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  1. Windeye, i can understand ur feeling for those ships you listed. You want those ships when u dream, don't you! i pay sympathy to you coz just like you said in the channel you haven't experienced even single s tier ship for at least two years. but congratulation on your first SCV though you are not good at it.
  2. oh, i forgot one thing. last night the game is clear to answer any doubt and any lies somebody deliberately made up and set frame to. hehe
  3. emm~an interesting story you made up. Windeye. I am shameful of ur illogical writing. They are so poorly expressed. I guess the reason for the explanation of such is that you spend more time cheating and telling lies than studying, don't you! Players in NF are more intelligent than you thought they can distinct ur cheating or not. and in the Magnate post, he listed enough. you can see clearly, which is very persuasive and logical and got support. What's more, my Korean friend, who is ur fleet member, left for ur arrogant personality and inharmonious relationship with mates. He is very disappointed and sad. So we all know u as u said "all of you know me". hehe. As I know, the official keeps a warm bond with ur fleet. In my eye, it's just like a babysitter. I've never seen a game like this full of discrimination, racism, and conspiracy ever before. You even make up lies without a second thought. hehe. it's unnecessary to say them all in ur post. hehe. we just see the video and the answer can be figured out. As Magnate and Sasa asked, can the official open the data to the public? or the official maybe secretly modified the data and made up a frame to all of the victims whose ships were deleted including Chinese players and any other Korean fleet players and etc, don't they! We need to know.
  4. Enmm~ 1. This is a conspiracy, and officials can delete players' private virtual property at their will, which is illegal. moreover, the bugs come from every update, but more slots haven't been fixed. The NF should be blamed instead of players. they should make compensation to all players. 2. kor2's ships are not normal, so why are they all right instead, which has been consented by players. 3. Officials have specially made a super-large area of special flags for the South Korean fleet to satisfy their vanity. This is such a ridiculous ugly fleet flag, unfortunately. 4. This game has seriously deviated from the fair principle of international service. We must resist such racist acts.
  5. m class game moderator muted 老高 for no reason. 老高 just said, " 🏻‍♂️🏽🧑‍🦯走过路过不要错过。一为避免新人走弯路,二为避免老人盲目抽船把号玩废,⚓故,我《大海战中国玩家微信交流总群》群内200+大佬为你排忧解难➕微信15840191266拉你进群" for recruiting new members. Furthermore, he has the freedom of speech without any violation. m class, as a new moderator, abused their duty and made the game in chaos instead of keeping it smoothly going. How stupid he is! Is he a racist? You, m class, must clarify what u did, make an apology to 老高, relieve the muted time, and promise you are no longer stupid!