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    Make Italy and France into separate Nations. Have blueprints and ships already built in other nations transferred to the new. Exceptions: Provence and Andrea Doria given to specific nations. Link to original thread: http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/545-nf-developers-and-users-relations/
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    St. Louis after the Battle of Kolombangara, showing torpedo damage to her bows
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    We released 7.2.4 version for Google and Apple. You can update your app as 7.2.4 at markets. We fixed voice effect ON/OFF bug in option and some data changed. You can check details on Facebook. Thank you.
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    This new patch or update or whatever you Devs are calling it is nothing short of theft. We waste hours and money to upgrade a boats performance for speed and armor, and then *Poof* your patch steals speed for having armor. You see we already worked for those upgrades, or paid for them, and you take them away in an update. That is theft, we worked for it or paid for it, we got it, and then you take it. Since I’m sure some people paid for gold there could be some legal ramifications. I may be taking my game play elsewhere, definitely not spending anymore money if your just gonna rob me a month later. I bid you good day.
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    So.... you think that someone who has played Navy field for only the last 30 days should get a 100% refund. Anyone who play the game from it start, spent the time effort and money to get BB 120 shouldn't? So...you think it would be unfair for a player who hasn't even reached level 120 and has an S tier BB120 to have to compete against someone who actually earned their Battleship and spent the time to vet it? So... I think you should ask some of the captains who have spent the last year-and-a-half grinding the game only to have what they have accomplished taken away from them overnight, how they feel about a "fresh new start". There is a reason why many have left the game. Think about it. Never ever have I given someone a negative rating in the Forum. If I like what someone has to say I upvote them. If I disagree with what they have to say I may voice my opinion but I don't down vote them how's the Forum is a place to express opinions and ideas. I have found your opinion and ideas to be truly naive and ill-informed. Consider it part of your "fresh new start". ...... Okay I still find your opinion to be naive and ill-informed but I feel bad for downvoting you. As I said above the Forum is a place where everyone should be able to share their thoughts and ideas. I don't want to discourage anyone from participating in the forum. Flint I apologize for not being more open-minded and I look forward to more posts from you. I'll give you an upvote to bring you back to even. 😉
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    As there are more skilled player and it’s time to build a hardcore mode for them. Ships will get damage by friendly fire/torps, and no assistance like repair kits, smoke and master crew are allowed to used. Perhaps auto firing not allowed too. Fleets can this have fair battles purely on tactics and skills only.
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    Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server for winter event. Schedule - 3:30PM ~ 4:00PM (Korea time based) Thank you.
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    Hello everyone, personally I have now given up trying to understand the logic of our beloved developers; I do not even hazard a judgment on the latest patches, I have only two considerations: the first on the prevention of espionage in the fleets, in one night, arbitrarily, they allowed to cancel months of friendly relations between seasoned players and all this for what ?? !!, in the current times, with all the possible facilities in leveling up, to get around this "defense of security" just a free weekend is enough, that is, just open another account using any other identity (another access with google with a different email) not connected to the main, just a weekend to bring the new account to a decent level (about 50) and you can join any Fleet (always looking for active players) by doing the "spy" for your main account; with this ease of circumventing the rules I wonder why brutally penalize the regular players who did not hide their belonging to different Fleets. Second consideration: I believe that paying players (who ultimately keep the game alive) have not had the respect they deserve. I do not want to talk about all the premium ships become obsolete on the usual fateful night, just the case of BB Provence, being a poor person (spoiler, even in the Western world there is poverty 😖🙂) I have envied for months those players who they could buy real money in the (OP) BB Provence directly in the store, now after the patch we all have ships that have the same or better characteristics of the "old" BB Provence practically at 0 cost, with this patch the developers have literally burned in the pockets of many regular players at least 23 Euro / Dollars, perhaps more if a player had bought the BB in more countries, I repeat it is not my personal case, because unfortunately (or maybe fortunately now) I have never been able to buy this ex beautiful ship, although this seems a colossal injustice, I apologize to everyone for the long outburst and my bad English
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    Totally agree!! One more thing about real money. Let's be serious, most of 120+ lev players paid some money for ours BBs, CVs etc. Theoretically it is possible to have 120 lev. BB without buing gold, but how many of us did it? And now i personaly spend about 8000 gold (yes, yesterday I tried again .... ) which is comparable to the guaranteed 120, and 110 BB, and get some max C tier scrap ... I thought NF is a shooter, not a slot machine in Las Vegas. Do we again had to lower our ratings on Google Play?
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    Greetings at All, we continue the "mapping work"🙂, this time are minefields well known by Raid's players, but this can be useful for novice players, thanx again Helmut, Martyn and all others (poor) players involved despite of themselves 😖, sorry🙂
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    I've got my mogami44 with 3 main gun, 2 armour, 2 flying deck and 1 speed. It has 6x1020=6120 broadside damage with 1420 reload and 2306 range and 2 squads of planes. For comparison the Hipper has 8x1179 = 9432 broadside damage with 1592 reload and 2355 range and County 8x1301 = 10408 broadside with 1580 reload and 2347 range. In my opinion Mogami44 is much more useful in a fleet action (because of the planes) and can hold itself in 1v1 vs the other CA41s, provided it can get a torpedo hit or two to make up for the reduced damage dealt by her guns. With vet crew the speed is 26kn standard and 43kn overspeed, so I consider 1 engine upgrade adequate to both escape subs and control distance to other CAs (but not enough to chase down a CV with guns). It is my understanding that my build on the mogami44 might be unique in the game with most other players preferring the mini CV build with full deck and plane upgrades (thus cutting back on armour and guns as you say).
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    Hi Dev, To promote the loyalty among different nations here are some advices: 1) Add ‘war between nations’: Fleets in similar nation can fight against those with other nation. Players can share common tactics (eg: RN and KM more defensive and IJN and SN more offensive). 2) Statistics among the ownership of each nation in NVM world: Let players know which nations are most/least commonly used. 3) Bonus on less common nation(s): To promote players to open new nations (especially the coming Italian and French fleets). Bonus can be captain/crew xp or steel reward. 4) Chat room for similar nation: provide channel to exchange tips/ call for nation war.
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    Since the implementation of manual launch, it would be nice that torpedo bomber can be manually dive and fly at low altitude which allow them to launch torpedo manually either there's a enemy ship or not. It will work like this: To make them fly at low altitude, long press the area you assign them to go. When at low altitude, whether you select enemy ships or ally ships or not, the torpedo manual launch will always appear as long the torpedo bomber travel at low altitude. Which will allow you to launch a torpedo at will. This implementation will surely change how the cv can be played. Tactics and creativity will emerge. Thus making cv more fun to be played with. And also allow cv to defend themselves against ss that tail them. Now for dive bombers, since there's this annoying problem that even when enemy ship targeted, even at optimum altitude and close enough to drop bombs, the manual button didn't not show. So i proposed that when Dive bombers is in the air regardless of how their altitude is, upon selecting a target, the manual button will show up regardless how far the enemy ship is. That is all.
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    Hello new captain, welcome aboard! On behalf of the Navy Field team I am happy to have you with us and I hope you will enjoy the game. To make things a bit easier, I have compiled some of my own experience and the answers to many, many questions I've been asked into one lenghty post covering the basics of what you need to know. If this post/thread still leaves questions unanswered, you can always ask other players. I hope to have covered most of the basics, for other veterans: please share your own tips and experiences below (and let me know if I've missed something). Tip: follow this post, so that you're alerted when I update it! Disclaimer: I write this guide as an experienced player, not as a NFM official... nothing can be held against me... you know the drill Also please note that this guide is written with shipyard ships in mind - there's a special section for research and its ships. So, first things first: you've just started playing, chosen a nation to your liking and completed the tutorial. And then... 1) Getting started: upgrading your harbour 2) Getting started: different resources 2a) Getting started: gold 3) Getting started: different ship classes, their roles and how to outfit them 4) Getting started: different ship stats and weapons 5) Getting started: battle modes 6) Getting started: using the global chat (west and east channel) 6b) Moderators 7) Getting started: fleets 8) Research and ship tiers 9) Special ships: repair ships and s tier skills 10) Harbour assault and skills 11) Battle tips 12. Support If you encounter problems, such as not being able to access your account, duplicate ships, missing resources, wanting to reset your account, needing a new chief for your fleet or other questions, you can email support ([email protected]) detailing your problem. They will do their best to help you out! Of course, as I said above (6b), the moderators are also happy to help you. 13. Elementary game rules and Terms of Service We at NavyField Mobile pride ourselves in having one of the finest and nicest communities in the online gaming world. To ensure that it stays that way, there are a few rules that you will need to observe. First, there's some rules on naming your captain and ships. We (moderators) do check actively for offenses, but if you encounter offensive names - please report them. Secondly - play nice. Game antics are not something that we moderators usually interfere with, but just be nice to each other! Thirdly - internal fleet business is the responsibility of the chief and leaders, not of the moderators. A bit of social control works wonders. Finally, we understand that sometimes emotions can run high, but please don't shout at others too much to avoid escalating conflicts, with moderators having to step in and mute people. Of course you can express displeasure, but please do it politely! I strongly suggest you read the Terms of Service. There's some important stuff in there. For example: it is forbidden to have multiple accounts (multiple nations is, of course, encouraged), you need to be at least 13 years old to play this game, you may not buy or sell accounts, etc etc. If you let your kids play the game and someone shouts stuff at them that they shouldn't hear - of course we will take action as with any player, but the kids are your responsibility, moderators cannot accept any responsibility here. We ask for your understanding. The same goes for other people using your account - you are responsible for their actions. That does it for now, good luck and have fun!
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    Hi captains, at first I wanna say thx Ibby for this great guide for NF and for your job as Mod. And as support for your guide you asked for my introduction clip for NF on YouTube....you can see it by the link below.
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    We start Summer Event during 2 week (24th, July ~ 7th, August) Onine battle reward will be double. Enjoy your sailing!
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    Hello NF community. I recently saw a post in general discussion about seeing what the community wants. Now... I know there has been massive feedback on the recently added ship rolling system. Trust me. The devs do know. And are working to see what can be done. Moving on. What would you guys like to see from us in 2019? Anything big or small. Lets try to keep this as respectful as possible. We know people arent happy with some functions of the game. And yes we do listen to the community. We take the players opinions into high consideration when thinking of updates. So some rules on this post. Please do not double post. If you like the idea give it a green up or "like". If you like the concept but want to put your own "spin on it" quote it. No need to spam 5 posts of the same idea. Lets keep this post respectful. There's a difference between constructive criticism and being rude. Please be nice. We appreciate and value all feedback. So have fun!
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    To the devs please remove the speed reduction from the armor now. You have 🎏⛎🍉🎋📧👌 to the game long enough. The previous game updated was almost perfect what you devs should have done was increase the hedgehog damage. Now all you do is make the subs invincible
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    I think it goes without saying.... I WANT MY FLEET BACK! If this is not going to happen then navy field MUST notifying new players that only ONE nation is usable in the game's Dynamics and purchasing any more Nations than that is just a money grab on their part. 😑 I agree with everything you said Joe. And don't forget the CV with torpedoes 🤬. Nerfing reload times is critical.
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    Tie WoF and Online battles to tiers, not levels. Online Beginner: max tier E Online Expert: max tier C Great Battle: Unlimited Beginner WoF: max tier C Expert Wof: max tier B Master Wof: Unlimited
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    I have got tier S Charlemagne, It uses tier A graphices.
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    While the ship upgrade system with the 8 slots is nice, as it is implemented there are actually only 2 builds for each ship, one for GB/WOF and one for HA. FCS: As is only reason to upgrade is to get HA bonuses - no functionality in online battles. Suggestion: increase sight/radar/sonar bonuses and maybe add a 5% chance for critical hit (+50% damage or so) bonus at each upgrade. Main Guns: for most CAs and BBs the lvl 3 guns are the only way to go. If the difference between levels was smaller there could be a reason to build a battleship with eg. gun lvl 1 or 2 in order to get some other upgrades. Sec Guns: as is only reason to upgrade is to get AAW enabled status. Suggestion get all levels CL/CA sec guns AAW enabled (DD/CL prime guns where applicable) and give them different bonuses each level (eg. lvl 1 small range/slow reload/high damage, lvl 2 med range/med reload/ low damage, lvl 3 med range/ slow reload/ high damage) so any setting will be an option with higher levels a little more appealing Armour: instead of belt/deck/bulge in separate upgrades have all of them in each, increasing by a percentage (eg. lvl1: 1000/600/250, lvl2: 1250/800/500, lvl3 1500/1000/1000) Torpedoes: not bad as is. Hedgehogs need a small boost to become relevant again - probably a bundle of 5 as stated is a good idea Speed: not bad as is Flightdeck: Irrelevant in any ship other than CVs and mogami44. Could be dropped from other ships Aircraft: is there any bonus for the fighter upgrade? if there is please make it apparent. if not a small one would be nice.
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    Yes, it is very sad that bb100s are better than bb90s. Actually in my opinion the places of them should be switched and bb110s and bb120s taken away. Those are just unhistorical (not saying I would not like to play with QV 😉). Then of course current bb90s should be made better. Maybe as good as bb110s now.
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    Actually,if you're not using manual aim,it's accurate,against bots,if you try to hit a player that's moving on a fast ship(DD CL or even a fast CA like Pensacola)you will only hit its side,because he do a small turn and evade a entire salvo,making almost impossible to big ships kill small ones.
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    Dear NF captains, Lately I've been encountering a LOT of captains with inappropiate names. Please note that I will come down on those captains. Offending captains will be warned, if they don't chance the offending name they will be submitted for suspension. Don't be one of those captains! What exactly is an inappropiate name, you may ask? To prevent any discussion, here's some clear rules on naming: - Any reference to terrorists, war crimimals (including Nazi's) or criminal organisations is not allowed. - Any reference to people or organisations who have committed crimes against humanity is not allowed. - Offensive language in names is not allowed. - Spam in names is not allowed. - Insulting of other players in names is not allowed. - Racism, homophobia, negative stereotyping and suchlike are not allowed. - Explicit (sexual) language is not allowed. This list may be edited by moderators, so when in doubt please refer to the latest edition. The very best option you have: if you are in doubt whether or not a name is allowed, don't use the name. Thank you all very much for your cooperation. If you see players breaking above rules, please report them in game or PM a screenshot of the player's profile to a moderator.
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    There should be a button to refuel all ships at the same time. It can save some time after HA, to find ships in a long queue for refuelling.
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    Interesting ideas, but i think it wuld brake game to much. Examlle,i take my mastered S tier Project 24 (70k HP) ,and mount on it : -Improved Ship Survivability +25% ship HP -10% ship speed -Overarmored -25% shot damage reduction -10% speed reduction +10% added ship HP -25% crit chance -Improved Engine +10% increase in overheat speed +10% increase in speed +10% increase in ship HP And captain damage control and resuction skill 4 star -32% damage reduction +20% repair speed End result? 70 k + 45% more HP = araund 100 k HP BB, with aditional 57% more reduction damage (on top on what Mastered full armored BB already have) ,with much beter auto repair and only minuses that it has -10% less ship speed, but +10% overheat speed. Good luck sinking that unless you have 5 BB against it. Example 2 , I take I 400 SS , and i mount on it: Improved Pressure Hull +25% speed +10% ship HP +10% damage reduction Improved Engine +10% increase in overheat speed +10% increase in speed +10% increase in ship HP And let say Minelayer module, so you can sikently sneak araund and mine im enemy teritory, just for lol, since it has no third engine boost. and captain skill improved engine crew efficiency 4 star +32% ship speed. End result ? Its Normal mastered speed is 33/51 and 29/43 underwater , with additional 67% more speed and +10% overheat speed, thats 55/57 or , 47/48 underwater , in BR even more insane, thats not sub, thats a Road Runner,lol, good luck escaping that ,and , natyrally, nothing can catch it,plus it has improved HP and reduced damage, but that is not game breaking as much as its speed. UK subs, who have natural speed bost with Armour wuld be even faster than that. Anyway, i have seen modules like this introductions in online game, it alwais end up bad and breake game. Players compete in who will have most OP setup,because without that you have no chance to win, and prices rise skyrocket by game master for thise modules, they are not sold cheap like for 5 gold or something, but for lets say 5.000-10.000 gold for module , this game eqvivalent ,and they only last for month or two, then new modules are relised that makes ones from previus generation vastly inferior, so you have to buy them as well, and so on ,from patch to patch, every month or so,infinite loop of spend half of your month salary or die. That happen for War Robots for example, so i stop playing that 2 years ago, and it was my favorite game, and i hope i will not see same situation here. This game is rare gem exactly because it gives all players equal chance to compete,you do not have to spend insane amouts of money for good ships that will be obsolite after few months, all you need is patience and smart investing in already present in-game resurces and you can very soon have great ships that will serve you well for hole game ,altough purchasing in-game do speed up process a lot for ones unwillling to wait, and nothing is wrong with that.
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    We released 6.7.8 version. You can update your app version at markets. We fixed some crash issue in 6.7.8 version. Also remove network optimization function. (It was not helpful for game) Thank you.
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    Or how about let the crews be moved from one ship to another, So you can train and still use that crew. IE: Crew can go from a E:Timmerman - D:Timmerman - C : Timmerman, Or IE: Crew training stays the same or gets a little longer and let players move the crew to build ships to fit their play style...2-3 Engineers vs 1 repair, 1 Radio, 1 engineer...
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    not sure what you're angry about. B tier and lower are easy to get without spending any gold, gold is quite easy to obtain ( i get 30-40 gold daily from daily bonus, HA defence fleet, daily quests and boxes by playing 2-3 hours and much more from completing ship collections), enough to fuel a couple of researches every day with 50 gold. that way i have a good selection of A tier ships to play as well. and devs have not seen a cent from me yet (of course my progress is much slower than paying customers but devs have to make a living as well)
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    Hi! I'd like to report/ask how is it possible... Warship Bb S tier Proletaryay class, driven by player Metall has abnormal possibilities to repair itself. 3 subs were following him, firing torps. he was in fire, than he maked smoke and shipped out from it with almost full HP... So he had to repair in less than 20s over 50% HP. I saw more of it during last days. So, i am asking... How is it possible.. Did hi found some exploit, or his account is bugged? Please check it, becouse it is impossible to sink him, and he ruins gameplay, especially during BR.
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    SS speed nerf cause there is no way a ss can out run ca
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    I dunno I just got 30 exp. And the event was supposed to be over to buy now?
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    If only they would ask, the community is ready to deliver any help they may need. But they don't.
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    The whole "patch" is insulting to players who have been grinding the game a year and a half. My main nation is level 115. Just 5 more level to the Kaiser - a target that had me saving every bit of gold for more than a year. The next day the "patch" came to the game and my level 49 captain got an A tier Progetto UP41 at his 2nd draw of the lottery - a supership that can vaporise the Kaiser that was my holy grail for so long. In addition, this patch is discriminating players by luck. The draw to get the Progetto was just the second lottery play of that Nation, my main has done about 20 and best that got is a B Graf Zeppelin, C Tourville that might worth building and C Duca Degli Abruzzi that built (also got many other good ships including B tiers, but compared to Europa CV, Stresemann and type XXI don't look very appealing). Now imagine those two being different players - not Nations of the same player - how fair is that? Even for new players it is not fair. This exactly what I'm asking for. When I paid 3000 gold for the Stresemann, I paid a good sum of money for a ship that is close to the top ships of the game. when I paid 1500 for Graf Zeppelin II (that will forever sit with green crew in the harbour - premium ships cannot even be scrapped), I paid a good sum of money for one of the best CVs that can do expert WoF. The "patch" has depreciated these ships to maybe a tenth of their asking price (e.g. for 300 gold I might consider buying a Stresseman instead of relying on the lottery scheme - but 3000?). So yes, I feel robbed - even if I have already played and enjoyed it. With the Graf Zeppelin I feel scammed out - that ship was not even fully outfitted when the "patch" came out. This is why I feel we should get 100% refund. Because the product we got is not what we paid for - even if used. If the developers wanted a "fresh start" they should publish a new game (this is not the same game we have been playing so long anyway). To keep their user base they could make a way of migrating from the old to the new game. When the "patch" drives away Fubar, Helmut, ASTOM from my fleet only (and possibly others that I have not seen for some time - but I'm not sure of the reasons) - good players and nice people that are with the game since the beginnings - only adds insult to injury.
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    Thanks Davmak and Altavilla for adding the info (and correcting the Yamato stats). It seems that with the huge damage, better range (except for H39) and brit armour Vanguard has a definite advantage.
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    Market for selling crews and ships please
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    Here's a list of mostly unanswered questions I wish were in the FAQ, from a noob's perspective: When training a crew member, it says he is unavailable: does this mean he is not helping your performance in battle and not gaining experience during training? What is the purpose of the communication tower and what do range points do? How do we know if belt or deck armor is being hit? All shots even close range appear to be 'lobbed' up in the air a great deal. Is belt vs deck hit based on distance between ships, or specific gun angles, or both? When upgrading buildings, such as steel mill and oil depot, does production halt until upgrade is complete? Do crews transfer between ships? Answer: No. What is the maximum number of components (slots filled) you can have on a ship? Answer: 8; this means you can't fully equip ships. How do you aim at planes with AA guns? If my ship is not repaired 100%, will I enter single player and/or multiplayer games with lower than maximum hitpoints; will this be reflected in my hitpoint bar or will it simply show 100% at all times during the start?
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    Templar figured it out. Thanks for the info Dav, can't stand gamelin or any of her sister ships anyway. Gonna edit baldrick's bottom line(don't get mad at me please) This is a simple game for Fast Fun online battles. Unfortunately most battles are fast and rarely fun anymore. A good Fair well-balanced match is hard to come by. Just last night I played a game that ended 11-0. How does that happen?
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    Destroyers and light cruisers need the hedgehog damage increased I very good at using hedgehogs and I'm getting tired of dropping tons of hedgehogs on a high level SS and only taking away half it's health and also why did the devs change the hedgehogs so they can no longer damage an emergency divied ss
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    Auto. AA with height being manual at least thanks
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    That would surely give those captains a far too big advantage in my opinion. And ships modifications are limited in reality as well: you can't install all equipment and still be as fast for example, and dimensions are a limitation to upgrades.
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    Hi there, in my opinion an achievement for completing Operations, Missions and Survivals is missing. Do others share that opinion? And by the way: For what is the Achivement "Master of Mankind"?
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    After days of leveling... Yeah, it packs hell lot of fun, i have better chances to win GB in DD50 than hipper
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    1.Main Captain Name: TargeTisDowN 2.In Game Level: 63 3.Country you from : Philippines 4.Mobile phone you using to play(we will deliver phone case prize according to model): vivo v5 5.Which task you completed from A-H: a,b,c,f 6.Total marks you got from your calculation(30 to 100): 50
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    Definitely game mode only for dd,cl and cas is badly needed. I too finished my survi with emerald you just need 3 star gunner and at least 2-star rest to do all,up too ~10/17. 3 lvl engine ugrade and at least 2lvl gun upgrade 1lvl torps for subs. Full 3 star emerald smetimes rips enemy bbs vefore they can fire second salvo. All tips i can give is to always be side to bbs and start turning on overheat when you fell,like,they,will be shoting(npc fire as soon as they reload so after few deaths you will get ahold of it) if there are ally ships,in,survi try to hide behind them(npcs shoot for closest target even if its submerged ss if they can,see it). If all thats left are subs and you have problem with them you can send scout out, use smoke, possition and scout out of smoke. Subs, if they no enemy ship has visual contact, reemerge and same thing happens if you use smoke
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    Sure, I didn't want to spend too much steel for upgrading and gold for downgrading. So I decided to lvl my Moltke for HA, and keep it like that. And I have to say, it works perfectly!
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    Great idea, added to the future implements list.. thanks!
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    When Moderators talk in global chat,their name will appear in RED text. Being a moderator is not easy and a lot of duties are involved. If you are interested in joining the moderator team and help improve the game, please email [email protected] with your Captain name, your in-game level, languages you can speak and your google mail address. We will review and contact suitable person. Thank you.