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    St. Louis after the Battle of Kolombangara, showing torpedo damage to her bows
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    Hi captains, at first I wanna say thx Ibby for this great guide for NF and for your job as Mod. And as support for your guide you asked for my introduction clip for NF on YouTube....you can see it by the link below.
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    This new update brought in armor drawbacks for having armor on your ship. For every upgrade the slower your ship becomes. Aircraft carriers are more powerful with ships like battleships and heavy cruisers becoming easy targets without much protection against it. Now SS is most overpowered ship in the game because it's to fast. And has nothing to fear considering it cant get hurt, If battleships are slow they should receive more anti air and for submerged subs they should never reach a speed above 20 knots for balance. If ss are going to be 9ver powered cls and dds should receive a torpedo and hedgehog buff that should hurt the sub than give it a few scratches. Each ship should have a purpose of strength not uselessness at over powered ships if u have a ship sudgestion to make this more clear put it down below. If I use a cl I want it to have a use in wof same with dd. Make each ship have it's own strength.
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    Abandon the lottery scheme. Make a ship tree and captain progress should follow that tree. (Already done research by the lottery scheme will leave branches in the air. Lucky those who have them). Earlier suggestion was to upgrade ships by level - it is too late for that now, levels are irrelevant.
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    Also stop with the lottery madness. It should be: a. Build a ship of tier whatever (as was up until now) b. 10 levels later get the option to refit ship to higher tier (keeping the same crew) c. another 10-15 levels later get the option for a second (and final) refit 2 tiers higher than original
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    Dyslexia... I swear... Dyslexia Did you notice how the research center looks more like a barn than a high-tech research facility?😂😂😂 It looks like it even has water towers on the one side.
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    Long time no see leaders! Since WoF is somehow boring now and would there be more colours in it? Let’s say putting the new OvD mode into WoF. The game rule can be like this: Fleets can choose whether become attacker or defender. Defender can firstly form their fleets and check into the WoF panel, then attacking fleets can choose one fleet to attack. It’ll be nice to see more vibrant choices of ships for anti-ss, mine clearing, scouting or else:)
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    Is there any reason why the join great battle tab has to drop over top of the fleet chat button? There seems to be lots of space immediately to the right of it. Small thing, big issue, really annoying!
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    1) Ans: Training crew member will not play in GB but can still earn crew xp. 2) Ans: For Harbour Assualt- a good way to farm steels and captain xp when your hands are not free. 3) Ans: Usually in close range shells will hit on belt and in long range shells in higher shooting angle will hit on deck. 4) Ans: Steel mill and oil refinery will stop their productions during upgrading. So reserve more oil before upgrade your oil refinery. 7) Ans: Long press the circle of ‘aaw’ and you can switch between auto and manual mode. 8) Ans: No until the maintainence is below 70% Maximum Hull and ship performance will drop to 75%.
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    I've noticed as I've gone through the ships of my fleet that I have many still with repair and smoke available. I haven't played some of these ships in FOREVER and some I can't imagine ever using again. I think it would be nice to have some sort of a "basket" for repairs and smoke. When you purchase smoke or repairs they go into the basket and are assigned to each ship as needed. At the same time if you no longer need smoke or repair on a ship you may take them off that ship and place them into your basket. I look at the smoke and repair I have on ships I will never use and it makes me very unhappy. 😭
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    Ich bin der Meinung das solche Spieler einen IP Bann bekommen sollten so das sie gar nicht mehr zurück ins Spiel kommen können. Jeder (egal aus welchem Land) weiß was mit dem Namen und so einem Spiel verbunden wird. Also Gnadenloser Bann ohne Möglichkeit zurück zu kommen.
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    A cunning plan for surviving in Great Battle Dear captain, you have played and dominated Online Experts and think of trying your skills in Great Battle. Ideally you have a couple of nice DDs and CLs, built the level 41 CA or found a C tier DD/CL/CA at the lottery and built it. This Plan is for you. Note 1: You don’t need a BB/CV/SS. Note 2: You will meet A & S tier BBs that seem impervious to any damage (hulls into the 60 thousands) and put out 20-30k+ broadsides at great ranges (2800 I consider short, 3000 average and 3300 long range) Note 3: High tier CVs are fast, have lots of planes and can kill the high tier BBs with 2-3 squads of torp bombers. They also have great hulls and many short range guns for protection Note 4: High tier SSs are fast (submerged close to 30kn normal, 40kn overheat) with many torp tubes (10-12) shooting 6-8k damage torps. Also many have quite powerful deck guns, scouts and some even bombers Note 5: Scared yet? S tier BBs can call a nuke strike every 5 mins and S CVs airstrike every 4 minutes Note 6: A good player with a DD/CL/CA can be as useful as any of the above, turn the tides of battle and win. So, how do you win a battle where you can be squashed like a bug? 1. Pick your ship role(s). A DD/CL/CA can be one or more of the following: ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare), AAW (Anti-Aircraft Weapon), repairship or minelayer. Might also have quite good guns (some of the higher tiers put out damages comparable to BBs) 2. At the beginning of battle you have some seconds that enemies are visible. Check their line-up, note the BBs, CVs and SSs 3. Check your own side BBs, CVs and SSs 4. Depending on your role, choose your strategy. In general escort a BB or CV and provide your services 5. Be smart. Survive. Speed is your ally, rudder your friend. Whenever you feel threatened run. Always swerve your rudder; hard. Make them miss, respect a battleship’s space – close in and you’ll be squashed. 6. The more successful you are at protecting your allies, the better the chances at winning 7. Ideally your ship should serve 2 or more of the roles below ASW ASW weapons are the hedgehogs, torpedoes and mines. Note that subs can deep dive and avoid the ASW weapon (HHs will explode harmlessly, torps will sail past, mines will stay there – deep dived subs will have to crawl away at 3kns. Additionally note that mines are invisible to subs). BBs are particularly vulnerable to subs, they are (the majority) slow, (most) lack any defences vs a submerged sub and cannot detect submerged subs (few have a small sonar that is generally useless). As an ASW escort you need to (in order of priority): 1. keep track of subs. Keep them in sonar range so they are visible 2. Block their path to your allies 3. Wear them out with HHs and torps. If they deep dive fast enough to avoid your weapons try to supress them. If they spend their time in deep dive they are not threatening your allies and will eventually run out of oxy. No need to take unnecessary risks by going too close If there are no major surface threats you can actively hunt enemy subs or aid an allied sub duelling another (sub duels often happen between the enemy-allied lines and closing in to the enemy line is not wise) AAW Killing scouts. Kill the enemy scouts. Once more: kill the enemy scouts. BBs fire well beyond their visual range, without scouts they are blind – your level 1 DD can win a battle just by keeping your allies invisible to the enemy. Other than scouts; move between enemy bombers and their target, they’ll have to either go round you to the other side (you can too by sailing a much smaller distance), over you (you’ll kill several or all of them before reaching their target), switch target to someone else or switch their target to you (torp bombers are quite easy to evade, dive bombers will have to go directly above you) Finally fighters: many times you will see allied and enemy fighters locked in combat; note that your AA fire can and will shoot down allied planes as well so be careful and judge the situation. If the enemy fighters chase allied bombers just fire at them, the bombers are doomed anyway Repairship Pretty straight forward. Just escort a BB and repair it. Repair other allies when you get the chance and feel free to change the ship you escort if needed. Note that repair line is visible through fog of war, so disengage (by long press of repair button) when not needed Minelayer If you are a dedicated minelayer then choose an area to rig: in front of your allied CVs if any, a choke point between islands or just an area close to centre (has to be inside the occupy zone appearing at 5 mins) work best If not a dedicated minelayer just drop mines as you go. The more the better. If you double back or encounter other allied mines try to group them together or make long strings. A particularly tricky tactic (but immensely satisfying when it works) is to sail over a sub and drop mines directly on top of it. This usually results in the immediate destruction of the sub (or you if you don't get it right). You will need the fastest and smallest ship for this - DDs and the small, premium CLs (Texas, Tiger, Dhonburi, Bayern and Gamelin) work best for this. Running parallel to sub and somewhat behind it, hit OH speed and aim just ahead of it, at the last moment turn hard towards it and drop your load - practice makes perfect. Minesweeper Your DD/CL can also detect enemy mines (the only classes that can). Help allies to navigate through enemy minefields. Hedgehogs can also destroy enemy mines. Though not very successful may come handy sometime Gunship While not in the roles listed, your ship has guns, use them to take out small ships or add your damage to whatever the heavyweights are shooting at. Here you can use the skills you learned in online beginners and experts. If you get in the unfortunate position where there is an enemy BB but no allies to kill it (BB, CV or SS) try to gang with any survivors and attack it. If there is nothing blocking your path to an enemy CV grab the chance and chase it (you need speed, some good guns with a good range for this, CVs are fast and many pack some nice guns for self protection) Further reading 101 a beginners guide by Ibby. Everything needed to play and enjoy the game for day 1 to advise for experienced players. A must read. Unofficial battle tips by me. Quite dated but valid in many points. Just note that when it was written there was no "research" (only shipyard ships), no minelayers, no Italy, no France, no occupy zone at 5 minutes, no repair skill and no BB/CV had AAW, ASW or sonar Some other advice Tip 1 was you don't need a BB, CV, SS. Building a BB/ CV/ SS early in the game is the wrong thing to do. D & C tier BBs have weak hulls, building them is a waste of resources and will give the wrong impression about BBs. D & C CVs and SSs also have weak hulls but if played well a good hull is an inconvenience not a fatal flaw. While sub-par and weak they can still play their intended roles in gb. Fighters are as strong as on the high tier CVs, bombers some 30-40% weaker. Subs suffer from low torpedo counts (6-8 tubes are typical for D-C tier subs, while B,A & S have 10-12). In addition BBs, CVs and SSs of B tier and higher will need some 10-11 million steel to build and upgrade, with third upgrades needing as much as 3 million steel; a level 12 steel depot is needed for that
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    Yesterday (Admiral Joseph i think) suggested in global chat that active fleets should get some points just for that (being active). I am in support of this as it will allow for more War of fleets (wof). Suggestion 1: give points hourly to active fleets (eg. 1,2,3 points/hour to beginner,expert,master respectively) - as these are A LOT of points 24-72 daily, 336/1008 in 2 weeks, wof point win/loss per battle should be at least doubled (expecting more wofs) Suggestion 2: Players/Leader should be able to change ship until the last moment before the battle starts. At. e.g. the 30sec countdown every participating player should be taken to a war of fleets screen to pick their ship. Suggestion 3: Attacking fleet should not bring more ships than defending in battle (with lower limits 3,4,6 for beginner, expert, master)
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    The Christmas update to the game is just pitiful your going to penalize me for having armor on my ship with a major drop in speed yet you give a 🎏⛎🍉🎋📍🎵❡ submarine a speed bonus if they add armor. I don't think you developer's even play your 🎏⛎🍉🎋📍🎵❡ game do you. So stop 🎏⛎🍉🎋📍🎵❡ up the game
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    So now many players have fleetless nations that they have no point to draw new ships and earn their debris, after the sudden and rude update. As a compromise, we shall let ships of other nations of that player share between nations. For example, there can be a new building called ‘Embassy’ whose upgrade can increase the number of ‘visiting ships’ borrow from other nations. This suggestion doesn’t only increase the number of usable ships of a player (so more ships found in HA), but also stimulate players to draw specific ship from other nations (eg, tier A/S xii, Shokaku or Vanguard), which mean more money making for devs.
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    Wow.. you guys are fast! 🤣 My own thoughts at the moment but not in this much detail. Remember two sets of our ideas were sent to them, one by email and the other via messenger.... Both were ignored. 1) I have been asking for a tier system for months. Maybe I miscommunicated the purpose of this but it was not meant to be one tear is stronger than the next. I offered this suggestion to give the game more balance in battle as I feel this has always been navyfields weakness. As it stands right now if a BB 50 is on one team and a BB 120 is on the other the game considers this a fair contest as both teams have a battleship. This means you could have a 0 * Kongo (feel my grief) on one team and a mastered Queen Victoria on the other.... Fair game right? Throw into this mix the endless Bots and just stupid players and it could take you months gaining 1 Point per game. The tier system as I meant it would mean that only BB 50 (no matter what state of vetting) would be involved in a battle with another BB 50 (no matter what state of vetting). This would bring much more balanced to battles and make them more interesting and reliant on the players skills. Other games have done it why can't we? 2) Baldrick, Davmak, Helmut..... Your reputations speak for themselves, both as skilled captains and leaders in the community. I look at your list of suggestions and they are all so long..... Let's take a short step backwards. If Navy field had have concentrated on fixing the minor things. The little things that drove us nuts a year ago and never got fixed. Then perhaps these dramatic changes that have done nothing but rip off and cheat us all (I know I feel bad for that guy I saw in West Chat who said he just spent 5000 gold 2 days before the new patch came out😂) would not have been necessary. We all loved this game when we first installed it and I think just getting the quirks got out of it would have pleased us all. Now we look at endless lists of things we would like to see changed. They say the reply in Google Play Store about the game closing was due to their staff not having good English skills. What makes you think they can read this?
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    Tie WoF and Online battles to tiers, not levels. Online Beginner: max tier E Online Expert: max tier C Great Battle: Unlimited Beginner WoF: max tier C Expert Wof: max tier B Master Wof: Unlimited
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    Do we have to get 4000 crew XP if we want to get our BBs, CVs and SSs next tier. Totally this would mean 24 000 XP? Also you may have seen my posts before, put please tell the developers to add CV5s to the game! Shinano for IJN, Midway to USN, etc.
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    I have to agree with diddy: It will drive lower level players away faster as the top tier ship will be much further away. Now you can get top CL in a few days or a week and top CA soon after. If you get top tier to lvl 100 as you suggest... it took me more than a year to reach lvl 100 (can be much sooner with premium account and by playing more hours) There is place in Great battle for a CL or DD - escort. A BB with a good escort can and will win vs 2 stronger BBs, the reason is that gun range is much bigger than sight radius, thus if the scout planes are shot down the stronger BBs will have to fire blindly (I suggest CL/DD and not CA as it will also have to do anti-sub duty). In addition a BB firing at a (fast and manoeuvring) DD/CL at extreme range is wasting time that would be better spent killing a BB/CV (as it is very hard to hit at range). Proof of that is that you'll often see a CL in War of Fleets - where the prerequisite is veteran (often master) crew BB120, SS79/92, CV 79/92 You forgot offence/defence further diluting and splitting (the seemingly reducing number of) players. Only solution to this is to make players realise the value of their DD/CL and play them as they should - not as suicidal bots. and getting close to a BB to fire upon it with your DD/CL is suicidal (exception for the high range and tiny/fast Premium CL 18s and possibly DD50s). A CA is harder to find a place in a fleet. Best use is AAW escort for stronger units (and adding firepower), hunter/destroyer of CVs and weaker units - but lacking sonar and ASW is not as useful (in the extremely slim chance that a developer happens to read this: please DO NOT add ASW capabilities to CAs, it will make DDs/CLs obsolete).
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    I'm reporting this on behalf of one of my captains "fubar1". These last few days he's been complaining that his battleships (or any rounds fired out of a turret) are completely missing their target. He says he has been using fully vetted ships and whenever he fires using auto aim the shells rarely hit (maybe two out of nine). I don't know if anyone else has been complaining about the same issue but I would appreciate you looking into this. He sent you an email dated Friday, you can find his email address there for your response. Thank you!
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    Shake cam is great. I like seeing light guns and aaw explode like nuclear bomb. (Just joking)
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    masochistic: to enjoy something that seems painful or tedious. The following are a few things that I think need a serious looking into. 1) vetting My Level 50 battleship has taken forever mostly because I have to make myself do it and can only manage to do that for short periods of time. It's so mind-numbingly boring. How many times must you get sunk and earn 2 crew points a game. How many games do you have to play at this rate. This includes watching till the end of the game and hoping your team wins. I see absolutely no reason why there has to be 2 thousand points between 2 Star and 3 star. And then a 5 hour waiting period for each third star sailor. Why can't Sailors be available immediately upon the completion of the required points. 2) as I mentioned watching till the end of the game in the hopes of gaining the full 15 crew points I'll slide this in now. Endgame scenarios that need a serious look at..... SS vsCV: the submarine can't leave the capture Zone and the carrier will not enter it. All that happens is a bunch of failed attempts by the carrier to sink the submarine and the game usually ends up going to the final timer and a winner being declared. This can take four or five minutes. Imagine playing your 0 * battleship, of course getting sunk right away and then having to watch all that for two points. Texas vs just about anything Anyone in my fleet will tell you how I feel about Texas and any Texas class ships From Any Nation. They got to go they are completely useless and are only consistently used by skateboarders I'm sure. It's too fast and small for anyone to anyone to hit and again the game usually ends up going the full length of the timer with the winner being declared. If I find myself one on one with a Texas and 4 minutes on the timer I just blow myself up I refuse to waste the time for possibly another two points. 3) bonus crates/certificates Why there are still certificates in Navy field I'll never know. An ill-conceived plan that I thought the community made clear they did not want. When I get a " bonus crate" with three of those crew certificate thingies that you're supposed to use to upgrade your Sailors with (costing ridiculous amounts of gold) I sometimes wish I had just gotten the two points. They say you can play Navy field for free and acquire All Ships up to and including level 120 BB. I believe this to be true and look forward to celebrating my Russian 120 BB with my grandchildren (I'm 23, single, no kids). Sadly I know captains who don't share my enthusiasm and have given up on ever "rubbing shoulders" with other 120 BB captains. The Grind and the high cost in a game that gives little Rewards has made the Holy Grail unattainable. I really want to hear if you guys agree or disagree with me. I'm sorry I only present to you these problems but I know I can count on you all for Solutions. On the bright side we got fireworks!
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    Hello all. Just a notice that a new update will be available tomorrow for IOS/Android. Below is a following list of changes made. 1. change crew point to fuel 2. change probability supply box 3. AAW will fire automatically (AAW equipped, AAW button ON) 4. Aircraft DP increase 30% 5. AAW range decrease 20% for machine gun (NOT AAW gun) As always we thank you for the continued support of Navyfield Mobile. -ethor98 Senior Moderator
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    Yes they played it beautifully and only did what they could to survive. Point is though that CLs could not only stand their ground versus BBs, but they managed respectable damage too. Taking a full broadside and not getting crippled (>50% damage) is not on par with their own class, considering most other CLs would be outright destroyed. Even when some hits were made these had detrimental effect - I can recall 500-1000 damage done when a shell happened to score a hit. In real life guns were limited in range by the targeting systems and spotting ranges, not so much from shell range. for example, Hood fired at Bismark at 26km, Bismark hit Hood at 14km range. Bismark's guns had an effective range of 36km, Hood's 30km and Prince of Wales' 33km. Later during the chase Bismark was also spotted at 23km range, again no hits until range closed down. In Leyte Gulf West Virginia hit Yamashiro at 20km range. The secondary gun effective ranges were from 15 to 20+ km (with 4" in the lower end and 6" to the higher) so in reality secondary guns could be (and most certainly had been) used in naval battles at the more or less same ranges as the big guns. Source of data: wikipedia (I know it's not the most reliable source, but it's handy)
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    1) I'd say reward is based on defending ships only. And not on any Harbour Defence Buildings. 2) The Defender doesn't loose any steel or oil when he loses. it's played by the system. 3&4) Agree, no one will attack, if there's nothing to gain. But hey; There are +10points mentioned for every victory. The problem is: There is no ranking for those. Once they'll implement HA Ranking with 14days reward system, captains will do more HA and set a Defence Line again, because it's +/-10 points for won or lost defences as well...
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    plz mod and dev do something,this is unfair for other fleet
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    During HA battleships are not firing other than using their special attacks.
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    Thanks for the replies. The idea of Neuner letting us redo the missions shouldnt be a big deal for the devs. But we will see if they care about existing players...
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    If I may add something, because it is a really frequently asked question: No, upgrading FCS doesn't improve your accuracy. Just your range of sight, radar and sonar...
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    This is very usefoul data, and all is preaty much clear, except few things that wuld require clarification: Acording to this data, FCS upgrades give accuracy bonus for all weapons, AND they also increase range of torpedos, correct? What exactly is range Lo/Hi in torpedos stats? Also , i noticed in secondary guns data, it dont say which gun is aaw and which is not.
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    I was just chat banned for calling a player with an inappropriate name a moron because he always has something negative about me literally says things purpously to get under my skin..... He insulted me I responded and got a chat ban...... Sir Libby thanks ..... Didn't say a word to him about nothing....... His name is transformuranus ...... That name is ok to said mod because he never told him to change it..... I have officer in my fleet with the name hitul8er he told him to change his name and it doesn't break rules........ It's ok from now on I will screen shot mod injustice..... Chat ban me for responding and don't ban him....... Great work....Forgot to mention their both in the same fleet......
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    Another excellent post, well done! Did you mention the importance of shooting down enemy scouts? ;p (but really, it turns a game!) There's another benefit to shooting the planes: usually a support ship (aaw + asw + repair = ultimate support ship) isn't that good as an offensive ship, so it can be tricky to score any damage - and no damage is no rewards! But shooting down planes counts as damage done as well. I vetted the best part of the Jules Verne this way. Basically, shoot the planes!
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    Hi everyone, I have noticed that many new players and even some veterans complain about the long training required (excessively boring) for capital ships (BB, CV, SS) even in their lowest grade (D and C), of consequently they tend to abandon the game, to stop this "bleeding" my suggestion to the Developers would be to change the experience points of the crew necessary according to the grade of the ship; i.e 4000 for A / S, 3000 for B (except for DD, CL, CA "B" which should return to the normal level of their class) 2000 for C / D, or something similar, thanks anyway
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    Got a B tier Somers but: - When I try to get it in DD Operations the game gives me the stock (E tier) Somers instead, I found no way to get in the B Somers, even if the stock was repairing at the time - Crew experience required for levelling seems to be like CA, not DD (400/600/800 xp for first star, image below)
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    why dosnt a ship get at least 1 point for taking out any aircraft? if you got points for shooting down aircraft then at least a BB or CV can get an escort screen. especially since the BB's dont have any anti air capability
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    I agree with most of what wrote Baldrick, but with a few things definitely not. BB's should have AWW as in real world, becouse it's historical! But all, not only new ones. It's ridiculus that pre-dreadnoughts have quite effective AWW, and new, even undeveloped eg. California, Nebrasca, or other project not. Lottery system. I would ideally liquidate it, but if it absolutely has to stay, as Helmut said, we must be able to choose a class. I draw 9 CV, which i don't play, and I definitely didn't want them. Other option is add possibility to sell/exchange blueprints between players. Tier of lottery ships should be strictly dependent on the player's level! There has to be a benefit system for people, who have spent so much time and money to get a high level.
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    Make sure you've removed them from both offensive (HA button at battle screen) and Harbour Defence (Ship with shield above round button at main screen). Then write to developers at [email protected] and message them on the fb page. Do frequent reminders as they lose e-mails quite often.
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    Also, will the raid now change so that there won't be only French ships? I think it would be good if the game randomly decides what's the nationality of the enemy. Sometimes, there would be Kaisers, H39s and XXIs, and sometimes Amagis, Yamatos and I400s.
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    These proposed CVs could be achievable somewhere between levels 100-120. The price would be maybe 3 000 000 steel or 3000-5000 gold (if premium). Here are some information for those who don't know about these ships: Shinano: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_aircraft_carrier_Shinano USS Midway: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midway-class_aircraft_carrier HMS Malta: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malta-class_aircraft_carrier De Grasse: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_II Tsar is just fictional ship made up by the original NF1. Currently there are much more BBs than other ships so this upgrade would balance the situation. People could also decide whether to get 110-120 level BB or one of these new CVs.
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    Vanguard: 12x1980 = 23760 broadside damage at 2692 range, 1790 reload, 34700 hull 0 stars ( 41640 vetted ) I would like to correct this information, as those stats are from the Mikawa ( BB level 110 ) Yamato 9x1848 = 16632 broadside damage at 2823 range, 1764 reload. ( Unfortunately the in-game Yamato doesn't do justice to her famous main battery.. ) About the subject, as you can observe with the stats shared, the Iowa has: - The highest hull - The 3rd highest firepower - The 2nd fastest speed ( Only the Yamato surpass it with 27-40, 3rd engine upgrade ) Every ship has it's pros and cons, the Iowa is a well balanced BB ( Like the whole USN line, very well balanced ), even if her firepower is inferior to others level 100 BB's, the speed, maneuverability and hull is superior to others. Try to play differently, the BB players from KM has to deal with their horrible big, slow and low damage ships, taking advantage only of their range.. ( I hate you Kaiser players, I hate you all ) PD: Queen Victoria has huge damage ( 25200 broadside to be exact ) but it's impossible to sink a 43k hull Iowa with 60% damage reduction in a single volley
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    Ship repairs: if you have noticed your ship will stop repairing itself once its damage is down to 25%. I guess this means the damage control teams are the first to take to the lifeboats. I think until the Captain orders "abandon ship" a crew would do its best to keep the ship afloat. This being said I think your ship should continually repair itself until sunk. It probably won't save you but it may give you time to take that extra one or two shots that may be the difference-maker for your team. 🤔
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    Then the difference between nations will become narrower, or all nation could build similar ships. I think the idea that USN is balanced, RN hard-hitting and well armoured, IJN fast (and unique ships), KM long range and Soviet (someone help here - I need to unlock Soviets and see myself) works well as different play-style/tactics are needed for each. Also giving a 9th slot won't work any better than 4 star crews do - paying or high scoring players (playing long hours each day) get an advantage over more casual players - this may alienate and eventually drive away the more casual players.
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    Hello! Since 3.8.5 version i have terrible lag. Not always, but most often from 5-6 PM till 10 PM (CEST). When this occurs, is impossible to play In previous versions such situations were very rare. I have checked the connection several times and working fine. I play via wifi. Other aplications works as usual. Tel is Xperia 5 Compact, OS version: 7.1.1.
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    Yes, as Diddy said, it's really annoying. And once you'll work on it, I think the different tabs shouldn't cover but stack atop each other. And please make them unavailable while they are appearing so they can't be tabbed by mistake.
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    From some DD vs SS duels we tried (all veteran crews) it seems the SS always comes on top. I'd like to see the sub-hunting abilities of the small ships beefed up a bit (stronger torps and hedgehogs and/or faster reload) so that the sub-hunting ability is strengthened. That way DDs and CLs are more useful in a fleet and ultimately the relative strengths are better balanced. Right now it seems that the Submarine is king of the fleet (except for the almost indestructible BB120s). Note: this suggestion comes from a primarily sub player. Any thoughts?
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    I think the creators need to take a look at the American secondary guns. On the Atlantic class they have mid-range 5 inch guns on all the battleships they're nowhere near the range of the Atlanta. Then you have the Timmerman which has a really long range set of 5 inch guns. All the American 5-inch guns should have the same range in same damage points. It is unfair that the German ships start firing at greater range than the Americans, and all other nations
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    Hi there, Yes, captains usually buy the Gneisenau when they reach lvl 50, it's not a very strong BB as it's low level, but it will help you to complete all the campaign and survival missions. ( And of course it's a beautiful ship to have in the collection ) I will post the setup and stats of the ship so you can see it. Please note that the user who took the screenshot has the game in german but I translated some of the important info. Note 2.- The crew is veteran ( 3 stars ) so the stadistics of the ship are very high. Some captains upgrade 2 FCS ( First line of upgrades ) instead of armor, as FCS gives you a bit of accuracy, it's up to you choose. Hope it help.
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