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Found 1 result

  1. Patch list for 2.4.8 26th, May, 2017 1. New ships added CL - Requried Captain level: 18, Command Center level: 4 USN: Taxas, RN: Tiger, IJN: Dhonburi, KM: Bayern, SN: Gamelin CA - Requried Captain level: 41, Command Center level: 6 USN: Pensacola, RN: County, IJN: Mogami(1944), KM: Admiral Hipper, SN: Petropavlovsk BB - Requried Captain level: 80, Command Center level: 8 USN: New Mexico, RN: Queen Elizabeth, IJN: Fuso, KN: Scharnhorst, SN: Izmail BB - Requried Captain level: 120, Command Center level: 12 USN: Nebraska, RN: Queen Victoria, IJN: Amagi, KM: Kaiser, SN: Project24 2. New items added - Fuel Pack: Refinery produce +100%, Crew EXP +100% in online battle - Steel Pack: Captain EXP +50%, Steel Reward +100% in online battle - Steam Pack: Fuel Pack + Steel Pack - Change Starter Pack: Remove Fuel and Steel depot double effect (The existing starter packs are not subject to change, and the new starter packs apply.) - Premium: Daily Gold Bonus +40 Each package item does not have duplicate effects. 3. DD and CL's basic weapon for torpedo is changed as mine. (Mine has added an anti-submarine feature, and IJN CL Kitakami and RN Dido have not changed.) 4. Explosion delay time of hedgehog changed from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds. 5. The gold price of the fuel has changed. (Change from 1Gold = 500 Fuel to 1Gold = 100 Fuel) 6. The fuel consumption of the battleships (except first battleships), submarines and aircraft carriers has increased by 30%. * Ship Balance patches can be adjusted at any time regardless of game app version and timing.