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  1. what are you writing !!! the battles we did you never had the J44 you were always with OP Kirishima who is stronger than many other S class... Bro now you are actually writing something irrelevant.. please... I'm at the IJN at the moment they are complete other things to play stronger bon the attitude have a super clout … KM ships are paper ships .. they only have range nothing else!!! don't want to exaggerate but it's the pure truth! With kind regards
  2. Hey there you have to click on the symbols, otherwise the resources won't fill up by themselves... so click the steel and fuel symbol... you also have to pull them up so that you get the right resources... best regards ASSASSIN
  3. The J44 is made so weak by the masses that one cannot believe that even the power of impact is so weak that one believes that this is not a Tier S class. The J44 is lame, hardly moves max 37 knots and regular speed 32 big which is an easy hit for everyone!! So here is a patch that should regulate that! there are many things that are inappropriate here!!!! at IJN, for example, you had to patch all the ships!! Maybe I exaggerated a bit but that's just my opinion! Yours sincerely, ASSASSIN