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  1. Hai Ibby. Thank you for responded my report. So thats the raid. Im never play raid, so this is new for me. Thanks for the explanation. I will learn of what you say. Regards Dindam
  2. Hello TNF. I want to say hi old friend. Maybe Vick still here. Im a long time player since 2007. With ID Dindam43 or Dindam. In this case i want ro report, when im doing regular GB and im in good position, suddenly its loading in the middle of the game, and im into another room battle just my self vs 10 others, and all the sea is cover by mines. The maps its cover by white snow. I think maybe this is kind of bug. Please see the attachment for details (screen shoot). I cant put screen shoot. Its error. What is going on? Can you please explain. Please fix this issue. Regards. Dindam