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  1. It depends on the combination of speed, armour, range and shell damage. In BB-BB duals, if your ship is slow and has short guns, you will find difficult to get close to opponent and shoot. You will end up to die by being knitted. (Yes, I’m talking about USSR ship against KM ships) Some ships like UK, while they have shortest gun range, they have good speed and heavy armour to get close to their effective firing range.
  2. Either US and IJN is good choice. Both of them have strong CV. US BB’s hull HP is higher while IJN has fast BB.
  3. Yes but ss players may find it difficult to control. Hope there will be customisation in setting soon.
  4. Lol it has no gun or aaw upgrades?
  5. Or more number of nations
  6. So now many players have fleetless nations that they have no point to draw new ships and earn their debris, after the sudden and rude update. As a compromise, we shall let ships of other nations of that player share between nations. For example, there can be a new building called ‘Embassy’ whose upgrade can increase the number of ‘visiting ships’ borrow from other nations. This suggestion doesn’t only increase the number of usable ships of a player (so more ships found in HA), but also stimulate players to draw specific ship from other nations (eg, tier A/S xii, Shokaku or Vanguard), which mean more money making for devs.
  7. The new tier b i400 has both bow and stern launcher, plus the launching of planes. However, the game UI makes the weapon button overlap onto half of the dive button. That makes of often fail to dive. Shall there be some amendments? btw, thanks for listening to our voice to make i400 a hybrid ss-cv!
  8. One more bug, players below lv50 can not attend to HA but their ports still present......
  9. Thanks that aeht for making detailed plan for my humble suggestion. And if the plan is actualised, here may I suggest: Top fleets can make an agreement that they will not pay to amupgrade ships to Tier S. Tier S ships are only used by those lucky players and very few of those high spenders. (Btw seems the differences between S and A tiers are not wide) We promote a healthy and sustainable game community that values tactics and skills rather than paying to win, and also we hope the game can sustain economically. So that the money we spend should aim to exploring the fun of the game, but not to overpowering others.
  10. Ships in shipyard can be upgraded to higher tier with blueprints.
  11. Is there an official discord channel? If no, please make one. And also please expose all ships’ stats or let some devs help building the wikia.
  12. The price of monthly subscription is unreasonably high. In many MMO games monthly subscription is only USD4.99 and it has provided most resources and xp boost. But in NFM if you want all it will charge you USD30. Please offer a more affordable subscription option so your loyal players can support the game’s long term development. The spirit of subscription should be letting the game sustainable with players’ monthly payment, and let the payers’ playing experience more enjoyable.
  13. Hope this game will be sold to another publisher that really knows how to run a game. The game dies not because of the lack of fun, but that the developer made all monthly subscriptions so expensive and unreachable.
  14. The research centre is stupid too. it is now an expandable scroll shelf to hold those useless tier D/E blueprint only.
  15. Crew training cost is extremely high and no players would like to build and get a low tier ship now. The devs should allow upgrade service for players to upgrade their old vetted ships with new blueprints. For a sensible naval country, it’s nonsense to jail your veterans in a cheap and old ships and not giving them the best weapons. I’ll be fine with the lottery system if devs make this happen. Also, has the fleetless issue solved yet?