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  2. hi joseph, to win by capture you need a minute, when less than a minute remains there is no need for a counter since time will run out before counter. no bug there imo
  3. Greetings. I want to report a bug. One of our team is inside the capture area and holding its position to stop the enemy from ever capturing it. But the enemy with many times enter and exit the area. Now the problem was, once the enemy ship leave the area while one of our team is still holding its position in the area, the capture countdown did not initiate. Which kind of bothers me. I have the screen shot of it but I've tried to send it many times but it says error. Therefore i only have this writing argument. Note: Only Pocket CL (Unknown. class Allies) And BB (Stalingrad i think. Enemy) are left. And the battle time left is 00:50. Thank you.
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  6. Hai Ibby. Thank you for responded my report. So thats the raid. Im never play raid, so this is new for me. Thanks for the explanation. I will learn of what you say. Regards Dindam
  7. Hello Dindam, That sounds like you've been inadvertently pulled into a raid. If you press a blue tab, you end up in a raid. Usually you have teammates though! Is it possible that you first pressed a blue tab, then a grey one? That would be the logical explanation, I'd say...
  8. Hello TNF. I want to say hi old friend. Maybe Vick still here. Im a long time player since 2007. With ID Dindam43 or Dindam. In this case i want ro report, when im doing regular GB and im in good position, suddenly its loading in the middle of the game, and im into another room battle just my self vs 10 others, and all the sea is cover by mines. The maps its cover by white snow. I think maybe this is kind of bug. Please see the attachment for details (screen shoot). I cant put screen shoot. Its error. What is going on? Can you please explain. Please fix this issue. Regards. Dindam
  9. Do you want to start all over again? It is possible to have your account reset, but I could also try unlinking your profile from your google account. Would that help you?
  10. Can I delete the account or plug in the game so that I can download it again and ask again to be a new game in Navy Filed that you are currently developing, because I repeatedly uninstalled and downloaded again still back to the old account, please inform how to delete account in navy is filed so that I can download again and play this game with a new one with the same Google account
  11. Hello there, Please send email to for details. We will check it out. Thanks
  12. Hello. I'm back to the game after one year absence and I want to back to my old fleet and when the people from fleet want to send my invitate it's written that I'm already in fleet but I'm not. Pls do something with that.
  13. We think, it was the maintenance time for Christmas event. Now the server is running properly. Thank you.
  14. I have been getting this message all day while trying to play the game, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but the issue persists
  15. We will start Christmas and New Year Event from today. Enjoy your sailing!
  16. Предлагаю в данной теме задавать вопросы от новичков к более опытным игрокам
  17. We released 5.2.2 version for Android (This version is fixed about crash issue with Android version8) and 5.2.1 for iOS. Please update your app at market for latest version. Patch list ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Added new ships in research center 2. Some data bugs are fixed 3. Hedgehog bug is fixed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are under development for Conquest World mode for fleets. Thank you.
  18. You forgot the MN ACA Jules Verne
  19. Hello folks, since there seems to be a demand for this kind of thing I figured I'd copy and paste the list of S tier ships from the 101 guide to a separate post. So here are all currently existing S tier ships (list will be updated if new ships are added). Please feel free to post screenshots in the comments with stats of S tier ships if you have them! - edit - I've also added the A tier ships. Please let me know if I missed any. Tip: follow this post, so that you're alerted when it's updated! N.B. the (x2) means that there is an A tier version of that ship available from both research and the shipyard. They have the same name and tier, but they are in fact different ships. The research version is always better. A tiers S tiers PS. A list of repair ships can be found in my 101 guide.
  20. I've written a beginners guide, it contains almost everything that you need to know:
  21. Hi there, We recommend to play Operation, Campaign first to gather some resources. Enjoy your sailing!
  22. Umm, yeah. As the title says, I am pretty frickin new here. Still waiting for the game to download... Any tips?
  23. Hello Mussashi, You have lost your captain? I could perhaps help you with that... What is the exact name of the lost captain and of your new profile? Your old captain can be restored to your new profile. I hope I have understood your problem correctly, I don't speak Spanish...
  24. Mi cuenta mussashi 23, de flota chile navy no la puedo recuperar, cambie de celular y me carga solo la Ppi de fllta Armada chile. No se que hacer pude mal el dedo. Ayuda MI CUENTA ERA AVANZADA
  25. need to know
  26. anyone from jedi still play NF? got some questions lol
  27. Thank you for the report. We will fix it on next patch.
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