firing secondary cannons. FCS if no scout plane. Armor if has scout plane. I have not found the secondary guns on the CL to be of any use at all. If I get close enough for them to start firing, I seem to be sunk too quickly for them to really matter.

CA - (Note: I have only 1 or 2 stars for crew on my CA's. Haven't had them long enough to get vet's. So I don't know if that will change my results.) I keep ending up with max on both main gun and armor. The other 2 slots to the engines to try and dodge the BB incoming rounds. Again (but without as much experimenting), I have not found the secondary guns to be worth the slots compared to the armor or engines.

BB - This is just my guesses/assumptions. Max main gun and armor. Here the secondary guns may be worthwhile since some of them seem to out range most of the CL and some of the CA main guns. That is just from observation during PvP.

Do you folks have differing observations or suggestions? Especially if geared for a particular ship or nation.


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