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  2. Спасибо за совет barracca chick
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  4. Shimkazee is where it's at, after getting a C class blue print my whole strategy is in that boat until I can level up , collect debris and get something ridiculously powerful. so far all my other ships go to harbor assault. Got a b lvl Kongo I cant afford the build yet. But it's working for me. 2 launchers 3 guns 2 engine 1fcs. what prints are available ?
  5. How about just letting campaign register exp forever? all the practice rounds and traing right there to be had. No point in having a whole new section of game built. Ya already have it. Turn on exp for campaign for every play
  6. Me parece útil Ja que i am dont have strong Wifi
  7. It sounds good. I hope developers can consider it
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  9. It is a great idea, it will be nice little feature that will help a bit , especialy to veteran those "i hate to drive them, but i need them veteraned" ships.
  10. We start Black Friday Event! Period : 23rd of November ~ 30th of November Event : Online battle reward double & 30% Extra Gold Bonus in store. Thank you.
  11. I like your creativity
  12. This is fair to all players. Active players can also use this to train non main ships. And because the experience of production is not much, this will not affect the sales of premium account.
  13. It also encourages these busy players to log in occasionally. This will keep them from forgetting the game. And it will help to reduce player loss.
  14. Nowadays, mobile games tend to lighten the burden on players to prevent them from giving up. At present, crew training is a big problem for players who have less free time. Even some players can't upgrade a big ship to 3 stars in a year. So I thought maybe we could have a building for crew training. The building can accommodate one or more ships. And the crew on this ship automatically add experience. It doesn't take much to generate experience, such as adding 15 points a day. The level of building affects the training duration and experience. I think it's a nice feature for players, especially for busy young people.
  15. For Chinese and well any person in the world? Yeah I'd love to be nice to you please and thank you. any government can pound sand if they dont like it.
  16. How about blueprint exchange only? Cant sell anything, but a 1 for 1 trade. Perhaps an equal investment by both parties to activate the exchange (150g?) Ontop of the purchase price of the ship? Then I could incorporate other nation ships into my dream team of France/Japan/usa against the world
  17. Suma do meu perfil troll Não tem o que fazer não caral**
  18. Ah sim isso mesmo obrigado
  19. you mean armour? yes it reduces damage taken by a good amount
  20. good after several months of experience with IJN and a few weeks with Kriegs I decided to put maturity to see if the damage is reduced and to find that it reduces a lot and little at the same time and it is effective to put the maturity on the ship to reduce the damage or not and just to spend iron
  21. Yup, my ijn ss blueprint is almost unaffordable AND uncompetitive
  22. just maxed out guns on a dd50 shimkazee and now I'm actually a threat the battles ships. totally worth it. but are ijn ss just slow? C class hei type 1 is about as fast as a CA really. American subs can just run lapse around be
  23. Yea, your points are completely valid and spot on, I can only ferry resources one way. No campaign. there's no reason I cant just enjoy the game.
  24. Same thing happens to me. My subs have the enemy sub in range, but it turns around to target the destroyers/first row ships, and my front line ships will have to deal with the enemy sub, getting sunk by the second line ships before they can fully sink it.
  25. This is because the Mogami has a certain amount of torpedo launchers on one side. Take the Atlanta for an example. It has 2 launchers, 1 on each side. So, it can't fire both at once unless you don't move the launchers and press the launch button. This is the same for the Mogami. You can fire your first set of torpedos, then turn to the other side to fire the other 2
  26. France has so many unique/great BB: Bretagne and Lorraine C-A tiers-CA speed BB with lauchers, Richelieu,Paris and Courbet C-A tiers-nearly unmatched firepower, Jean Bart C and B tiers-posibly only BB that can launch all 6 of its torpedo lauchers in same direction(360 degree firing arc), Strasbourg C-A tiers-Hybrid CV/BB.
  27. Eh acho que não o mínimo que pode fazer e só coletar ouro mesmo (okay i am are 🇧🇷)
  28. not being a crybaby, No is a perfectly acceptable answer. No worries. Can I please retire a nation? It's just buyers remorse, I dont like French boats. I love france , not so much in the game. I dont care about the cost , just bugs me to look at it. anyhow, smoking a joint while I dothis and I care waaaaay less about this as I'm done typing. anyway, I dinnae want ta winge or whine. Just think it'd be a nice option. for the record. Cool game and all of my issues have been user error.
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