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Are people using the Gneis? Love the way the ship looks, and don't want to have to Moltke all the way to Bismarck. 

What are people using?



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Hi there,

Yes, captains usually buy the Gneisenau when they reach lvl 50, it's not a very strong BB as it's low level, but it will help you to complete all the campaign and survival missions. ( And of course it's a beautiful ship to have in the collection :D )

I will post the setup and stats of the ship so you can see it.

Please note that the user who took the screenshot has the game in german but I translated some of the important info.

Note 2.- The crew is veteran ( 3 stars ) so the stadistics of the ship are very high.


Some captains upgrade 2 FCS ( First line of upgrades ) instead of armor, as FCS gives you a bit of accuracy, it's up to you choose.


Hope it help.


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