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    Hello players! Tomrrow we will be releasing 3.7.7 patch. We are sorry it took so long but the devs tweaked some things with the new raid mode as well as added new features which you can find in the post I made which is linked down below. In addition to the new content the devs added fireworks! This is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. We thank you for your continued support! -ethor98 Moderator
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    Ship Update for 2.4.4 Patch Notes: 1. The basic guns of each country DD have been strengthened for new users to adapt quickly. 2. Reduced the DD and CL salior 'xp requirements to half for the novice user's quick game adaptation. 3. The gun data of the ship has been modified. - US BB [North Carolina] 3Up Main gun, damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [South Dakota] 2Up Main gun, Damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [Montana] 2Up Main gun, Damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [Iowa] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1800 -> 1920 / Reload time 1760 -> 1799 - UK BB [Hood] 3Up Main gun, range 2503 -> 2603 - UK BB [Nelson] 3Up Main gun, range 2266 -> 2359 - UK BB [Prince of Wales] 3Up Main gun, reload time 1952 -> 1834 - UK BB [LION] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1898 -> 2102 / Range 2585 -> 2632 - UK BB [Vanguard] 1Up Main gun, range 2503 -> 2603 2Up Main gun, Damage 1818 -> 1791 / Reload time 1739 -> 1820 / Range 2447 -> 2585 (LIONII 2Up Main gun replacement) 3Up Main gun, range 2645 -> 2692 - KM BB [Bismarck] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1580 -> 1620 - KM BB [H44] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1530 -> 1631 - KM BB [H39] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1692 -> 1793 - Soviet warships [Soyuz] 3Up Main gun, reload time 1940 -> 1797 - Soviet warships [Stalingrad] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1530 -> 1572 Note: Ship Balance patches can be adjusted at any time regardless of game app version and timing.
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    Hello folks, since there seems to be a demand for this kind of thing I figured I'd copy and paste the list of S tier ships from the 101 guide to a separate post. So here are all currently existing S tier ships (list will be updated if new ships are added). Please feel free to post screenshots in the comments with stats of S tier ships if you have them! - edit - I've also added the A tier ships. Please let me know if I missed any. Tip: follow this post, so that you're alerted when it's updated! N.B. the (x2) means that there is an A tier version of that ship available from both research and the shipyard. They have the same name and tier, but they are in fact different ships. The research version is always better. A tiers S tiers PS. A list of repair ships can be found in my 101 guide.
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    Next patch plan (Coming Wednesday) Hello all! Down below is the list for the upcoming update 3.8.5 - Add Expert Raid mode for captain level 25 ~ 64. - With the addition of Expert Raid, Harbor Assautlt participation condition changes from 25 to 65 captain level. (The related data such as the defensive weapons are maintained.) - Auto gun fire is enhanced. - In naming for captain and ship, special characters and spacing are not allowed. And as always we thank you for your continued support!
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    We released 3.9.1 version for iOS & Android. Patch list ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Gun distance display bug fixed. 2. Daily Quest changed for DD, CL - Sunk SS 3 times (Increase reward Crew Point 3 -> 5, Captain EXP 100 -> 200) - Sunk SS 6 times as default mission (increase reward Crew Point 3 -> 6, Captain EXP 200 ->300) 3. New map added : Great Ocean3 map Thanks.
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    3.6.4 version is released for Android and iOS! We released 3.6.4 version January 31st, 2018. Patch List... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Move point will be displayed for aircraft. 2. Selected aircraft squadron will be distinguished. 3. Change gun target line image. 4. Crew Point is used instead of Fuel for crew training. - After patch, you will use Crew Point to train Crew. 5. AI ship and AAW in land will fire against enemy aircrafts if the ship is equipped AAW gun. 6. Expert online will be availbe until 65 Lv Captain and it will be 10 vs 10 like Great battle online. 7. War of Fleets will be changed. - War of Fleets will be distinguished Beginner, Expert, Great Battle. - Prevent abusing for WOF (The battle between same fleets can receive the rating point once in a day) 8. DP of last CV for each nation is increased and last CV can use AAW for sub gun (1st upgrade sub gun) 9. Simultaneous access from two devices with a single account is limited. 10. Event (Captain EXP 50% increase) is finished. * We will give Random box from next patch. you can get Random box from Victory in Online battle. From Random box, you can get Crew Point, Gold, Extra Crew Point, Steel, Fuel, Captain EXP.
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    Hi! The patch is going on next Monday at 11:00 am UTC. We will also update the app version. The patch list will be as follows. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Fixed submarine torpedo bug 2. Fixed a bug that don't use the skill of defense fleet in HA 3. Add newly refurbished shops and items 4. Increase in horizontal size on horizontal large-online battle map 5. Fixed numerical error in master crew info 6. Fixed bugs that do not apply on Gold Ship xp and xp bonus by Ship class 7. Add a chat channel - An additional chat channel will be available for you to select from the WEST (English and Western), EAST (Korean and Asian) tabs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Schedules and patch contents may change due to circumstances. * It will be patched at the same time as app update. Thank you.
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    2.6.7 Version. Data patch It is scheduled to be held at 5 pm Korea time today. The patch contents are as follows. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Re-adjustment of the submarine's engineer's ability 2. Submarine engine balance adjustment 3. Adjust FCS Stability Balance 1-up FCS accuracy correction (AccuracyBonus) 10% increase 2-up FCS accuracy correction (AccuracyBonus) 30% increase 3-up FCS accuracy correction (AccuracyBonus) 68% increase 4. Increase range of DD, CL' sonar 22% increase in base FCS SonarRange 1-up FCS SonarRange 17% increase The default FCS and 1-up FCS have the same sonar range. 2-up FCS Sonar Range 20% increase 3-up FCS Sonar Range 30% increase 5. Harbor Assault 'xp additional application (not applied) The patch for this part has been postponed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Patch time may be delayed or accelerated by 1 hour before or after 5 PM. Thank you.
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    2.5.9 version is released 1. Removed the alitude indicator of plane for CV. 2. Long touch for plane return function is available. 3. Squad button order is rollbacked (1 to 4 from bottom to top) 4. Improved the ability to target enemy ships of torpedo or dive bomber regardless of optional automatic fire ON / OFF 5. Fixed the defect of result screen in harbor assaultn
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    We were scheduled to patch today, but we found a problem in the development process and inevitably delayed the patch to next Tuesday (June 13). We also add 9 more updates to a total 18 updates! The patch list is as follows. 1. Fleet war contents modification - Fleet war When you trying select a member in the fleet, only those who are logged in are displayed. - Only the fleets login within last 30 minutes is displayed on the fleet war list. - Fleet war start time changed from 1 hour to 10 minutes after click matching. - Fleet war can be carried out up to six times a day. - There will be a reward based on the clan ranking after a certain period of testing. 2. Fix TeamKilling issue: The Allied torpedoes will be changed so as not to damage the Allied ship. 3. AAW addition: DD and CL have added anti-air capability to the main gun. 4. Modify package item contents - Fuel Pack: Salior changed to boost item (2 times production at refinery, salior XP twice in battle - PvP & PvE) - Steel Pack: changed to Captain Boost item (50% Captain experience added in online combat, double the amount of steel acquired) - Premium: 40 gold bonus for attendance compensation - Start Boost: Steel, Gold 2x - PvP & PvE (Start Boost is not sold as a single item and is only sold as one of the starter pack components.) - Starter Pack: Premium + Start Boost + Sailor Boost - Steam Pack: Sailor Boost + Captain Boost - Captain Boost and Start Boost in online battles will receive double stakes in steel. - Items purchased and in use are marked with an icon and displayed at the top left of the port along with the remaining period. (You can also check in the captain info window.) 5. Add 110 level battleship - United States: California, United Kingdom: Duke of Edinburgh, Japan: Mikawa, Germany: Stresemann, USSR: Proletariat 6. Online battle map changes. (The horizontal size increases and the buoy is placed more inside.) 7. The basic torpedo armed for light cruisers will change from mines to torpedoes. 8. Soviet light cruiser Svetlana 3 upgrader has been changed to 8-inch 2-extension gun. 9. Hedgehog damage is increased by 50%. 10. All ship equipment upgrade information will be open. 11. The DD main gun is rebalanced according to the addition of AAW function. 12. Campaign captain experience is significantly increased. 13. Increase the duration of the Results window from 5 to 15 seconds. (Touch the screen as before to exit.) 14. BB's armor will be upgraded as you upgrade. 15. The balance of the US, Japan and Soviet 80-level battleship 1up main gun will change. 16. The image of the Soviet battleship Project 24 will change. 17. The turn of Soviet battleship Soyuz is upgraded. 18. British submarine M-type voices will work normally. Patch lists and schedules may change depending on development status and Apple's review period. Thank you.
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    We released 5.0.0 version. Patch List ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. One account policy adpated. - one player can have one captain only. 2. Resource transfer function added. - Resources from US, UK, JP, KM, SN harbor to France & Italy harbor can be transferred. 3. New A grade BB added in research center. - US BB Guam - UK BB Repulse - JP BB Ise(1943) - GER BB Bismarck - SN BB Project 69 4. Cool downtime for airstrike reduced (5 -> 4 minutes) 5. 3UP Torpedo distance for IJN DD Aki-Kai B grade longer. 6. France and Italy have own harbor. (All building level is 12 - max level) 7. Gold ship can be sold. Thanks
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    The server check will be started from 7 pm today in Korea time. The server check time is estimated to be 40 to 50 minutes. Checklist -------------------------------------------------- -------------- 1. Data Back-up 2. Data patch * German gun main gun replaced with triple gun and increased total damage [KAISER 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 2650 -> 1901 [STRESEMANN 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 1860 -> 1329 [Scharnhorst 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 1937 -> 1389 [Gneisenau 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 1781 -> 1374 [O Project 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 1580 -> 1382 * Soviet ship main gun damage adjustment [Izmail 3Up main gun] Damage 1100 -> 1210 [Kronshtadt 3up main gun] Damage 1187 -> 1329 3. Add some CA's AAW functionality United States New Oleans second gun 1up United Kingdom Furious second gun 1up Japan Asama second gun 1up Germany P Project second gun 1up Soviet Kirov second gun 1up 4. Airplane ability adjustment -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- * Server Check time is subject to change. Thank you.
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    Hi! The server check was conducted from 5 pm today for 40 minutes. The server check list is as follows. -------------------------------------------------- -------------- 1. Fixed that Captain Boost experience was incorrectly applied 2. Change request and restriction levels 3. Increase refinery storage and fuel storage warehouse storage capacity 4. Fixed a bug where some Starter Pack-enabled accounts were not paid for the Daily Bonus -------------------------------------------------- -------------- Thank you.
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    Patch Notes: - Fixed an issue where online battle could not start at 00:00. - Fixed the account initialization phenomenon - Enhanced game stability
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    Patch Contents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Change the result judgment criteria - Fixed part where battle is defeated after 10 minutes -> Judging based on total attack amount of surviving ship after 10 minutes Ex) If the surviving ship is A team BB 1 unit: B team DD 2 units When the attack amount of A team BB is 5000 and the sum of attack amount of B team DD 2 is 3000 -> A team's victory judgment. (If the number of remaining ships is judged to be the number of remaining ships, avoiding combat at a suitable point in time, and running away, B team will win very often.) 'Navy Field Mobile' It will give more value to the way you play against your ability to attack.) -> The submarine's attack rate is reflected as 50%. 2. Submarine Engine Salior ability modification (downward) 3. Corrected data error after Main Gun balance patch - Fixed the part that was applied more than the patch data patch :::::::::::::: After applying the game app update :::::::::::::::: 4. Improved tutorial (after updating game app) 5. Add button for overseas community (Apply after updating game app) - Official site link for overseas users 6. Notice whether ship equipment upgrade is possible (applied after game app update) - Shows the number of ship equipment upgrades (slots) in Shipyard ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Patch contents may change depending on the situation of the head office. * Server check and patch schedule may change depending on the situation of the head office. Thank you.
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    Dear Captain! Google (327 version), Apple (325 version) is updated today. 3.2.7 Version Updates and Patch List. -------------------------------------------------- ------------- 1. Harbor Assault Skill cool time re-corrected - Skill cool time will be reduced overall. 2. The steel reward amount will raise for DD, CL 3. Remove Submarine torpedo launch safe distance 4. Fixed submarine untouchable bug 5. Add ranking reward for individual and fleet - Individual and clan compensation applied respectively 6. Change battle process in 2 stages of the Harbor Assault - The progress speed of Stage 1 changes rapidly. - Weapons of defense weapons will be removed and instead of real attacks such as gun damage. - The harbor image and map will be replaced. - When the submarine occupies the garrison (reaches it), the attack team will win. - If the garrison is destroyed by changing the role of the garrison, the victory / defeat process is changed. 7. Modify online combat matching system 8. Removing the Mine that was installed at the corner of the Online Battleground 9. Add and modify online beginner training mode (from 5 to 8 maps) - With the addition of an enemy air base with a new map, the player can perform anti-aircraft gun training. 10. Daily Quest System Changes - Changed the battle participation quest to be added at random, so that the number of quests whose participation frequency has increased steadily was added. 11. CV upgrades secont-gun range and damage normally apply. 12. Sea and Cloud effects are added 13. Edit tutorial for beginners
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    - Android 3.3.4, iOS 3.3.2 version updated. 1. Capture mode added in Great Battle. * After 5 minutes of battle, it switches to capture mode. * Capture mode applies to 6 out of 10 Great Battle maps. * It takes precedence over all win / lose judgments. * It is possible to capture from 5 minutes after the battle begins. * If your team occupy critical zone for 60 seconds, you win. * Dive bomber and Torpedo bomber of aircraft are recognized as ships 2. Next reward will be displayed on Operation, Campaign, Survival buttons.
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    Patch list 1. New Daily Quest added - Sink SS with DD, CL, SS - Shoot down aircrafts - Sink BB with DD, CL, CA 2. Event button is added in harbor 3. Result screen interface is changed (We will change it more in next patch) 4. Reduce Engine speed for small CL (Texas, Tiger, Dhonburi, Bayern, Gamelin) Thank you.
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    3.5.8 version is postponed to release on next week! We will release 3.5.8 version January 25, 2018. Patch List --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Move point will be displayed for aircraft. (Check the image below) 2. Selected aircraft squadron will be distinguished. (Check the image below) 3. Change gun target line image. 4. Crew Point is used instead of Fuel for crew training. - After patch, you will use Crew Point to train Crew. 5. AI ship and AAW in land will fire against enemy aircrafts if the ship is equipped AAW gun. 6. War of Fleets will be changed. - War of Fleets will be distinguished Beginner, Expert, Great Battle. -------------------------------------------------- - * Schedule and contents may change due to the condition of the development.
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    [UPDATE] 3.6.4 version data update! Newly updated data will be applied once you reconnect. Update contents -------------------------------------------------- ----------- 1. Aircraft carrier balance - Increased attack damage of torpedo bomber 30% - Increased attack damage of dive bomber 40% 2. Reduce Crew Point requirement for training - Heavy Cruiser a. Novice -> Senior, 10 -> 8 b. Senior -> Expert 20 -> 10 c. Expert -> Veteran 40 -> 20 3. Reduce Crew Point requirement for training - 50~100 Level BB, All Aircraft Carrier, All Submarine a. Novice -> Senior, 20 -> 10 b. Senior -> Expert 30 -> 20 c. Expert -> Veteran 80 -> 30 - It is applied 200% in the case of 110 Level BB and 300% in the case of 120 Level BB.
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    We released 3.7.9 for Apple and Android. 1. Crash issue fixed. 2. No fire for submerged SS. Thanks
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    Hello! There was a update released that fixes the crashing issues. Please update to fix these issues. And of course if you continue to crash or game freezes please send in a ticket. All the community's help is appreciated in fixing these bugs and adding new ideas/content to the game. See you in battle! -ethor98 NF Mobile Moderator.
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    Hi! After a while, the server will be checked for 3.6.8. updates and patches for 40 minutes from 5:00 pm in Korea time. Please update the app for the best use during the server check period. ... Patch Contents -------------------------------------------------- ----- 1. Add the Supply Box - If you win an online battle, you can get a box of supplies with a certain probability. (Including crew point) - The supply box obtained can only be opened in the shipyard. 2. Fixed Ranking Point acquisition value by battle mode in WOF. - Beginner: 100%, Experts: 200%, Great Battle: 300% 3. Identify submarine detection range peers 4. In Online Beginner mode, Defensive Weapons and Airfield are removed -------------------------------------------------- -----
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    Hello, The data file of 4.5.3 version will be patched today. The server will be shut down for patch during 30 minutes from 4:00 PM (Korea time base) Patch List ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Ship speed reduction with armor will be changed. (10% -> 5% for Belt, 20% -> 10% for Deck, 30% -> 15% for Bulge) 2. Critical Hit Bonus for FCS will be increased (probability increased 5%) 3. Data defect fixed (MN CV Liberte, MN BB Courbet) 4. Reduced reload time for torpedo boat (defensive weapon at Harbor Assault) Thank you.
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    We will start Christmas and New Year Event from today. Enjoy your sailing!