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4.4.6 version will be released!

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We are going to maintain and patch the server for about 50 minutes from 5 pm on Friday, November 16th in Korea time.

All Captains should apply the following features, which are updated via Game App Updates (App version will be 4.4.6)


Patch Contents
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

1. Harbor Assault improvement

- Enemy search function (list format)

- Improved UI (Improved to handle attack fleet and defense fleet in one screen, including battle log and defensive weapon button)

- Battle Time Limit (If the battle is not over in the 2 minute time limit in 1 stage, the attacker will win and go to 2nd stage)

- In Stage 1 battle, the skill animation is output only once at the first time, and later, it is omitted in order to shorten the time.

- Added DP gauges for all defensive weapons in Stage 2 battle

- For defender, you can earn gold depending on your defenses.
(3 gold if you win in 1st stage, 1 gold at final win in 2 stages)

- For a defender, you can acquire resources in victory bonuses.

2. Add 130 Lv Battleship, 120 Lv Aircraft Carrier

- Battleship:

US Missouri

UK Lion II

JPN Musashi

KM Tirpitz

SN Spiral

- Aircraft Carrier:






3. Add chat features

- Added copy and paste function in chat window.

4. Expert online level limit change

- Up to 69 level available (battleship, carrier, submarine not available)

5. Battle UI Change (Smaller radar moves left side, Dive pad for SS makes smaller too)

6. Increase Steel Depot capacity for 10~ 12 Level

* The above schedule can be changed by the developer.

Enjoy your sailing!

New HA.png


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