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  1. I posted it here to get the admins attention and either have them do something about players like this or forward the complaint to someone who can. I'll email them too though, this behavior needs to stop.
  2. I was in a battle where there were 7 BBs, including me, versus 5 BBs and 1 SS. I eventually sunk and I saw that there were still 3 BBs left on our team. I looked and found them afk on the edges of the map. One of them is known to be a botter as well (making multiple accounts and running a script to farm steel and experience). Do you guys think this should be allowed, or should they get banned?
  3. So I've been noticing that whenever I go to collect oil after I've emptied my refineries, the amount shown produced doesn't match the amount received when collecting. It shows that I currently have 13,319 oil and I've produced 2,253. That means when I collect the oil, I should have 15,572 oil. However, when I collected it, I only end up with 14,454 oil, which is 1,118 oil less than the amount it showed I produced or roughly half. Hopefully we can figure out the issue here and fix it.