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Dear captains,

Due to continious requests I am launching a new campaign to collect stats of as many ships as possible. This is a huge undertaking, with many, many possible ships to investigate. I cannot possible do this alone, so I'm asking all of you to help me in this quest.

So, here goes. There are seven threads (one for each nation). In every thread I've made a few posts to give the example of what a post should look like. Please expand those threads by adding your own post, and please follow my format.

We want to see screenshots of vetted (!) (so no new or mastered ships), accompanied by some useful info. At least include your setup, whether it has aaw or launchers, if launchers whether they can use mines or no, whether there is anything special about the ship (repair, for example, including the amount of repair) and most importantly: start with the name and tier of the ship, in text, above the picture!! Please post ships in battle setup, not harbour assault setup!

How to get the pictures underneath the text if you're adding multiple ships in one post? Attach all pictures, save the post, then edit it. Then you can drag and drop the pictures to where you want them. Alternatively, you can leave them all at the bottom of the post.

Before posting, use the search function (inbuilt in the forums or use crtl+f or whatever your computer uses) to check if the specific ship has already been posted. No duplicates!

Let us bring our knowledge together!


These are the threads per nation:


UK (Britain)

IJN (Japan)

KM (Germany)

SN (Russia)

MN (France)

RM (Italy)


Kind regards, Ibby

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I guessing you will be edit all screenshoots and info in to first post and delete all posts to prevent complete mess ,so i will start with soviet ships and  just upload them one by one if thats ok.

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Adding ships one by one is perfectly fine! I personally found it more convenient to add multiple ships in one post, but whatever works for you!


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Welp, cannot upload more screenshoots,  i got message i am only alowed to upload up to 1.95 MB .

Will it reset when you copy/paste my posts and then you delete them?

Nvm, working now somehow

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