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2.6.7 Data Patch

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2.6.7 Version. Data patch

It is scheduled to be held at 5 pm Korea time today.

The patch contents are as follows.

1. Re-adjustment of the submarine's engineer's ability

2. Submarine engine balance adjustment

3. Adjust FCS Stability Balance
   1-up FCS accuracy correction (AccuracyBonus) 10% increase

   2-up FCS accuracy correction (AccuracyBonus) 30% increase

   3-up FCS accuracy correction (AccuracyBonus) 68% increase

4. Increase range of DD, CL' sonar

   22% increase in base FCS SonarRange
  1-up FCS SonarRange 17% increase
     The default FCS and 1-up FCS have the same sonar range.
  2-up FCS Sonar Range 20% increase

  3-up FCS Sonar Range 30% increase

5. Harbor Assault 'xp additional application (not applied)
The patch for this part has been postponed.

* Patch time may be delayed or accelerated by 1 hour before or after 5 PM.

Thank you.


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