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  1. For a recent period of time, some conflicts, caused by some anti-china ones who said dirty words implying cultral humiliation arousing a strong counter words fingting, took place in the east channel. The game moderator, Ibby, for instance, tried to handle fairly with the far from good, and shortcoming help of electric translation system, BUT he can not fully understand Chinese , a complicated lanuage , especially in terms of innner cultural aspects, leaving the issues unsolved fairly and probably, even in a dilemm with the outcomes hurting world-wide Chinese players in NF. Thus, on behalf of the world-wide game-loving chinese players, i foramlly leave a message here, strongly recommending a CHINESE-BLOOD offical game moderator with a good command of Chinese and English to avoid such dilemmas to come and to allow the game in a friendly environment. i am looking forward to the considerate and quick reply. Thank you.