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    Nowadays, mobile games tend to lighten the burden on players to prevent them from giving up. At present, crew training is a big problem for players who have less free time. Even some players can't upgrade a big ship to 3 stars in a year. So I thought maybe we could have a building for crew training. The building can accommodate one or more ships. And the crew on this ship automatically add experience. It doesn't take much to generate experience, such as adding 15 points a day. The level of building affects the training duration and experience. I think it's a nice feature for players, especially for busy young people.
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    For a recent period of time, some conflicts, caused by some anti-china ones who said dirty words implying cultral humiliation arousing a strong counter words fingting, took place in the east channel. The game moderator, Ibby, for instance, tried to handle fairly with the far from good, and shortcoming help of electric translation system, BUT he can not fully understand Chinese , a complicated lanuage , especially in terms of innner cultural aspects, leaving the issues unsolved fairly and probably, even in a dilemm with the outcomes hurting world-wide Chinese players in NF. Thus, on behalf of the world-wide game-loving chinese players, i foramlly leave a message here, strongly recommending a CHINESE-BLOOD offical game moderator with a good command of Chinese and English to avoid such dilemmas to come and to allow the game in a friendly environment. i am looking forward to the considerate and quick reply. Thank you.
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    Hello all. We recently received information about a possible suspicious account. We looked into the issue and discovered there were hackers. No personal information was collected. Just a keyboard warrier trying to prove himself. We have since patched the exploit and have banned all accounts associated with the hack. We have a 0 tolerance policy for exploits and hackers. We appreciate the feedback and reports! Thank you! -Navyfield Mobile Staff
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    Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MobileNavyFieldOfficial/ Discord Server https://discord.gg/ccuSStz
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    It sounds good. I hope developers can consider it
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    It is a great idea, it will be nice little feature that will help a bit , especialy to veteran those "i hate to drive them, but i need them veteraned" ships.
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    Bugun Wisconsin zirhlisinin dogum yil donumu 1943. #OnThisDay in 1943, the Battleship Wisconsin was officially christened and launched at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Her sponsors were Mrs. and the Honorable Walter S. Goodland, who was Governor of the State of Wisconsin
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    you mean armour? yes it reduces damage taken by a good amount
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    Thank you for your post. I do my best, but I completely agree that we should have a native speaker. This is one of the reasons why we're currently recruiting new staff. I understand your criticism of me and I can only admit my limitations. I hope we can solve these issues in the near future. That said, sometimes it's a matter of choosing between acting upon the reports that we get (I use two translators to double-check) or not acting at all. Sometimes I judged it better to act as good as I could. When we have a Chinese moderator (and hopefully a Korean one as well) East chat can be monitored better.
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    Hello all. Unfortunately google decided to delau our feature on the app syore. the double reward event will last until next Thursday seuol korea time. We will relaunch event November 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy the reward event until it is turned off. -ethor98
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    When Moderators talk in global chat,their name will appear in RED text. Being a moderator is not easy and a lot of duties are involved. If you are interested in joining the moderator team and help improve the game, please email vinnson@sdenternet.co.kr with your Captain name, your in-game level, languages you can speak and your google mail address. We will review and contact suitable person. Thank you.
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    Torpedo from..?? Amazing image captain 😊😊
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    Can I contact admin?? It is important. Regards.
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    We start Black Friday Event! Period : 23rd of November ~ 30th of November Event : Online battle reward double & 30% Extra Gold Bonus in store. Thank you.