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The current ship tree for premium ships is unattractive, especially after the launch of Provence and new WoF system. Let’s see.

BB60: They are actually not significantly stronger than BB50 and are obviously weaker than BB70. For example, Sevastopol and Bismark are nice ships, why need I pay 1200 gold for a ship that I can’t use for long?

Sugggestion: 1) Return them to ship level 50 as an alternative choice for beginners; 2) Or Increase their hull so that they can compete with BB70.

BB90: All of them have equal stats as BB100 but have about 10% less hull. This forces players to buy BB100 with steel instead of spending 1800 gold. Moreover, there are so many good ships in level 90’s (CV92 and SS92) to use. BB90 is totally unattractive. I know there are turn differ bonus for BB90, but again, if I need to spend more than USD14 to buy a BB90 (and it cannot be used in Expert match), why don’t I buy Steam Pack for Provence (a ship with Montana’s gun and able to torp, 2000 crew xp granted, and can be owning other BBs in Expert match)? It is a shame to many BB90’s great history. 

Suggestion: 1) Return then to ship level 75 (both BB90 and Provence are good ships to dominate in Expert match); 2) Or increase their hull and turn differ over BB100). 3) Or, if the devs will not change it, DO NOT BUY ANY SILLY BB90 as a boycott.

BB110 and 120: Generally not much complaints, but under the secret maths of damage calculation some ships (Amagi and Project 24) are typically weaker than those with huge guns. Maybe devs can also review it.

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