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Auto Aim Gun Salvo Delay Render BB Useless

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Greetings Developer.

As the new update came, there is seems to be a huge issue for me (or to everyone who cares) .

The auto aim seems to be having a problem. BB for instance, using auto aim, when targeted at enemy ship, it should be fired salvo (all guns firing at once) not taking turns (each gun firing with delay). 

To be honest, i have a feeling that this is intentional. But the update information doesn't tell such. Therefore rather than creating post in suggestions i create here for i suspected a bug.

Therefore please fix this problem immediately if it is a bug. If its not then CHANGE IT BACK LIKE BEFORE.


If this is your marketing thinking then i must say, what kind of moron advisor did you hire? You suppose to attract players not scaring them away.

Lastly i want to make it clear, i have a bad feeling about the Dive delay for submarines. But fortunate for you, i haven't heard a complain from it. YET.

Remember that ONE TIME when you decide to add SS torpedo a range delay? And how many player who favor submarines attack you DEVELOPER?

Welp, none of that matters anymore because we are just gonna quit the game. Unlike before this accursed game downfall.

Anyway, just fix the darn auto aim gun salvo and everything back to normal. I think. 

Thank you. 


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While with firing delay on most  Battleships  we can more or less manage, there is one exception that need to be fixed:

 Battleships with lots of turrets and fast reload (Fuso, Takao, ISE etc)  have so high fire delay that they cannot possibly fire all turrets before first fired turrets are reloaded again, so that ships have 2-3 turrets alwais waiting its turn to fire, and in that way ,they loose lot of its firepower, they are effectifly nerfed, hevily.

 They need to have less reload time then rest of Battleships, probably  CA reload time .

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