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  1. We will patch today for 5.4.1 version. You can update your app in market. Maintenance time : 5~6 PM (Korea Time Base) Patch List - New Fleet and Profile features and UI - New S grade KM CV, S, A grade JP BB in research center - Manual drop function for torpedo and bomb for CV - Air strike skill for S grade SS - New chat UI Thank you.
  2. Hi there, We are recruiting new moderators. Ibby already posted on this issue. I hope, we can recruit good CHINESE moderator soon. Thank you.
  3. Hi there, You can send an email to for details. Thanks
  4. Hi, Long time no see. Thank you always~
  5. To overcome COVID-19, we start the event called "Play It Safe". Event : Online Double Reward + 30% Extra Gold Bonus in Store Period : 30th, March ~ 8th, April. We'll get through this together. Thank you. TeamNF
  6. Hi there, We are watching the situation. If it's happening continuously, those accounts will be banned. Thank you. TeamNF
  7. We start 3rd anniversary event as follows Enjoy your sailing!
  8. We released 5.3.1 version. You can update your app from apple and google market. Patch List 1. SS vs SS battle UI changed 2. Remained ships show in battle 3. Admin mark added in chat Thanks
  9. We released 5.2.9 version for Apple and Android. You can update your app for latest version at market. - Patch List 1. Raining weather defect fixed for low spec phone. 2. Chat font size option added. Thank you.
  10. Hello there, Please send email to for details. We will check it out. Thanks
  11. We think, it was the maintenance time for Christmas event. Now the server is running properly. Thank you.
  12. We will start Christmas and New Year Event from today. Enjoy your sailing!
  13. We released 5.2.2 version for Android (This version is fixed about crash issue with Android version8) and 5.2.1 for iOS. Please update your app at market for latest version. Patch list ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Added new ships in research center 2. Some data bugs are fixed 3. Hedgehog bug is fixed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are under development for Conquest World mode for fleets. Thank you.
  14. Hi there, We recommend to play Operation, Campaign first to gather some resources. Enjoy your sailing!