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But I can't figure out is why the Timmerman class destroyer has such long range heavy-hitting 5 inch guns. Which are the same guns that are used in the Gearing class DD and the Atlanta class light Cruiser. And all u.s. battleships. Why is the range and she'll damage not the same for all of the ships? 

You would think for the price that you pay for the Nebraska and the California class battleships that their secondary guns would perform to the Peak Performance!

Which in many cases in the Germans secondary guns their range and hit power is far greater than that of the United States Japan and the United Kingdom.


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Erm... because it's a game?

To that you can add: All ships same speed for their category for example Nelson (23kn historically), King George (28kn historically), Hood (32kn historically) have the same speed in game. Also Hood was technically a battlecruiser, not a battleship.

Similar for US BBs: from the 21kn of the Colorado to the 33 of Iowas all are same in game.

Also many ships in the game were never built at all and some only exist in this game (gold CL18s for example)

Almost forgot the WWII subs that go 30kn+ underwater and 35+ on the surface.... figures that modern subs are proud of (UW) or cant even reach (surface).

Also the Timmerman was a modified Gearing so why does have different armament/health etc. when only the engine/drive gear was altered?

ok, rant finished. sorry.


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