2.6.9 version released!

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Patch Contents

1. Change the result judgment criteria

- Fixed part where battle is defeated after 10 minutes

-> Judging based on total attack amount of surviving ship after 10 minutes

Ex) If the surviving ship is A team BB 1 unit: B team DD 2 units
When the attack amount of A team BB is 5000 and the sum of attack amount of B team DD 2 is 3000 -> A team's victory judgment.

(If the number of remaining ships is judged to be the number of remaining ships, avoiding combat at a suitable point in time, and running away, B team will win very often.) 'Navy Field Mobile' It will give more value to the way you play against your ability to attack.)

-> The submarine's attack rate is reflected as 50%.

2. Submarine Engine Salior ability modification (downward)

3. Corrected data error after Main Gun balance patch

- Fixed the part that was applied more than the patch data patch

:::::::::::::: After applying the game app update ::::::::::::::::

4. Improved tutorial (after updating game app)

5. Add button for overseas community (Apply after updating game app)

- Official site link for overseas users

6. Notice whether ship equipment upgrade is possible (applied after game app update)

- Shows the number of ship equipment upgrades (slots) in Shipyard

* Patch contents may change depending on the situation of the head office.
* Server check and patch schedule may change depending on the situation of the head office.

Thank you.


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