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  1. I've got the hipper, just upgraded it for HA skill and started to smash. Lovely ship!
  2. Any updates on the payout Mod?
  3. Ohai, welcome!
  4. For what else do you want to safe your points Tony?
  5. Hi all, Is it an idea to create a button 'skip 2nd round' of the Harbour Assault. Just go to the results instead of the time consuming attacks of all different defenses. Thx, Joopie.
  6. I upgraded one of my CL's to torpedo skill, no problems with subs anymore.
  7. Joopie. 31 jaar jong, vader van 3 kinderen, eigenaar van een enorm klushuis waar we nu in camperen. In het dagelijks leven hou ik me bezig met het schrijven van software voor scheepsbesturingen. Mijn hoofd account in Navyfield is de Kriegsmarine. Ben aardig fan van de Bismarck. Maar wil uiteindelijk ook een keer in die Stresemann varen! Heb ook een Russische en Amerikaanse account maar doe daar weinig mee dan gebouwen upgraden.
  8. Or deal with your ships upgrades even if they are for HA. Like my CA's, I upgraded them for HA and use(d) them in online battles. No problem at all...
  9. Lol oké Neuner, didn't search trough all other suggestions before posting this one. Good thing to know...
  10. I don't agree, It makes it more challenging what kind of ship/upgrades you want. A new set of guns just costs money. Joopie
  11. Hi all, I'm doing a lot of Harbour Assaults, therfore I need to refuel my ships one by one, swapping back and forward hoping and praying that I didn't miss one. My suggestion: make a button 'Refuel all ships' It's a simple feature, imho easy to implement, and makes life a lot easier Best regards, Joopie.
  12. I'll never run low on oil...
  13. Agreed with Neuner, those mini CL's are the best CL's and defenitely worth it. I have no premium CA and form what I have heard, the 1st premium BB of KM isn't that good. Joopie
  14. 1. Joopie 2. 69 3. The Netherlands 4. Samsung A3-10 5. a, b, d 6. 50 7. On it's way
  15. until

    Well, I am not into all this social media, so I won't participate, but I wish everyone good luck!!! Joopie