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  1. Dude, chill , it is only 24 hours not be able to talk in public chat, thats nothing. I was once muted just because i mentioned Pamela Anderson in joke, not insulting anyone , but you dont see my crying and asking for justice and holy retribution lol.
  2. While with firing delay on most Battleships we can more or less manage, there is one exception that need to be fixed: Battleships with lots of turrets and fast reload (Fuso, Takao, ISE etc) have so high fire delay that they cannot possibly fire all turrets before first fired turrets are reloaded again, so that ships have 2-3 turrets alwais waiting its turn to fire, and in that way ,they loose lot of its firepower, they are effectifly nerfed, hevily. They need to have less reload time then rest of Battleships, probably CA reload time .
  3. There is no reason to going all balistic,mission is hard ,but not imposible to finish. It is end game mission, one not meant to be finished with beginner ship, you need veteran CV with good secondaries. Even then is challenge, you have to keep trying mission, eventualy NPC with position it self in a way they can survive long enough for you to save them. Also, you can send scouts over enemy ships, they lauch fast and enemy will waste shoots on them instead on your ships.
  4. Give it a rest, will ya? They are not eager in biting whatewer scam you trying to pull anyway.
  5. It is a great idea, it will be nice little feature that will help a bit , especialy to veteran those "i hate to drive them, but i need them veteraned" ships.
  6. France has so many unique/great BB: Bretagne and Lorraine C-A tiers-CA speed BB with lauchers, Richelieu,Paris and Courbet C-A tiers-nearly unmatched firepower, Jean Bart C and B tiers-posibly only BB that can launch all 6 of its torpedo lauchers in same direction(360 degree firing arc), Strasbourg C-A tiers-Hybrid CV/BB.
  7. First, i typed so much because of sugestions and advices ,it is called feedback to developers that help them develop game ,second i am 47 years old, third, how can you report a bug without you first see what exactly it do ? As for attack on as, our next city is open for attack in a day, be there when it is open, attack as and dont whine if somone is faster. And as for if they are automatcly failed,how you explain this screensoot ,it only happens when ship is sunked in conquest , and it takes 24 hours to repair , and screenshoot is few minutes old, so it happen yesterday:
  8. I dont know why you make such a fuss, it is testing period,we are SUPOSE to experiment with all to find flaws, bugs and exploits now,so that it is not there in game after test period ends. This was serius ishue that needed to be tested, play with and if proved game breaking, quickly patched, and it was.All conquered cities will be reset anyway, in fact, i wont mind if that is done RIGHT NOW , because many fleets dint have its chance to test it, some because of they lost city because they dint know how to set attack and defense,due to managing system is hard to understand to players that dint have expirience with gowerment managing simulations before, and some because they dint have been in top 14 because several false fleets were in instead, like one in London and Porthsumund, which we taken without single fired shell in all 4 stages, or one in Seatle,which was QUICKLY taken over by its own main fleet before anyone else had chance to attack them, conquest system exposed them and they were forced to return to they real fleets, completly abadoning thise false ones. I also sugest most active fleets like Polish, Cowboys,Bewildered sailors get one city instead of thise exposed false ones ( at least 2 false Chinese fleets, M-750 and Guinese or something). Conquest system needs polishing, for example, wait time betwen battles need to be set next battle is 5 minutes AFTER last one ends, right now ,if defender dint put defense in one line, attackers need to wait 20 minutes for next battle,way to long. Also, bots in PvE are ridiculusly easy to kill,even when all hight tiers set, they need a boost of some kind, more defensive weapons, or smarter Behavior. Next, leaders of flets needs ability to deploy ships for defense of cities and attacking fleets, commander cant be online for every battle,and without him,battle is lost. Also,defence system setup need fixing, right now it only alowes you to add next ship sugested/listed/viewed in to defense, so it create ridiculus situation in which i have to get E-D tier ship in defense first and i cant deploy S tier, and i have to ask which player provided that ship ( there is no way to know who provided which ship without asking) ,asking him to remove it, so i can set S tier, muliply that with 50 ships from 50 members x as much cities you have, much more complicated then it needs to be.
  9. No,parrots cannot contact admins.
  10. Much better, but personaly i wuld put lv70 or 80 as condition to be able to trade , to easy to get to lv 50 and abuse system.
  11. 1. Bad idea, Translation system is just convinience thing and dont brake game balance, payed players wuld have huge advantage if they are only ones that can buy ships , i have seen it happpen in other games, it chase off free players, and without free players, empty servers with few played players left , game wuld soon die completly . 2. I am ok with this. 3. I am ok with this. I am also ok with selling special painted ship, it is just estetic and will not give advantage to anyone.
  12. Just ban them right away, this guy is obvius mass spammer, and easiest way to clean all spam hr made is to nuke all his posts:
  13. ship stats

    DD Le Fantasque (C tier) Setup: 2 engine, 3 armour,1 launcher, 2 FCS Secondary armament: launchers with mines, torpedos or hedgehogs Note: aaw and asw Hedgehog setup,max guns range 1811, dmg 2 x 502 , reload 760 CL Duguay Trourin (C tier) Setup: 2 gun, 3 engine, 2 armour,1 launcher Secondary armament: launchers with mines, torpedos or hedgehogs Note: default guns are aaw CL Emile Bertin (C tier) Setup: 2 gun, 2 engine, 2 armour,2 launchers Secondary armament: launchers with mines, hedgehogs or torpedos(5 x 4 tubes,1400 range setup on picture) Note: default guns are aaw CL Jeanne d' Arc (C tier) Setup: 3 gun, 2 engine, 2 armour,1 laucher Secondary armament: launchers with mines, torpedos or hedgehogs Note:no aaw option BB Alsace (B tier) Setup: 2 gun, 3 engine, 3 armour Secondary armament: araund 1700 range strong secondaries,no aaw Notes: third gun +158 range and slighy higher dmg ,ship has no default critical bonus BB Paris (B tier) Setup: 3 gun, 2 engine, 3 armour Secondary armament: default aaw Note, picture below: no gun, 3 armor, 2 engine, small sonar 3 FCS upgrade variant for better gun range and critical
  14. ship stats

    CL Leipzig (C tier) Setup: 3 torpedos, 3 engine, 2 armour Secondary armament: launchers with mines, hedgehogs or torpedos (third upgrade:4x 3766 dmg,4700 reload,1400 range) Special: repair (30k) ,default aaw,max guns 2301 range,844 x 2 dmg,1460 reload) CL Spaehkreuzer (C tier) Setup: 1 gun, 3 engine, 2 armour,2 lauchers Secondary armament: launchers with mines, torpedos or hedgehogs Note:no aaw option, max guns range 2221,dmg 1298 (single barrel),1592 reload CL Emden (C tier) Setup: 2 gun(aaw mod), 3 engine, 2 armour,1 torpedo Secondary armament: launchers with mines, torpedos or hedgehogs Note: third gun upgrade range 1724,dmg 2 x 220, reload 580 CL M Project (C tier) Setup: 3 gun, 2 engine, 2 armour,1 laucher Secondary armament: launchers with mines, torpedos or hedgehogs Notes: no aaw option