5.0.0 version is released!

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We released 5.0.0 version.

Patch List

1. One account policy adpated.

- one player can have one captain only.

2. Resource transfer function added.

- Resources from US, UK, JP, KM, SN harbor to France & Italy harbor can be transferred.

3. New A grade BB added in research center.

- US BB Guam

- UK BB Repulse

- JP BB Ise(1943)

- GER BB Bismarck

- SN BB Project 69

4. Cool downtime for airstrike reduced (5 -> 4 minutes)

5. 3UP Torpedo distance for IJN DD Aki-Kai B grade longer.

6. France and Italy have own harbor. (All building level is 12 - max level)

7. Gold ship can be sold.







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