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    Hello all. After much consideration and talking we have decided to roll back the crew training system to oil. We thank you for your consideration. -ethor98
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    I am a poor guy semi-illiterate but I have a great passion for the Naval Military History so I allow myself to give suggestions to try to improve this game with many potentials: (1) the crew already veteran should be able to move on the new ship of the same type (with a gold cost of at least 1000/2000 leaving the player the possibility to choose); (2) as I try to repeat for months we need more rooms, some easier for the "vetting" of new ships (regardless of the levels of the players who now no longer have any value) some without SS or CV; (3) No BBs or CVs should have torpedoes and (4) all BBs and CVs should have AAW (@Baldrick, Hello, one of the BB's duty in the US Task Force was the AAW protection for CVs because of the huge volume of fire); (5) some CAs but not everyone should keep the torpedoes; (6) SS should be "nerfing" (oh oh, now Helmut hate me ^^) both in speed and in resistance, I think many players are tired of SS master who attack with impunity on the surface, basically the SS was a very fragile,delicate and very slow machine in the real WWII; (7) in these times there is a real abuse in the use of kits of smoke and repair by some players, my proposal is that at least the smoke is recoverable with resources to try to balance the game (like 100.000 steel+10.000 fuel= 5 smokes); (8) think it is necessary the "nerfing" of some new BB (Bretagne and Lorraine mainly) absurdly OP (I do not speak for envy because I have both ^^, just for justice); (9) the reward of GBs for the crew experience should pass at least 20 per battle and compared to the damage inflicted on 1x5000 basis (or in other proportion, of course) this would invoke lazy players (like me) to get more involved in battles instead of launching the ship and doing something else (i read, others watch movies while playing😉, sad, incorrect but true) in addition to these 9 points, I share many of the ideas of Baldrick, Paulus and Polina, more I ask, as always, the recovery of multiple fleets per account (I have already demonstrated how this rule does not stop neither "boosting" nor " spying "both easily implemented even now, this rule has only penalized the old players) and I would have two other generic tips, the removal of the fireworks button icon (remember many players use a" small "cell phone, the less stuff there is better) and a different visualization of the ships in port, by now that all these new ships scroll up to find the right one is already this a game in the game🙂. greetings at all
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    Hello, Captains. We will inform you of precautions In recent online battles, there have been many cases of intentional retreats to prevent ships from sinking. Especially when he is disadvantaged, he retreats himself and deprives the enemy of opportunity. This behavior has many negative effects on the normal play of many goodwill users. Since the start of the game service, we have been judging these behaviors as unfair play and are also charging penalties. We will continue to do so in the future. If a retreat continues at these critical moments, we should remove the retreat function or remove the reward it when retreating. We ask that you make wise choices so that fair and fun combat can be carried out please.
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    GamesKey is creating an article on "Hidden Gems to play" https://gameskeys.net/ios-games-that-are-worth-playing/ Thank you.
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    There is also a bug in Project A's main gun, the main gun can only aim and fire at a very short distance. The main gun is the biggest feature of Project A. this bug has affected its combat effectiveness and entertainment.
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    the times might be long, but will still manage to get some torp bombers in the air - even if not in the same rate as an experienced crew CV. It is the only CA that can successfully protect a fleet from a battleship and harass submarines. My build is partly based on that, a CA assisted by planes but not fully dependent on them. (the biggest sacrifice of my build is not having upgraded torp planes - but i still hold armour more important).
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    As for the QV being overpowered, yes she is but she has to go through 400 range to start firing her guns on my Stresemann - and if I let her sneak up on me its my fault. More difficult to control the distance vs Nebraskas IJN's advantage is the huge overspeed bonus (not that it balances out range or power) and interesting ships (Kitakami and Mogami44).
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    You can play WoW if you want a balanced power between DD, CL/CA, BB and CV. Back to the question, there should be DD/CL/CA80 and beyond.
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    The command of fleet can declare war in battle time zone. In battle time zone, WAR button is available. Cost is 300 gold and after 24 hours from declaration of war, PvE battle will begin. For declaration of war, minimum fleet member is 5 and new fleet can't declare war during a month. Also new fleet member cannot join Conquest World during 3 weeks.
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    While we agree that fictional ships should not be in the game (including some CLs), pandora's box is open and there is no taking away of ships from players that have already paid (bb110 & 120 cost gold - lots of it) without a major shitstorm happening and players leaving the game. Gradual changes are required to bring them down to more sensible levels (submarines too - even though i enjoy enormously my XXI, i admit it is way overpowered). On the other hand this is a casual game - not a simulation (and should remain so in my opinion) so some flexibility is allowed in order to get the game enjoyable by all players regardless of level.
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    Nice work and a good read. As I despise HA my answers/comments are based on battle requirements/tips/tactics only. I have to agree that the lvl 1 DD is only useful to take you to lvl 3. I can only answer for Kriegsmarine as it's the only nation I'm high level for BB, SS and CV. The BB Gneisenau is only slightly more powerful than the Hipper (CA41) so I agree there. I tried the CV next but was so frustrated at it that I gave up and built the SS to play instead. I enjoyed it, yes it is flimsy, but I think the SS is much more dependent on player skill than any other ship in the game short Oxy endurance is a hard limitation with inexperienced crew but still there is joy in attacking and sinking powerful ships from the very beginning. Can't sing a song nice enough for the Kitakami. That ship is so nice it borders on OP. With a skillful captain I have witnessed it win many battles (including War of Fleets where it pwned 2-3 subs and kept the stronger ships at bay destroying any tactics they tried). Bayern, Texas and the other tiny, fast CLs I despise, only because I never got one and have suffered a lot from them. They pack a respectable punch and are small and fast enough to be almost unhittable at any range except point blank. Not only excellent fleet disorganisers and CV hunters but given time and space to manoeuvre they can get ANY ship. Definitely OP.
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    First of all I am very happy to see Altavilla even if only in the forum, Greetings Alta, Black, Dav,Baldrick and Diddy of course (but we see each other in the game), and Greetings to all, personally I LOVE the Vanguard (my Cpt Philip Vian was the real captain of the real Vanguard ^^ actually Sir Philip Vian ), but I think Altavilla (despite its immense knowledge) has forgotten the formidable BB110 Duke of Edimburg, so the Vanguard has "only" the third fire boardside of the game 1980x12 (23700),Duke 2700x9 (24300) and QV 2800x9 (25200), i no have Duke so waiting to confirmation
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    The values should be reviewed, but will you upgrade from e to s (un poco demasiado chiflado). And please remember that is a business for the company not just a random open source game maintained by the community. In addition nadie te pone el cuchillo en La panza para pagar.
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    In this latest update, some new main guns have been added to the game, and some warships with little advantage have been strengthened, such as Nelson s. But there are some ships that I think need to be strengthened that have not changed. For example: [Surcouf S]Unlike other s-subs, it does not have the highest level FCS by default; the number of torpedoes is small (10 tubes). Poor turning ability. [Charlemagne S] the main gun is not the best in France, but it is acceptable. The range of its AA sub gun is very poor, and the reload time is a little longer. Four long range sub guns are not as powerful as other SBB's. [California S]Poor main gun properties [Amagi S] in the current version, Amagi s has no advantage in firepower. It's not even as good as the Amagi A. I think Amagi should be equipped with air defense or anti-sub weapons instead of ordinary sub guns.
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    We will shutdown the server for Golden Week Event. Schedule : 5:00 PM ~ 5:20 PM (Korea Time) After maintenance, Golden Week event begins. Thank you.