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    Italain C tiers CL like Duca have 3700 x 5 x 4 or 5 tubes lauchers ,thats is not low damage potential, they are just spreaded in arc , for higher chance to hit something, closer you aproach to target,more risky it is ,but higher damage. Torpedo from planes work diferently ,they mostly all hit in one place, and they mostly hit all or miss all,and it also depends on skill of CV players,how well he deploy planes before he command them to attack. B tiers torpedo planes (Italian) are not significly stronger than CL torpedos, they have 5000 default attack per plane (7000 when you upgrade them), so maximum total damage they can do is 5000 x 20 torpedo planes, thats total damage of 100.000 ,with upgraded planes 7000 x 20 = 140.000 dmg , while A and S tiers Italian CV have 9200 x 20 = 184.000 , versus duca 3700 x 5 x 4 ,total damage 74.000 ,while some ships have much better options: Bogatyr C 3700 x 4 x 8 = 118.400 dmg. Saint Bon A 3600 x 5 x 8 = 144.000 dmg, Kitakami C 3600 x 5 x 10 = 180.000 dmg. And dont forget, most of ships have only less than 40 secunds of reload time for torpedos, while planes need to get ready , take off, fly to target, fly back,then gwt ready again ,which take at lest 2 or 3 times longer. Torpedos from planes and ones from ships are balanced fine already, they just need to be set and used right, best example is A Storione CV,when set with full armour and full FCS, CV is near unsikable vs subs and ,single spread from one of its 6 build-in torpedos lauchers can criple even S tier sub when it dares to attack it. Also, it make sense that torpedos from planes are stronger,ships torpedos need to travel a long time before they reach target, so significent part of space in torpedo must be used for propolsion and fuel needs, while torpedos from planes dont need longer range, so that makes more room in them to place more explosive.
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    FCS add damage that critical hit will do,it dont increase chance to score critical, other factors decide that, like attack ship and target ship crew veteran status, more the diference in veteran status, higher hance to hit/evade critical hit. FCS bonus counts on guns,aaw,anti sub weapons and planes of carriers.