23th, October Patch list

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Dear Captain!

Google (327 version), Apple (325 version) is updated today.


3.2.7 Version Updates and Patch List.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------

1. Harbor Assault Skill cool time re-corrected

- Skill cool time will be reduced overall.

2. The steel reward amount will raise for DD, CL

3. Remove Submarine torpedo launch safe distance

4. Fixed submarine untouchable bug

5. Add ranking reward for individual and fleet

- Individual and clan compensation applied respectively

6. Change battle process in 2 stages of the Harbor Assault

- The progress speed of Stage 1 changes rapidly.

- Weapons of defense weapons will be removed and instead of real attacks such as gun damage.

- The harbor image and map will be replaced.

- When the submarine occupies the garrison (reaches it), the attack team will win.

- If the garrison is destroyed by changing the role of the garrison, the victory / defeat process is changed.

7. Modify online combat matching system

8. Removing the Mine that was installed at the corner of the Online Battleground

9. Add and modify online beginner training mode (from 5 to 8 maps)

- With the addition of an enemy air base with a new map, the player can perform anti-aircraft gun training.

10. Daily Quest System Changes

- Changed the battle participation quest to be added at random, so that the number of quests whose participation frequency has increased steadily was added.

11. CV upgrades secont-gun range and damage normally apply.

12. Sea and Cloud effects are added

13. Edit tutorial for beginners


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