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Hello Captains!

We have the server maintenance for patch today.

You can update your app version for 5.9.8 in markets.

Maintenance schedule : 7PM ~ 10PM (Korea time)

Patch List 
1. Conquest World Replay function added

2. Changed Conquest World battle result to the same rules as Great Online Battle.
   (The sum of the attack amount of the surviving ship, if the surviving ship is a submarine, it is calculated as 50% attack amount)

3. In Conquest World, 1st PvE attack fails, the city protection period is reduced to 1 day and 2 days with the 2nd PvE failure.

4. In Conquest World, the minimum member of fleet for declaration of war increases from 5 to 10

5. Conquest World Requires at least 3 fleet members who is 70 national level to declare war.

6. Basic FCS increases view for German A-tier, S-tier Project A, S-tier Graf Zeppelin2 

7. British armor specialization (ship speed adjustment, DP increase when armor is upgraded)

8. Adjusted the accuracy of dive bomber and changed the target point of torpedo bomber

9. New A-tier CA added in research center
   - US CA Des Moines
   - RN CA Archer
   - IJ CA Miyako
   - KM CA Blucher
   - SN CA Admiral Nakhimov
   - MN CA Mandel
   - RM CA Trieste

10. Continuous mines can be fired by adjusting the launch angle

11. Adjustment of the ship's secondary gun firing angle

12. Changed ship information DPS and reload time standards for seconds
    (DPS is based on the total ship)

13. Added DPS to gun upgrade menu

14. Building upgrade cost is decreased in Harbor

15. Changed the image of S-tier UK BB Nelson in shipyard

16. Changed the basic weapon of French A-tier BB Jean Bart from torpedoes to mines

17. Strengthen AAW (secondary gun) of Japanese S-tier BB Mikawa

18. Adjusted the reload time and damage of British S-tier BB Conqueror 3up guns
     (Reload time 18.9 -> 18.8, damage 1700 -> 1640)

19. Added DPS for defense weapon guns in harbor assault

20. In blueprint, the reload time and DPS are changed according to ship info

21. Changed the button to delete blueprint (changed to red button at the bottom)

Thank you.


RN CA Archer.jpg


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