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Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What kinds of ships are available for use?


There are 6 kinds of ships in Navy Field mobile:

▶ Destroyers : Destroyers are fast and can use mines, torpedoes, and hedgehogs. Destroyers are great for hunting Submarines with their torpedoes and hedgehogs.

▶ Light-Cruisers : Light-Cruisers have multiple functions in battle. Light-Cruisers have torpedoes, hedgehogs, and Scouts. Light-Cruisers can also attack Submarines.

▶ Heavy-Cruisers : Heavy-Cruisers have stronger guns than Light-Cruisers. Heavy-Cruisers are also faster than Battleships.

▶ Battleships : Battleships have strong guns and high DP, however Battleships are slow and vulnerable against Submarines.

▶ Submarines : Submarines are great for attacking Battleships and Aircraft-Carriers.

▶ Aircraft-Carriers : Aircraft-Carriers use Scouts, Fighters, Dive Bombers, and Torpedo Bombers to aid in the battle. Aircraft-Carriers can be powerful, however they are expensive to operate.

2) How do I upgrade ships?


Each ship can be upgraded to improve its performance and unlock abilities.
There are 2 ways to upgrade ships:

▶ Equipment : You have 8 chances to upgrade the equipment.
▶ Crew : You can advance/promote your crew through training.

3) What kinds of resources are there and how do I use them?


There are 3 kinds of resources:

▶ Steel : Steel is gathered by the steel mill located in the harbor. You can receive steel as a reward for battle. Finally you can also loot other players’ steel through harbor assaults. Steel is used to construct buildings, ships, defensive weapons, equipment, and to repair ships.

▶ Oil : Oil is gathered by the oil refinery located in the harbor. You can loot other players’ oil through harbor assault, which is allowed from Captain level 25. Oil is used to train crew and operate ships.

▶ Gold : You can obtain gold through purchase. Gold can be used to buy ships, smoke & repair kit items, and rename ships & captains. Gold can also be used in exchanged for steels and oil.

4) How many game modes are there to enjoy?


▶ Online battles : PvP team battles fought in real-time. (Minimum of 6 players, Maximum of 16 players) You can receive steel, captain experience, and crew experience as a reward depending on your performance.

▶ Operation : PvE battles specific for each ship class. You can receive steel, captain & crew experience, and gold as a reward for victory.

▶ Campaign : PvE missions based on historical battles. You can receive steel, captain & crew experience, and gold as a reward reward depending on the number of stars achieved upon completion.

▶ Survival : PvE battles with strong AI ships. You can select the enemy ships, such as battleships, aircraft-carriers, submarines, and a mixed fleet. You can receive steel, captain & crew experience, and gold as a reward for victory.

▶ Harbor Assault : A simulation battle for looting other players’ resources. You can use skills in order to obtain a victory in harbor assault. In order to play harbor assault, you need range points, which is gathered by the Communication Tower located in the harbor.

▶ War of Fleets : PvP clan battles. In order to play War of Fleets, you must join or create a fleet.

5) How do I make in-app purchases?


Purchases can be made by opening the "shop screen". Simply press the "cart" button on the middle right of the harbor screen, and you will be presented with all purchase options. Alternatively, you can tap the "+" button next to the gold bar on top of the harbor screen.

6) Where can I find my purchase history?


Google Play

1. Go to, and log in with the account you wish to see the purchase history for.
2. Select 'Transactions', this will show you your purchase history.
3. Selecting an item from the list should show you the receipt for that individual purchase.


1. Open iTunes on your computer.
2. Click 'Sign In', and then enter the Apple ID and password that you used to make the purchase.
3. Click your name and select 'Account Info' from the menu.
4. Enter your password again.
5. Scroll down to 'Purchase History'.
6. click 'See All'.

7) I purchased something, but never received it!


If you made a purchase and it doesn't automatically appear in-game, please restart the game by closing the app and re-opening it. Sometimes wait times for purchasing items can be helped through starting the game again.

If your order has still not appeared after restarting the app, please contact our support team(Support Email : [email protected]); make sure to include your purchase receipt, and Facebook email address.

In order to update your order, we will require you to have signed into the game with your Facebook account.

8) Will my game progress be saved?


Your progress is saved to your device, however if you are using an android device and wish to save your progress to the cloud you must be signed into your Facebook or Google account. Please keep this in mind if you are removing the game from your device, as any progress not saved to the cloud will be lost.

9) Can I play this game using multiple devices?


In order to transfer your progress from one device to another, if you are using an android device you must be signed in using your Facebook or Google account. All you need to do is sign-in with the same Facebook or Google account as you did on the previous device to continue your progress.

10) I lost all of my progress!


Do not worry, our support team is here to help! Please contact us with the details of the progress you have lost, and we will do our best to get you back up and running.

In order for us to help you with this, you will need to be signed into Facebook in the game. Please supply us with your Facebook sign in email address when contacting us.

11) How do I sign out of Facebook or Google?


Open the "Options" menu in the game, and tap on the "Sign Out" button. This will disconnect the game from Facebook or Google. Please bear in mind, doing this means that any progress made in the game will no longer be saved to the cloud. To fix this, all you need to do is sign back in.

12) How do I log into Facebook?


You can log into Facebook on the nation change screen, or by signing in through the 'Options' menu. You will need to accept the connection with Facebook. If you are signed in to the Facebook app or signed in with your device's browser, you will only need to accept the connection. However, if you are signed out of the app or your browser, you will be prompted to input your login details.

13) Why can't I sign into Facebook?


Having issues signing into Facebook? Try the steps below for help resolving this issue:

- Are you using the Facebook App?
- If so, is it up to date?
- Are you signed in to the app?
- If you are signed in, try signing out of the app before trying to sign in to the game through Facebook?
- Not using the Facebook App? Are you signing in through your devices browser?
- Please visit -
- If you are logged in to Facebook through the browser, try signing out before trying to sign in to the game through Facebook?

Still struggling to get signed in? Please contact our support team; make sure to include the Facebook email address you are using to sign-in.

14) Why my ship is not moving with 100% fuel?


If you don’t repair your ship, your ship cannot move.
From 65% damage, your ship performance will be down gradually.



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