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  1. First off, it this is meant to be this way I'm not whining. I'm just saying that it's not right. Okay, so I load up the US CV operation 2. In the per-game screen it says that the ships are resupplying for six minutes. Alright so all I have to do it kill them. I enter the operation and Surprise! Two very active Battleships are within gun range and immediately fire along with a CV launching planes. In seconds to within a minute I'm dead. Every. Time. Now I understand that there should be a little challenge but come on. Either the ships should be deactivated and ripe for killing or I should spawn WAY farther away. Carriers aren't meant to be right up in the enemy's face, especially on only the second Operation. Again, not whining just saying that someone probably forgot to turn off the enemies in the last patch. Please fix.