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  1. Thanks! I tried this morning, and while my fixed profile loaded on my ipad, it had not received some of the steel mill stuff and oil. I'll play around with it, seems like I should be fixed now.
  2. Ok, got all fixed up by NF Master (Thank you!!!) How often does your profile get saved? I'd like to be able to transition to my ipad when at home...
  3. I've been using the iOS "Game Center" login to play on my phone, started up on my ipad last night and hit save profile just now on my phone thinking it would write the profile on my phone to the server to use on my ipad. Nope, it went the other way and wrote the "empty" profile that was on the ipad to my phone. I've e-mailed support as the tech support info says, but what's the best process to use in order to be able to play on both devices? Thanks! Edit: I also lost my gold too. I was at around 700 gold!
  4. When playing in Great Battle or Online Beginners, the cap for captain XP should be raised. Once you hit around 20k attack, your xp stops at ~325 xp or so and I feel that if I make a greater contribution to my team that I should be rewarded more xp for higher attack. I know the game is intended to be a grind, but it gets pretty painful when all you have left is online battles to get your captain xp.
  5. Thanks for the tips! I've been able to get the Mogami 1948 mini-cv and am having fun with it! I've been able to use these tips for my other nations and am feeling a bit better with the game overall. I'd love to level crew faster! haha.
  6. Finding that I'm struggling to level my IJN line. I'm using the Mogami CL and I die quickly. Anyone have any tips? I bought the Kitakami, but it seems like a waste right now.
  7. Are people using the Gneis? Love the way the ship looks, and don't want to have to Moltke all the way to Bismarck. What are people using? Thanks!
  8. I agree! I think if I have spent the time to gather enough steel for a component, I should be able to unmount and mount it as much as I want.