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    Hello all! As Some of you may or may not know navyfield mobile will be hosted as a feature app on the google play store. We are super excited for Google to recognize our game. In celebration of this event, we are hosting a special event. All Prizes for in game battles will be doubled. Captain xp crew xp steel oil and even daily gold attendance. This is great way to stockpile those resources and get the new ships you have been wanting! This event will last for 2 weeks starting today 10/25/2018 and ending on 11/08/2018. We hope you all enjoy! Also, there was a reply posted by one of the devs stating that the game was not making enough money and we were shutting down on the google play store. This is false and was a translation issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!
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    Also stop with the lottery madness. It should be: a. Build a ship of tier whatever (as was up until now) b. 10 levels later get the option to refit ship to higher tier (keeping the same crew) c. another 10-15 levels later get the option for a second (and final) refit 2 tiers higher than original
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    It’s a joke that we spent thousand of golds for premium ships that a BB60 is just a D grade, CV79 just C grade and BB120 just B grade. And they are making new ships even stronger then the OP Provence. Another example how the company degrade old players’ effort to value their new products. The new grading system has made gold to ashes and broken your loyal players’ hearts.
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    I could write down a lot of reasons why I don't like this "update", but I think some veteran captains who has spend a good amount of time playing like I do, have already expressed their concerns about some of those reasons I don't like either. To summarize my huge disappointment, I will post 2 pictures: Degrading my ships, those in who I had to spend a lot of time and money on it, simply to boost the value of this new totally random lucky draw system.. shame.
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    4.2.X patch brought different tiers of the same ship into play. The suggestion is to make possible, once a blueprint is researched, an upgrade (refit) option to higher tier of an already built ship using only steel (not more gold for premium ships) and keeping the same crew xp. Note: Created a new topic as the suggestion was originally made in another
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    Do we have to get 4000 crew XP if we want to get our BBs, CVs and SSs next tier. Totally this would mean 24 000 XP? Also you may have seen my posts before, put please tell the developers to add CV5s to the game! Shinano for IJN, Midway to USN, etc.
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    Hello! We hope you are all very excited about the new content coming to NFM. Below you will find a FAQ as created by Ibby. One of our mod and answered by one of our dev's Mr. Son. I will leave this thread unlocked,that way we can answer any questions that are not included. Thank you and see you in game!!! 1. Q: How can debris be obtained? Can it be produced? A:Debris can be obtained from Random box or exchange by gold (1 gold = 1 debris) 2. Q: What do the different letters (e, d, c, b, a, s) mean? A: different letters mean ship grade, E < D < C < B < A < S 3.Q: In the ship overview, the ships are clustered in groups with an amout of gold underneath. Is that a reward for researching them all? 3. A: Yes. reward for researching them all 5. Q: Are all French and Italian ships available to every nation? (I can’t seem to find the Richelieu anywhere, for example) A: Yes. French and Italian ships available to every nation 6. Q: Do the French battleships have AAW capability like in raid? Some grade BB has AAW 7. Q: The amount of blueprints shown (for example 19/20) are the limit of the amount of blueprints you can have (in this case 20). Correct? A: 19/80 means that I can have totally 80 blueprints and I already have 61 blueprints (remains 19 blueprints) 8. Q: Is it possible to obtain the same blueprint twice, thus getting a blueprint for a ship that you already have? A: Yes, it is possible to obtain the same blueprints but can build only once. And finally the real question... how many ships total will be in the game? The answer. Over 200. Yeah. That's a lot of ships!!!!!!!!
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    The command of fleet can declare war in battle time zone. In battle time zone, WAR button is available. Cost is 300 gold and after 24 hours from declaration of war, PvE battle will begin. For declaration of war, minimum fleet member is 5 and new fleet can't declare war during a month. Also new fleet member cannot join Conquest World during 3 weeks.
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    There is also a bug in Project A's main gun, the main gun can only aim and fire at a very short distance. The main gun is the biggest feature of Project A. this bug has affected its combat effectiveness and entertainment.
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    Also, will the raid now change so that there won't be only French ships? I think it would be good if the game randomly decides what's the nationality of the enemy. Sometimes, there would be Kaisers, H39s and XXIs, and sometimes Amagis, Yamatos and I400s.
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    Good question! All researchable ships will have lvl 1 requirement, but research will be available from lvl 25.
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    Thank you for the answer I have started hoarding box. I hope to get updates next Tuesday. _(:з」∠)_ Is it only in the test server that the blueprint ship is the lv1?(In order to facilitate testing, I guess.)
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    If I already have an original ship(tier B), can I upgrade it to tier A or S by collecting debris ? Oh. This should not be possible..... I want to delete this comment.....
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    While we agree that fictional ships should not be in the game (including some CLs), pandora's box is open and there is no taking away of ships from players that have already paid (bb110 & 120 cost gold - lots of it) without a major shitstorm happening and players leaving the game. Gradual changes are required to bring them down to more sensible levels (submarines too - even though i enjoy enormously my XXI, i admit it is way overpowered). On the other hand this is a casual game - not a simulation (and should remain so in my opinion) so some flexibility is allowed in order to get the game enjoyable by all players regardless of level.
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    Thanks Davmak and Altavilla for adding the info (and correcting the Yamato stats). It seems that with the huge damage, better range (except for H39) and brit armour Vanguard has a definite advantage.
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    In this latest update, some new main guns have been added to the game, and some warships with little advantage have been strengthened, such as Nelson s. But there are some ships that I think need to be strengthened that have not changed. For example: [Surcouf S]Unlike other s-subs, it does not have the highest level FCS by default; the number of torpedoes is small (10 tubes). Poor turning ability. [Charlemagne S] the main gun is not the best in France, but it is acceptable. The range of its AA sub gun is very poor, and the reload time is a little longer. Four long range sub guns are not as powerful as other SBB's. [California S]Poor main gun properties [Amagi S] in the current version, Amagi s has no advantage in firepower. It's not even as good as the Amagi A. I think Amagi should be equipped with air defense or anti-sub weapons instead of ordinary sub guns.
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    Well anything is possible. However you have to keep rolling to see if you get it. I got the alsace top tier on my first roll.
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    Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MobileNavyFieldOfficial/ Discord Server https://discord.gg/ccuSStz
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    I agree with 007, I would have preferred new nations than "researching" ships. Not sure about the tier system, will see when it is released.
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    Not a good update. You get random blueprints for resources you spend obtaining debris itself is a chore. I opened 10 boxes and didn't get any. Reduce the RNG and allow us to choose which ship blueprint we want to research.
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    I already discussed this with other players and have passed it onto our devs. Thank you!
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    The torpedo bombers act more weird and weirder as time pass. But this time i can't tolerate no more! I don't know this affect other nation or not since i only had CV on UK nation. Sometimes when i select enemy ships to attack, the torpedo bomber, either they launch torpedo, or none at all then attempt to return home. When i reselect the enemy ships, they refuse to attack and return home! With the torpedo still on their plane! I select many time they just won't do it. If you said its because the line of sight, weather, too close, running out of fuel, enemy ship disappear in fog of war, DEAD WRONG! Even before the weather is added, its been persist for YEARS! And i know how far my plane can go and when they run out of fuel. And moreover that enemy ship is closer with half of the fuel still on the plane when retrieved! And if they did run out of fuel, they just return back home even how many times you order them to linger around. But this! If i select to a random area, they can still lingering around. That is enough to tell me they got enough fuel. And yes, when the torpedo bomber approach the target and start to lower altitude, then suddenly weather change, making the torpedo bombers lost its target in fog of war, they attempt to return with their torpedo still intact. But here's the issue, when you reselect once more either in bad weather or good as long that plane can see the target, they won't launch anymore. THIS IS RECENT BY THE WAY. Yes this has been persist for years but its hard for me to report since this thing happened randomly. Something they show the problem, sometimes they don't. Another reason why i don't have screenshots. It strikes when you least expect it. But I've been struck by this many times even since last years! It's starting to annoy me. Its NOT OKAY when you got a chance to sink enemy ships, especially ITS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO WIN, only to be crushed and destroyed by a squadron of torpedo plane refuse to launch a torpedo attack. Even when torpedo still intact! Another problem with torpedo bomber is when you select to attack a ship that is close enough they unable to launch it, surely they will climb back to readjust. But here's the problem, when they reach high enough to readjust and realign, they just did not resume attack. Only lingering around the area they supposed to realign. When you reselect the same ship they supposed to attack, they refuse to attack! Even the targeted ship is far enough to resume their attack! They keep linger the area. They only start attacking the same ship if you select random area (or any ships that far. Selecting other very close ship will only repeat the problem) then select the same ship again. But this will repeat the problem if the same ship is very close to them that they can't launch torpedo. Thus repeating the process. Which is annoying, losing them to fighter/AAW, wasting time and squadron slot and wasting attack strike. And lastly, this also for me problematic but i encountered it less and less lately. But i better report this anyway so it wont haunt me later. Like i said, i only use UK carrier so i did not know whether it works or not. A torpedo plane, launching their torpedoes, INSIDE MY SHIP!!! Other nation torpedo bomber carrier can attack at extremely illogical distance while my UK carrier can never do such thing. It happens everytime they attack my carrier's rear. Even BB! If i attempt to do it, my torpedo bombers will immediately pull up and readjust. Why other can while UK can't? Only happens when being attack at rear. Rendering me to be absolutely ZERO percent chance to evade! Not even speed will save me if they already inside my ships rear. IT'S NOT FAIR! THERE YOU GO! FIX IT!
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    We start Black Friday Event! Period : 23rd of November ~ 30th of November Event : Online battle reward double & 30% Extra Gold Bonus in store. Thank you.
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    Dear Captains, We are holding a game promotion video production event that can best inform Navy Field. Selected videos may be used to promote the game in the future. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Video time : More than 15 seconds and less than 30 seconds 2. Video format: MP4 3. Video size: within 100MB 4. Submission period: Until June 30, 2021 5. Prize - 1st place: 30,000 gold - 2nd place: 20,000 gold - 3rd place: 10,000 gold 6. Send the created video to [email protected] with [Video Event - Captain's Name] in the title. --------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
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    Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server for patch. You can update your app version for 6.2.1 at market. Schedule : 5:30PM ~ 6:30PM (Korea Time) Patch List ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. New ships added in research center - S grade RM BB Francesco Caracciolo (1940) - B grade SN CL Sverdlov - B grade MN CL Bruix 2. Added ship class limit to Conquest World battles - Limited to 3 battleships, 2 aircraft carriers, and 2 submarines for maximum 3. Defense ships' AI upgrade in Raid 4. Special price premium package for beginner only 5. Daily quest gold event for new users and users who open new nations 6. 3days premium account added for all existing accounts as compensation for yesterday's access failure ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.