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Dumbest Mission ever! Who the f**k can finish this without supply ship get sunk When those mother f**king Enemy ships are there. Are yall dumbass? whoever made this mission, finish it and show me or us. If you cannot or not be able to upload then ya mother f***ers better fix this mission. Stupid a*s f**k. Spent so many oil and steel for nothing because of yall stupidest mission that can't be done.

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There is no reason to going all balistic,mission is hard ,but not imposible to finish.

 It is end game mission, one  not meant to be finished with beginner ship, you need  veteran  CV  with good secondaries.

 Even then is challenge, you have to keep trying mission, eventualy NPC with position it self in a way they can survive long enough for you to save them.

 Also, you can send scouts over enemy ships, they lauch fast and enemy will waste shoots on them instead on your ships.


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While I disagree with the way Bobby put it, I agree that the mission has to change. The way the mission is >95% of the time you get defeated before the first squad takes off, no matter what CV you play. To win you have to get lucky  and get heavy transports spawn close to weak DDs. Devs can at least code in heavy transports to reduce the random element that makes it unwinnable most of the time


edit: tried twice with vet S tier A Project, launched 2 scouts to distract DDs at North and two dive bomber squads. Sailed with OH speed to attract fire. Lost both times at 32 seconds, scouts shot down before dive bombers approached Northmost DDs that killed the Transport (a light 1st time and heavy the second but between an L class and a Tribal)

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test play with vet S tier

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