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S Gorskov

New Armour, small empirical test

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greetings to all, personally I had many doubts about the effectiveness of the armor in the "new" system, especially for the effectiveness of the 3rd upgrade thinking how much speed it costs, we also had discussions between players, so I decided to make a small test whose results I hope will be helpful to all players, with a my friend we made two trial duels, in one the ship Target, a BB Francesco Caracciolo grade B 2 stars complete, was without bulges, in the other had the bulge activated , "the opponent" chosen is the small SS HMS P type of the Royal Navy, just built, without any upgrade or star for the crew, from the results below you understand very well that the bulge really reduces the damage of the torpedoes by 45% declared (in the case of Caracciolo), the starting damage is about 5,700 to which we must subtract the reduction for the crew.

  • without Bulge
  1. 4100
  2. 4900
  3. 4700
  4. 4400
  5. 4000
  6. 4800
  7. 6000
  8. 4700 (burning)
  • with Bulge
  1. 2200
  2. 3300
  3. 2400
  4. 2200
  5. 2200
  6. 3800
  7. 2600
  8. 2300
  9. .........

the Ships were in same perpendicular position (around) and at 0 speed in both test, of course others tests or comments are welcome 🙂

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