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Found 1 result

  1. The Master of Mankind achievement states: “Get 2 Rating Win/Defeat in Online” (# then increasing to 5 for two stars & 10 for three). I see players from level 26 to 110 with varying degrees of fulfillment, some with rating scores in tens of thousands, others with zero. I’m at 1of 2 myself, and have no idea how I got the one or what the achievement actually requires. Put simply: how is this achievement earned? On one of the many occasions when I’ve asked this question in chat, a fellow player (I forget whom) called it “the game’s greatest mystery.” This description has proven extremely apt as I’ve unsuccessfully sought an answer ever since I first saw the achievement. Many wonder, yet no one seems to know, and it’s beginning to drive me nuts. Apparently a majority of those who have played awhile have it, some have even completed it, but none have been willing or able to explain how so far. I've seen theories and speculation, but none seem adequate. If it’s about damage done or lack of damage received or both, why wouldn’t it just say that? Since the number (2,5,10) definitely means it must be done that many times for each stage (proven by all who have it partially completed), it seems dubious that the number also describes a required ratio of wins to losses in online battles. What, then, could this cryptic description actually mean? I’m almost starting to think it’s some sort of accident; an incomplete concept that wasn’t supposed to be included, but is now too difficult to remove. That doesn’t seem likely either, but as I said, the mystery is starting to make me crazy! I’m totally open to further speculation and hearing when & how people believe they earned it; perhaps together we can at least narrow the possibilities. Most ideally, I’d love for this to be passed up to the developer and hopefully get a clear, final answer to my very simple question: How is the Master of Mankind achievement earned?