Happy New Year

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I think some of you might already trying their best to get drunk, or planning the next year's competitions or targets wherever or whatever those would be.

It's best time to review, what last year's highs and lows had been.
...startet NF in February, days and nights were so much fun with lots of you and attacks came in 24/07😁

Then there had been those Asian fleets that always attacked with multiple attacks and we were nearly not even able to fight our own fights...🤔

..the dude calling himself World-King, who messed up our chats and invited all the girls in his own harems-group! 😂

the upcoming of naval-creed that made several players leave (but some came back already...

..that TK-issue...

...and some troubles still to be discussed, or put aside...

There has been so many hours we've spend together, fighting together.
 so many joyful moments...
 And I'm looking forward to what next year will bring. Somehow we will survive.

Wish you all the best for 2018 fair winds and following seas.

(And beside NF: Joy, Health and Love and that some wishes may come true...)


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