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  1. thats about what i was thinking. thanks for the information
  2. updadated today April 5th 2019 noticed new class A and S BB's added .. im still looking for the class S bb and cariers. i cant find them in the dock yards or the training center inventory. iv noticed you can up your chances in the training center to get a class A or S ship by maxing out the gold, oil, and steel contribution at the time of purchase. so is the only way to see them, get one or what? any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. why dosnt a ship get at least 1 point for taking out any aircraft? if you got points for shooting down aircraft then at least a BB or CV can get an escort screen. especially since the BB's dont have any anti air capability
  4. YEP.. thats it.. i removed all my ships from the harbor assault both offensive and defensive and the came back to the docks.. so i guess if we set up ships for the harbor assualt then we will lose them in the rosters.. uggg thats just stupid.. any other updates or glitches we should know about???
  5. i syarted a new topic but i also lost 2 Capital BB ships the BB Iowa and BB California with the new patch. they show in service in my inventory but are nowhere to be found at the ports. i sent an email to SEOKIL SON [email protected] so still waiting.
  6. hey everybody. i downloaded the new patch today and when i restarted the game i noticed i have 2 premium Battleships missing from my port. im missing the BB Iowa and BB California. they still show in service in my inventory but they are nowhere to be gound in my port selection list.. any suggetsions? iv sent an email today to. SEOKIL SON [email protected] hey was my contact a while back when i had earlier issues..