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Found 2 results

  1. So here's the story (again)..... The match begins 11v8. All DD, CL, CA and my level 92 carrier. Kind of like beginner wof but with a carrier thrown in. Anyways before my planes get back from their first sortie the game is 1v7 (what else is new). I tucked my carrier in behind the heavy guns and waited for the onslaught. It never came. The only ship I saw was one lonely Destroyer hanging out at the edge of the capture Zone. Ever onwards I sent wave after wave of planes after it only to have this one Destroyer shoot down every single plane I have (Less Scouts because what's the point). One Destroyer effectively took out a level 92 aircraft carrier. I can only assume his six comrades were on the other side of the map laughing their asses off. So again..... Matchmaking sucks and they really need to address this. Anti-aircraft needs to be corrected as it is just ridiculous. I don't think one Destroyer can really shoot down every plane a carrier has. (Pearl Harbor never would have happened)
  2. I don't think I'm the only one getting tired of seeing 4 or 5 submarines in each game. Or 1 zero star LVL 50 BB against two LVL 120 BB. I am playing way too many games these days that end up 1v7, 1v8,1v9. A tier system (which was talked about at one time) would solve many problems. First of all none of what I mentioned above would ever happen and that in itself would be a dramatic Improvement to the game. As well lower level captains will have evenly match battles to play in. This will make their games competitive and therefore more fun. It will definitely take the sting out of grinding when you're not playing for 1 Crew point-per-game. I I think this should be the "Next Step". No more RAID Mode, no more fireworks, let's focus on what the game is supposed to be about. A fair competitive battle that is fun to play.