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    Hello everyone!!!!! I think you all are going to be extremely excited about this next update. As a ton of you have been requesting France and Italy nations. Well the time has finally come. France and Italy are finally joining the fight! But not as separate nations. As you will see below in the video. You have to use scrap to research new ships. You can combine scrap with gold,steel, and oil to improve the outcome ship you receive. New to this as well is there is different "tier" ships. Ships also now have different "skins" to show what tier they are. Here is an example. This is the regular Nebraska. This is a tier B Nebraska Below is a tier A Nebraska. Slightly better than the Tier B Nebraska. And finally below is a a tier S Nebraska. I will post in another forum topic a FAQ regarding this new update. We hope you all enjoy! ethor98 Senior Moderator Navy_Field_2018-09-20-09-29-14.mp4 Navy_Field_2018-09-20-09-35-36.mp4
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    Hello players! Tomrrow we will be releasing 3.7.7 patch. We are sorry it took so long but the devs tweaked some things with the new raid mode as well as added new features which you can find in the post I made which is linked down below. In addition to the new content the devs added fireworks! This is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. We thank you for your continued support! -ethor98 Moderator
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    I was in a battle where there were 7 BBs, including me, versus 5 BBs and 1 SS. I eventually sunk and I saw that there were still 3 BBs left on our team. I looked and found them afk on the edges of the map. One of them is known to be a botter as well (making multiple accounts and running a script to farm steel and experience). Do you guys think this should be allowed, or should they get banned?
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    We released 5.2.2 version for Android (This version is fixed about crash issue with Android version8) and 5.2.1 for iOS. Please update your app at market for latest version. Patch list ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Added new ships in research center 2. Some data bugs are fixed 3. Hedgehog bug is fixed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are under development for Conquest World mode for fleets. Thank you.
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    - Patch list -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------... 1. Update version 3.4.4 (Android, iOS). 2. Improved UI related to Fleet invite and create 3. UI improvements including all upgrade notification panels 4. Improved the name of the ship and the captain in battle 5. Improved ship target indicator in battle 6. Improved chat function 7. Fixed a quest-related "winning in a row" count bug 8. Correcting the battleship main-gun accuracy (up to mid-range) -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- 2. New Events -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- * Events for new captain - Period: From November 30, 2017 to January10, 2018 - Purchase Starter Pack during this period and you will receive special battleship. (No required Captain level and Command Center level) Campaign, Survival Mission is now easily conquered! * caution! A Battleship is added to the country where you buy the Starter Pack. Not available in other countries.
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    Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MobileNavyFieldOfficial/ Discord Server https://discord.gg/ccuSStz
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    BB Guam (A tier) Setup: 3 gun, 1 secondaries, 3 engine, 1 fcs. Secondary armament: aaw (needs 1 secondaries upgrade) CV Georgia (S tier) Setup: 3 planes, 3 flightdeck, 2 engine Secondary armament: aaw Fighter stats: 312/134/206 Torpedo bomber stats: 292/160/40, 9045 damage Dive bomber stats: 307/150/40, 3740 damage CA Portland (A tier) Setup: 3 gun, 3 engine, 2 armour Secondary armament: aaw Specials: repair (45k) DD Somers (B tier) Setup: 1 launchers (hedgehogs), 3 gun, 3 engine, 1 fcs Secondary armament: can launch mines Special: repair (30k)
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    So I've been noticing that whenever I go to collect oil after I've emptied my refineries, the amount shown produced doesn't match the amount received when collecting. It shows that I currently have 13,319 oil and I've produced 2,253. That means when I collect the oil, I should have 15,572 oil. However, when I collected it, I only end up with 14,454 oil, which is 1,118 oil less than the amount it showed I produced or roughly half. Hopefully we can figure out the issue here and fix it.
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    Dear captains, Due to continious requests I am launching a new campaign to collect stats of as many ships as possible. This is a huge undertaking, with many, many possible ships to investigate. I cannot possible do this alone, so I'm asking all of you to help me in this quest. So, here goes. There are seven threads (one for each nation). In every thread I've made a few posts to give the example of what a post should look like. Please expand those threads by adding your own post, and please follow my format. We want to see screenshots of vetted (!) (so no new or mastered ships), accompanied by some useful info. At least include your setup, whether it has aaw or launchers, if launchers whether they can use mines or no, whether there is anything special about the ship (repair, for example, including the amount of repair) and most importantly: start with the name and tier of the ship, in text, above the picture!! Please post ships in battle setup, not harbour assault setup! How to get the pictures underneath the text if you're adding multiple ships in one post? Attach all pictures, save the post, then edit it. Then you can drag and drop the pictures to where you want them. Alternatively, you can leave them all at the bottom of the post. Before posting, use the search function (inbuilt in the forums or use crtl+f or whatever your computer uses) to check if the specific ship has already been posted. No duplicates! Let us bring our knowledge together! These are the threads per nation: US (USA) UK (Britain) IJN (Japan) KM (Germany) SN (Russia) MN (France) RM (Italy) Kind regards, Ibby
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    We have the maintenance for patch from 4PM~5PM today. (Korea time base) Patch list 1. Battle Royale: The maximum of 8 players can attack each other. - Available 4 times per day (1 hour each) 2. Add airstrike function for S grade aircraft carrier. 3. Add New S, A grade aircraft carrier in research center. Aircraft Carrier - US CV Georgia, RN CV Indefatigable, JP CV Shinano, KM CV Project A, SN CV Fevral 4. Add B grade destroyer, light cruiser, heavy cruiser in research center. Destroyer - US DD Somers B, RN DD L Class B, JP DD Akisuki kai B, KM DD Z99 B, SN DD Tashkent B Light Cruiser - US CL Texas B, RN CL Tiger B, JP CL Dhonburi B, KM CL Bayern B, SN CL Gamelin B Heavy Cruiser - US CA Portland B, RN CA London B, JP CA Aoba B, KM CA Deutschland B, SN CA Rurik B 5. Change the engine speed down from 5% to 3% with armor. 6. Improved accuracy of dive bomber - Accuracy improves and damage is reduced. 7. Battle invite message ON/OFF function in advanced setting. Thank you.
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    Hello all. Unfortunately google decided to delau our feature on the app syore. the double reward event will last until next Thursday seuol korea time. We will relaunch event November 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy the reward event until it is turned off. -ethor98
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    Next patch plan (Coming Wednesday) Hello all! Down below is the list for the upcoming update 3.8.5 - Add Expert Raid mode for captain level 25 ~ 64. - With the addition of Expert Raid, Harbor Assautlt participation condition changes from 25 to 65 captain level. (The related data such as the defensive weapons are maintained.) - Auto gun fire is enhanced. - In naming for captain and ship, special characters and spacing are not allowed. And as always we thank you for your continued support!
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    Dear Captain! Google (327 version), Apple (325 version) is updated today. 3.2.7 Version Updates and Patch List. -------------------------------------------------- ------------- 1. Harbor Assault Skill cool time re-corrected - Skill cool time will be reduced overall. 2. The steel reward amount will raise for DD, CL 3. Remove Submarine torpedo launch safe distance 4. Fixed submarine untouchable bug 5. Add ranking reward for individual and fleet - Individual and clan compensation applied respectively 6. Change battle process in 2 stages of the Harbor Assault - The progress speed of Stage 1 changes rapidly. - Weapons of defense weapons will be removed and instead of real attacks such as gun damage. - The harbor image and map will be replaced. - When the submarine occupies the garrison (reaches it), the attack team will win. - If the garrison is destroyed by changing the role of the garrison, the victory / defeat process is changed. 7. Modify online combat matching system 8. Removing the Mine that was installed at the corner of the Online Battleground 9. Add and modify online beginner training mode (from 5 to 8 maps) - With the addition of an enemy air base with a new map, the player can perform anti-aircraft gun training. 10. Daily Quest System Changes - Changed the battle participation quest to be added at random, so that the number of quests whose participation frequency has increased steadily was added. 11. CV upgrades secont-gun range and damage normally apply. 12. Sea and Cloud effects are added 13. Edit tutorial for beginners
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    3.0.0 version is released. Patch list is as follows, 1. Captain xp acquisition condition change A. Captain of the Gold Ships xp 10% bonus B. As ship's tier increased at the same ship class, the Captain xp increases by 2% (up to 6%). Example: 8 level CL 0% increase 18 level CL 2% (B) increase 25 level CA increased by 0% 25 level Goldce 0% + 10% (A) = 10% increase 32 level CA 2% (B) increase 41 level CA 4% (B) increase 50 level BB 0% increase 60 level Gold BB 2% (B) + 10% (A) = 12% increase : : 80 level BB 6% (B) increase 90 level BB 6% (B) + 10% (A) = 16% increase : : 110 level Gold BB 6% (B) + 10% (A) = 16% increase 2. Add 50 level DD - Captain xp of 50 level DD is increased by 47% comparing with normal DD (Maximum captain xp : 221) - Command Center Required Level: 7 3. Display the clan mark on the left side of the ship's name in the online battle (Great battle, Beginner battle) 4. Planes "ally and enemy" identification added (enemy - red claw, friendly - green claw) 5. Add attendance compensation for beginners (gold for the first 7 days) 6. Expert crew promotion function (Expert crew directly promotion function) 7. Adding Master Crew - 4-star crew with 250% ability efficiency - Added crew point for master crew promotion (Crew Point is awarded 100% for victory in online battle (Great battle, Online beginners), with a 30% chance of losing.) - When wins in battle, crew point is awarded 3 points with 30% probability, and crew point is awarded with 70% probability. - Promotion conditions A. Possible after achieving veteran crew B. Promoted to Master Crew by using a certain amount of crew points, steel, and fuel) - Master Crew duration and probability of promotion (1 day Master Crew promotion probability 76%, 3 days Master Crew promotion probability 20%, 7 days Master Crew promotion probability 3.9%, 365 days Master Crew promotion probability 0.1%) 8. Limit the participation level of the Online Beginner battle - It is possible to participate from 8 to 60 level (Great Battle can participate from 15 level) 9. Harbor Assault Changed the way and added Captain xp as compensation 10. Display the player's attack and sink ship numbers in the online battle. 11. Fleet war's battle limit changed from 6 -> 10, battle standby time was changed from 10 minutes to> 3 minutes -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- 17th, August patch list - balance change and bug fix 1. Correction related to Crew Point acquisition... - In the case of watching wins, the same number of Crew Points as survived wins will be paid. 2. Balance patch - Germany [H39 Class] 3-up Main gun reload 1820 -> 1740 [H44 Class] 3-up Main gun Damage 1631 -> 1752 Reloading 1848 -> 1760 [Scharnhorst] 3-up Main gun Damage 1389 -> 1463 Reload 1801 -> 1730 [Gneisenau] Ship turning power 18 -> 19 [O Project] Ship turning power 17 -> 19 - Japan [Nagato] Ship turning power 20 -> 22 3. Modification of FCS ability - 1-up FCS gun accuracy 280% increase 2-up FCS gun Accuracy 370% increase 3-up FCS gun accuracy 530% increase 4. Modification of 50 level DD - Fixed repair cost of 50 level DD in each country (same as Normal Last DD) - Fixed fuel consumption (same as Normal Last DD) - 4 tier engine added (1-up, 2-up, 3-up modification) - Ship's turn power (modified by DD's highest turning power by country) - DP correction (130% increase) 5. Fuel collection bug fix
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    The server check will be started from 7 pm today in Korea time. The server check time is estimated to be 40 to 50 minutes. Checklist -------------------------------------------------- -------------- 1. Data Back-up 2. Data patch * German gun main gun replaced with triple gun and increased total damage [KAISER 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 2650 -> 1901 [STRESEMANN 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 1860 -> 1329 [Scharnhorst 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 1937 -> 1389 [Gneisenau 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 1781 -> 1374 [O Project 3up main gun] Twin gun -> Triple gun damage 1580 -> 1382 * Soviet ship main gun damage adjustment [Izmail 3Up main gun] Damage 1100 -> 1210 [Kronshtadt 3up main gun] Damage 1187 -> 1329 3. Add some CA's AAW functionality United States New Oleans second gun 1up United Kingdom Furious second gun 1up Japan Asama second gun 1up Germany P Project second gun 1up Soviet Kirov second gun 1up 4. Airplane ability adjustment -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- * Server Check time is subject to change. Thank you.
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    Hi! Android version 2.6.5 has been released. In addition, data patching was performed. Patch List 1. Game icon changed to Apple version. 2. Time-to-fuel production at refinery level 5 has increased. 3. For beginners, we have downgraded the level of difficulty up to Campaign Chapter 2. 4. Fixed a crash issue in the game. Apple will release it as soon as the review passes. Thank you. * Beginner room will be opened in only a few days to enter DD, CL, CA only.
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    After adding level 110 BB, we will change the captain of the existing BB, CV, SS and Command Center level on June 15th. The changes are as the following: 1 "BB - US Colorad, UK Hood, Japan Kongo, Germany Gneisenau, Soviet Gangut - Captain Need Level 50, Command Center Level 7 2 "BB - United States South Dakota, United Kingdom Nelson, Japan Nagato, Germany O Project, Soviet Kronshtadt - Captain Need Level 60, Command Center Level 7 3 "BB - US North Carolina, UK Prince of Wales, Japan B65 Project, Germany Bismarck, Soviet Sevastopol - Captain Level 70, Command Center Level 8 4 "BB - United States New Mexico, United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth, Japan Fuso, Germany Scharnhorst, Soviet Izmail - Captain Level 80, Command Center Level 8 5 "BB - United States Montana, United Kingdom Lion I, Japan Super Yamato, Germany H44 Class, Soviet Sovetskiy Soyuz - Captain Level 90, Command Center Level 9 6 "BB - United States Iowa, United Kingdom Vanguard, Japan Yamato, Germany H39 Class, Soviet Stalingrad - Captain Level 100, Command Center Level 10 7 "BB - United States California, United Kingdom Duke of Edinburgh, Japan Mikawa, Germany Stresemann, Soviet Proletariat - Captain Level 110, Command Center Level 11 8 "BB - USA Nebraska, UK Queen Victoria, Japan Amagi, Germany Kaiser, Soviet Project 24 - Captain Level 120, Command Center Level 12 1 "CV - United States Independence, United Colossus, Japan Hiryu, Germany Seydlitz, Soviet Komsomolets - Captain Level 55, Command Center Level 9 2 "CV - Yorktown, United Kingdom Illustrious, Japan Akagi (1927), Germany Graf Zeppelin, Soviet Project 71 - Captain Level 68, Command Center Level 10 3 "CV - Lexington, United Kingdom Implacable, Japan Kaga (1935), Germany Graf Zeppelin II, Soviet Project Kostromitinova - Captain Level 79, Command Center Level 11 4 "CV - United States Essex, UK Ark Royal, Japan Shokaku, Germany Europa, Soviet Project 72 - Captain Level 92, Command Center Level 12 1 "SS - United States Barracuda, UK P Type, Japan Kaidai-Via, Germany Type-VIIC, Soviet Shch Class - Captain Level 55, Command Center Level 9 2 "SS - United States Cachalot, United Kingdom R Type, Japan Hei Type I, Germany Type-IX D2, Soviet S Class - Captain Level 68, Command Center Level 10 3 "SS - United States Gato, United Kingdom A Type, Japan Kai-Kou Type, Germany Type-IX C / 40, Soviet D Class - Captain Level 79, Command Center Level 11 4 "SS - United States Balao, United Kingdom M Type, Japan I 400, Germany Type-XXI, Soviet K Class - Captain Level 92, Command Center Level 12 You can keep your existing ship regardless of the level change required. Once the patch schedule is confirmed, we will notify you once again. Thank you
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    Hello, The data file of 4.5.3 version will be patched today. The server will be shut down for patch during 30 minutes from 4:00 PM (Korea time base) Patch List ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Ship speed reduction with armor will be changed. (10% -> 5% for Belt, 20% -> 10% for Deck, 30% -> 15% for Bulge) 2. Critical Hit Bonus for FCS will be increased (probability increased 5%) 3. Data defect fixed (MN CV Liberte, MN BB Courbet) 4. Reduced reload time for torpedo boat (defensive weapon at Harbor Assault) Thank you.
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    We released 4.4.9 version today for Apple and Google. Patch contents --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Improved Online battle Interface - Change radar position 2. Skill displayed for ship setup in Harbor Assault 3. Added the reset function for equipment - Once the equipment is upgraded, it can be used again for free. 4. Add C grade Light Cruisers at Research Center - US CL OMAHA - UK CL SIRIUS - JP CL OYODO - KM CL LEIPZIG - SN CL BOGATYR 5. Thanksgiving event ends. 6. Daily Quest will be changed until 69 captain level. (Quest for Expert online will be added) 7. US BB New Mexico, JP BB Fuso, SN BB Izmail - 1st upgrade gun damage will be increased by 12%. 8. All Dive bomber damage will be increased by 30% 9. DP of upgraded Dive bomber for A, S grade CV will be increased by 10% 10. KM 130 Lv BB Tirpitz will have torpedo launcher instead of sub gun. 11. UK 130 Lv BB Lion2, 3rd upgrade gun will be reduced reload time (2038 -> 2023) 12. Harbor Assault matching formula changed - Attack available from -10 captain level. (Ex. If a captain level is 100, the captain can attack 90~140 captain level in HA) Thanks! Thanks!
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    Hello all! As Some of you may or may not know navyfield mobile will be hosted as a feature app on the google play store. We are super excited for Google to recognize our game. In celebration of this event, we are hosting a special event. All Prizes for in game battles will be doubled. Captain xp crew xp steel oil and even daily gold attendance. This is great way to stockpile those resources and get the new ships you have been wanting! This event will last for 2 weeks starting today 10/25/2018 and ending on 11/08/2018. We hope you all enjoy! Also, there was a reply posted by one of the devs stating that the game was not making enough money and we were shutting down on the google play store. This is false and was a translation issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!
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    Hello everyone! Today is a special day for the navyfield mobile community. Today marks the 1 year anniversary in which the game was released. We have had our ups and downs as a community but I have high hopes for this awesome and unique game. We are planning some sort of event that either I or the devs will announce to celebrate. Again we thank you for your support over the year. Ethor98 Senior moderator
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    Hello! There was a update released that fixes the crashing issues. Please update to fix these issues. And of course if you continue to crash or game freezes please send in a ticket. All the community's help is appreciated in fixing these bugs and adding new ideas/content to the game. See you in battle! -ethor98 NF Mobile Moderator.
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    Patch Notes: - Fixed an issue where online battle could not start at 00:00. - Fixed the account initialization phenomenon - Enhanced game stability
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    Hi there, We are watching the situation. If it's happening continuously, those accounts will be banned. Thank you. TeamNF
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    To overcome COVID-19, we start the event called "Play It Safe". Event : Online Double Reward + 30% Extra Gold Bonus in Store Period : 30th, March ~ 8th, April. We'll get through this together. Thank you. TeamNF
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    The upcoming patch this week will make starter ships promote their crew to veteran easier. With veteran's 200% ability it can help beginners clear missions and campaigns with DD faster and easier. Also we will let Destroyer upgrade the main gun to a very powerful gun in the first tutorial. This will definitely help new players survive in the sea!
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    [UPDATE] 3.6.4 version data update! Newly updated data will be applied once you reconnect. Update contents -------------------------------------------------- ----------- 1. Aircraft carrier balance - Increased attack damage of torpedo bomber 30% - Increased attack damage of dive bomber 40% 2. Reduce Crew Point requirement for training - Heavy Cruiser a. Novice -> Senior, 10 -> 8 b. Senior -> Expert 20 -> 10 c. Expert -> Veteran 40 -> 20 3. Reduce Crew Point requirement for training - 50~100 Level BB, All Aircraft Carrier, All Submarine a. Novice -> Senior, 20 -> 10 b. Senior -> Expert 30 -> 20 c. Expert -> Veteran 80 -> 30 - It is applied 200% in the case of 110 Level BB and 300% in the case of 120 Level BB.
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    We released 5.3.1 version. You can update your app from apple and google market. Patch List 1. SS vs SS battle UI changed 2. Remained ships show in battle 3. Admin mark added in chat Thanks
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    3.3.9 version updated! We released 3.3.9 version for Android and Apple. We changed Chat function for optimization. 1. If you swype the chat message panel to left direction, you can disable chat notifications during 1 minute. 2. If you tap the chat message panel, you can open whole chat menu. Thanks
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    4.6.2 version is released at 24th, January, 2019, 5 PM (Seoul Time base) - Patch list - 1. New Light Cruiser for each nation. (D grade, required captain level : 60, required command center level : 8, Repair function available except Japan CL Oyodo) US: Omaha, UK: Sirius, JP: Oyodo, KM: Leipzig, SN: Bogtyr 2. Defects in Harbor Assault are fixed (Revenge is available) 3. Crash issue fixed. 4. Add detail info for items in Store 5. Buff repair ship (Increase DP and enhance repair ability) Thanks
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    Christmas event & 4.5.3 version will be released! From 21st to 26th, Dec., online battle reward will be double for Christmas event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.5.3 version patch list (21st, PM 5:00 Patch scheduled - Korea time base) 1. New 120 captain level submarine added. - US Tambor - UK Safari - JPN I-54 - KM Type U-Flak I - SN L XI Class 2. Repair ship added in Research Center (A grade) - MN CA Jules Verne 3. New armor system - Belt & Deck : Reduce damage by gun caliber - Bulge : Reduce torpedo damage by percent Caution-1) Armor will decrease ship speed Caution-2) Hull of submarine will increase ship speed 4. Reduce damage ability of sailor is decreased by 50% 5. Critical Hit Bonus will be added in FCS 6. Torpedo Boat in defensive weapon will be enhanced. 7. C grade US CL Brooklyn & Cleveland will be enhanced in AAW 8. UK 130 Lv BB Lion II will be enhanced in AAW 9. Skill Cool down time will be increased 2 seconds excpet AAW skill. 10. Submarine can move in deep dive situation with 3 knots. Thank you.