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:SI've noticed as I've gone through the ships of my fleet that I have many still with repair and smoke available. I haven't played some of these ships in FOREVER and some I can't imagine ever using again. I think it would be nice to have some sort of a "basket" for repairs and smoke. When you purchase smoke or repairs they go into the basket and are assigned to each ship as needed. At the same time if you no longer need smoke or repair on a ship you may take them off that ship and place them into your basket. I look at the smoke and repair I have on ships I will never use and it makes me very unhappy. 😭


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I think it's a nice idea to implement some building like an arsenal, where you can purchase smoke and rep-kits. Those doesn't need to be linked to specific ships but be available for every ship.

Well... maybe even some kind like that for your fleet was well! Give the gold of fleet ratings in another stock that can be used by leaders officers to buy reps and smoke for the fleet which could be used by all captains but only in WoF.

No need to give the gold only twenty gamers but those of the fleet who are active and "work hard" for those rewards.


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