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  1. There is really no need, you can figure it all by it self,by looking at your blueprint collection and knowing thise facts: -DD: Only first 2 DD get F tier, rest are E,D,C, while premium (gold builded) can be also be B tier. -CL: they all get E,D,C tier, unique CL (Arethusa,Kerch,Agano etc) are B tier only, while gold builded pocket CL can be B and A tier. -CA: all ordinary can be E,D,C , advanced ones can only be B and A (Aoba,Deutchland,London,Portland etc), while newerst ones are A tier exclusive. BB-there are 3 types here, ones that can be D,C,B only, ones that can be C,D,A and ones that can be B,A,S ,plus exlusive ships, there are really a lot of them, and every nation have some exclusive ones. CV- same as BB. SS- same as BB.
  2. No. There was few atempts to make those lists, but only few of as help do that,others were to lazy to help out lol. Here is what was done so far:
  3. Cute
  4. good morning gentlemen (a) I hope you are content with the fact that I spoke about IJN last Friday I'm here again to show a tactic that can be useful in invasion battles Divide Damage Yes I didn't find a decent name to pay for that name type of tactic: ofenisva recommended use: hybrid aircraft and submarine aircraft carrier that can carry dive firefighter or torpedo boat this Tatica Fuciona In the following way You will need torpedo aircraft and also 2 enemies for this you will need to send 1 squadron of torpedoes when the aircraft starts launching the torpedoes you change the target that is on the side doing so 3/2 or 2/3 of the aircraft launch the torpedoes (note these / with number represents the 5 aircraft) you will have caused extra damage to the 2 enemy instead of focusing on 1 although the 2 ship has not gained 3/2 torpedoes this will have an effect although it is not significant tactical damage is useful to give your enemy a headache be it in the invasions or great battle and it’s over and I’m not going to detail it completely
  5. Yes, my neibhour's dog do a great foot licking, i highly recommend it !
  6. This is not abaut financial impact, it is abaut cheat that gives unfair advantage to player, and harms gameplay expirience to other players, in most online gaming communities, that is greates crime fellow player can do to another fellow gamer. Araund 6 or so months ago, patch was relised that prevent exploits with 9 (or more?) slots, but those ships who already had those extra slots mounted were not unmounted by developer, he leave time to those players to repent and do it them self. Looks like some of them repent, they ditched extra slots, and dint lost ships, others choose to continue cheeting and as result ,lost their ships. Was punishment to those players justified? Absolutly ! Was deleting all of those ships to cruel punishment ? Perhaps it is, but they made their choice. I have known for this exploit, and i culd have use extra slot in Kirishima ,ISE or Carlamagne B tier,but i still have all my ships, because i choose not to do it, because i obey old gamer saying: You cheeat--->you loose! BTW,i am for transperancy and wuld like to see data showing who cheated and who did not,if possible.
  7. Warning: the text is long but if you want to read it read First starting with IJN, the nation that makes a beginner give up to continue In the first weeks / month I know you can be her fan More I would recommend you to take another one in her place you may even think I'm telling a lie But with IJN you need to have a moderate experience / determination to play with her because she is difficult for you (if you are a beginner) good Practically You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of it Remember and only with the mistakes you learn good as i'm a guy who knows her (from experience) and other lv 80+ players with ijn knows she shouldn't catch herself at first if it's her first time in the game and you have caught her or you open another one or persist with her Believe me She and Rewarder because it is the only nation that has the right to hybrid ships (if you disagree with me on this part of hybrid ships i am 80% sure you played warships of battle) good as i'm a gentile today i will tell her advantages and disadvantage Disadvantage - paper armor (it will take easy lead) Putting on armor may even minimize the damage received but it will not be at the level of the American or English - Their main weapons are their torpedoes, which may be lacking in terms of the MAIN weapon - German ships are a lethal / mortal enemy for their ships (IJN) due to their PA ammunition (armor pefurador) and of course their armor which will be strong above the level 80 of the SHIP - I do not recommend Passing through the mines of the Port Assault Mode Even if you have the B65 C of the blueprint and of course full maturity (3) and Seriously do not try to pass or you will be ashamed in front of everyone use CV / SS / CA if you have the flight deck option available advantage - Your Airplanes are the fastest in the game overtaking everyone from other nations Even though it is a beast reconnaissance plane - Japanese aircraft carriers have the best flight deck in the game in terms of aircraft capacity in the hangar in which you will have an advantage since others do not have the quantity that IJN has - Your Planes Are more powerful in terms of torpedo boats they have enough strength to incapacitate (25% of the hull below) an opponent who has a hull 30 thousand or more than 30 thousand and of course It can take 1 inexperienced destroyer to death with 2 or 4 torpedoes - as I said earlier His ships are hybrid and can support his allies and there is a difference between a hybrid ship and an aircraft carrier It is that it can execute attacks / defenses in which an aircraft carrier would not be able to successfully execute because it does not have a battleship battery although they have Aircraft for that It's over and that's it Ah and of course stay with God and a hug from me, in this case I'm the guy who plays with SS in assault
  8. Usualy mesure in most forums to prevent newly created accaunts to spam advertise. You just have to respond to few posts in meantime with posts that dont look look like spam for moderators can evaluate you.
  9. Google translation : "All gentlemen Nois know that there is an atomic bomb So why not put the Japanese skill on Kamilazes planes that would make the game interesting as it would have the 2 skill of the game And it would be unique since Japan historically had this as a weapon why not put it in the game to make it a little fair for those who play with japan this would certainly increase the strength of the japanese the japanese planes would release their load (torpedo boat and dive bomber) instead of the aircraft returning it would go straight until it collided with a ship in which it would cause a damage from 4k to 6k The skill would work in only one squadron in which if it were inserted in such a squadron it would prevent the aircraft from retreating and explode on the enemy ship causing extra damage the warm-up time would be every 3 min (skill must be layer D C B A S) Remembering that it is only a TNF suggestion"
  10. Good idea, i think it wuld give as some nice tactic options .
  11. Really, you pulling "my female avatar bothers you" card, you have nothing better lol ? Those who knows me better are familiar i am 46 year old ,187 cm tall , 90 kg weight man, pretty higlander builded and lifestyle ,i have rough habbits ,i talk rough, i live rough , i using my REAL name ,i am afraid of nothing and i hide nothing from anyone,i am not some who hides bihind new profile just to troll araund , when i want to tell something to somome , i will tell him all in a face and i will not wiggle araund the bush .Asdor avatar, My friends already know i choose that particular avatar because it reminds me on my dear friend who passed away a long time ago. Many males here use female avatars for lots of reasons, and i never cared to mock them for that, it is just an avatar, dont attack people for it. As for charges Kido used false fleets to conquest UK, just lol. Well, it is kinda true, because we DID used them, we attacked and easily conquered inactive and false fleets in UK that were gived cities at start, and one of them was inactive (not false, just inactive) Chinese fleet, other was Bengrim's The Fallen Angels, who only had 3 players to defend, and third was false fleet , i dont remeber name, i think it was "M-870 something". They had no defense and were taked mostly without fight, it is called intelingence,not cheting, knowing to predict which fleet have no players.Then were attacked by Sakura ,UN, Neptunes, Kru and other fleets , we manage to defend against some and we loose agaist some , all were legit battles, i have it facebook recorded . And then after we captured cities fair and square,we were also Conquered , we lost all cities ,one by one , by varius fleets, because we take more cities we can defend , just situation like Chinese fleets have now, but diference is, we dint call any false fleets to protect as,or we wuld still have our citys, but i did changed time when city was open for 3 days in a row that prevented attacks , until patch was relised to stop that,and for that i taking full responsibilty and i am ready to recive consequences. Here is some videos, first is our defense vs Sakura fleet, when we were still entustiastic aubaut Conquest, and we had enough players to defend, second is when after players dint want to participate in Conquest anymore , after they have seen what Chinese fleets can do, and here we lost our city ,it was both legit fights: By what Chinese fleet can do, i dont mean cheating mind you, primary Chinese fleet then fleet proved without shadow of doubt , they are strongest fleet in game, we were simply unable to fight that power alone, thats all,so we decided to join forces with other fleet, only way to counter you, and at suggestion of your fair and good player, ZHJ. At that point , all was legit ,at all sides . And then, fearing that might work, you started cheating, by creating false/ghost/cover Donald Duck fleets for protection attacks. I have other videos as well, vs UN, vs Neptunes , vs Chinese main fleet , but they are in our Facebook page,which is set as private and only Kido members can see it, but if need be,i can reupload them at administrator request, to prove we are all clear and legit.
  12. 1. I dont agree with this sugesstion, it shuld remain as it is, that way fleet will have to choose,either to limit it self to few cities they know they can defend from simultanius attack of other fleets, or they risk it and go for lot of cities ,with each new cities risking possibility they will be besidged by many oponents. Those who want safety, will limit it self to one of few cities. Bigger risk equal bigger rewards, right ? Besides, Conqueror fleet staus already gives +20% taxes bonus. 2. I partialy agree, if Donald Duck fleets are disbanded, they shuld be compensated for 3000 gold they used to create them, but not for 300 gold per attack,we rest of fleets also spend a lot of gold on conquest and we dint ask for any compensation. Besides, you spend 300 gold per atttack,and you earn 700 gold per one lv10 city in a week, you are more than compensated for that part. Also, other fleets dint use false/ghost fleets for protect each other, they main fleets attack each other , they are all legit ,active fleets,with well know names in them. 3-4. It is not something for nothing, free players are just as important as paying players. Paying players keep game finicialy alive,but free players make main player base, game enviroment and oponents, without free players there will just be few dosends of paying players in game playng each other on mostly empty server with bunch of bots and game will soon die after that, dont forget that.
  13. Nvm
  14. I guess developer forget to add another line: "Cheting will be sanctioned,please dont cheat." You cannot possibly be so naive to think you will never be forced to answer for all thise Donald Duck fleets ,and that sooner or later, that mater will be deal with.
  15. Here on forum? If nothing else, Just log off and create new accaunt,you only have 2 post anyway.