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HA NOT. EFFING. WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So I have asked in previous posts with no response regarding the HA not working properly. I have sent a ticket but never received a response and its pissing me off that my CA's nor BB's are NOT firing during HA and cant seem to get a response from anyone. I used to get a lot of my steel from HA, but now I cant even beat a line of 2 CL and 1 DD with my BB, CA, CL's and DD. WTF? 


Seriously- you moderators are shit. I have sent messages to the damn Koreans that make this game and have had NO response. 


I am surprised this game has lasted as long as it has with the lack of support.... Especially from the people they elected to moderate. You will get not one more dime from me. 

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