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Finding that I'm struggling to level my IJN line. I'm using the Mogami CL and I die quickly. Anyone have any tips? I bought the Kitakami, but it seems like a waste right now. :(


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Hi there,

Keep playing Campaign, Operations and Survival missions, you will reach level 50+ eventually!

For my leveling I bought the Asama CA ( 800 gold ) which has 2 turrents with 1590 damage, 1420 reload and 2786 range! As it have the range and damage of a BB you can simply run around the map sinking ships from very far without danger.

If you can't or don't want to buy the Asama CA, buy the Myoko CA. When you hit lvl 32 get the Mogami 1941 which is better then the Myoko, complete the missions from long range as I mentioned till you hit level 41, then the Mogami 1944 will be unlocked. The Mogami 1944 has few guns, but can be upgraded to hold 2 squads of planes like a CV, the AI ships will be easy targets with your bombers.

When you hit level 50 simply buy the Kongo BB, his firepower will make much easier then with a CA, but watch out the speed and it will be slower.

Now some tips to complete campaign and survival:

-Speed of your ship and range of your main guns are very important, take in mind you will be always highly outnumbered so the best tactict it's retreat while shooting your persecutors.

-The fastest way to sink an enemy ship by main guns it's shoot them when they're facing their bow or their stern towards you, the damage you can dealt is very high. Let them chase you, they will sail directly to your direction facilitating a direct shot to their bow, but keep the the distance and speed!

-Always sink first enemy BB's, they're your main enemy, their huge range and damage can sink you very easily, even if you don't have them at range. Main targets if you want to survive.

-In many of the missions you will have some ally ships with you, they won't be very useful in terms of damage, but they work perfectly as shields! Let them sail in the front, receiving all the enemy fire while you eliminate the BB's or other high threats.

-Very careful with the SS! They're sneaky and will be chasing you underwater.. Go out their range of view by outrunning them and they will surface the ship, sink them in the surface when they can't see you. ( A smoke Screen will make them surface too, but of course that depend if you want to spent gold )

-Do not get frustrated if you die often in a mission, think very well what you're doing wrong or how you can solve the problem.


About the Kitakami CL:

It's a hard ship to master, I'm not a good player with it either, but I saw some captains trully fearsome with them! Patience and experience using it, it's all you need!


Every beginning is hard, do not be disappointed by IJN as it's one of the most interesting nations ^_^

Hope it helps you!


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Thanks for the tips!

I've been able to get the Mogami 1948 mini-cv and am having fun with it! I've been able to use these tips for my other nations and am feeling a bit better with the game overall. I'd love to level crew faster! haha.


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I'm glad the tips worked out!

Crew leveling is hard, a lot of battles to fight and grinding to do, but you will see how a veteran crew it's really worth it ^_^

Do not dount to contact us for further problems or questions!


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The Kitikamai and Mogami 1944 both take a while to master. But both can be very fun and effective.

The Kitikami is a torpedo cruiser, so obviously max the torpedoes. I wouldn't bother advancing the guns at all. I maxed the engines to get into and out of torp range quickly. Then 2 in armor to survive their fire a little bit longer.

Tactics are to cruise across the the enemies line of advance in front of your allies. Aim your tubes in the general direction of the enemy advancing toward you at approximately the max torpedo range. Fire a salvo of torpedoes every few seconds until all 5 are launched. This will give a crisscrossing set of tracks that are extremely difficult to avoid. Reverse direction, pick a new target, and repeat with the other set of 5 launchers. A key point is to never travel in a straight line if you even might be in range of the enemy. Zig-zag back and forth across your base course to make it difficult for them to target you.  That plus your speed should allow you to survive until you have launched your torps. Then run away until all of your launchers are reloaded. Then come back and do it again. This can sometimes kill up to 5 or 6 ships in the first minutes of the battle with a lowly little CL. Including CA's and BB's. BOOM!

The Mogami 1944 is in my opinion even harder to master (mine is almost completely leveled to veteran). But it is really fun when it works. This is a mini-CV. But is useless until you get some advancements. You must advance the flight deck 2 times to even get anything other than scouts. I wouldn't bother with the 3rd advancement since I almost never run out of aircraft before getting killed or winning anyway. You should get the fighter and torpedo bomber advancement. I am unsure on the dive bomber advancement. I got it, but the dive bombers rarely seem to hit their targets. However, I may just not be approaching the targets correctly. I also maxed the engines to stay out of gun range.

Tactics for this ship seem to vary a lot among captains. Personally I do the following (I got this from a fellow in my fleet, I can't take credit). Immediately start the torpedo planes arming.

Start the fighters arming. Engage engines and maneuver to keep the bulk of your allies between you and the enemy.

Your fighters will launch first. If the enemy has a carrier, use your fighter squadron to intercept their attack planes (it is hilarious to see an enemy carrier run out of attack planes). You click the general area where you want the fighters to go and they will circle when they get there, shooting down any enemy planes they see in the area. Some battles, all I've done is use my fighters to neutralize an enemy carrier until the gun ships can sink it. If they don't have a carrier, use your fighters to shoot down all their scouts. this makes it very difficult for the enemy to find and target you and your allies. If you have shot down all the scouts, use the fighters as your scouts until they run out of fuel and return.

When your torpedo bombers launch, send them in the general direction of the enemy. Then look for a CA or BB (DD and CL a very maneuverable and hard to hit with torp bombers). Maneuver your planes in front of the target. If you can get them to launch from about 45 degrees to either side of their course, you are almost guaranteed a hit if not a kill. A ship that is slowed from heavy damage can usually be hit from any direction. Don't get too close to the ship before designating the target. Torp bombers need time to run toward the target before they drop torps. So if they are too close, they will turn and fly away before beginning their attack run. This may make the attack come from a poor angle and they will be taking AA fire the whole time.

Both torpedo bombers and dive bombers will not attack hidden ships. So if you lose track of a ship in the 'fog of war,' the bombers will turn around and head back to your ship. If they still have sufficient fuel, you can stop them and send them back toward a new target.

As always, experiment around with the possibilities and see what works best for you. Hope this help.


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