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unmount equipment
Unmounting equipment

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Actually,the unmount system on the game is very unfair,especially on high level ship,as the upgrade cost can be 100 or 1.000.000 that unmounting will only cost 10 gold,which is unfair as if you upgrade wrong equipment or a bug occurs,like a member of my fleet,that upgrade 3 gun on Iowa and the upgrade turned into 3 engine,you will get nothing back,everyone makes mistakes,and you should get half the steel(To don't be OP) you used back after unmounting equipment,making easier to undo wrong decisions and bugs.


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We had a conversation about this a while ago. Nothing ever came of it though.

In my opinion mounting and unmounting mods should be free. I would like to play around with my ships in different configurations to find out which one works best for me. You can't do that at 10 gold a pop, and yes the expensive Steel (and don't forget the time waiting for the upgrade to be completed).

I'm also a little perplexed about having to pay 5 gold per repair. In other games smoke and repairs are free(you get three free repairs per game).


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