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  1. We start Black Friday Event! Period : 23rd of November ~ 30th of November Event : Online battle reward double & 30% Extra Gold Bonus in store. Thank you.
  2. We are planning 2 months for test mode.
  3. We will patch to fix this issue soon. Battle time zone can be changed only once. Sorry for the inconvenience. TeamNF
  4. 5.6.7 version is released in Google Playstore and Apple app store. We fixed crash issue for ships which have repair function. Thank you.
  5. PvP battle is 10 vs 10 maximum and best-of-three playoff. After selecting member's ship, the manager should touch again fleet member. Then the fleet member button turns yellow. (It's ready to join the battle) If the attacking fleet defeat, the fleet cannot declare war for the same city during a month. After Conquest World battle, the city is protected during 7 days.
  6. Attacking fleet member - Maximum 10 Defending fleet AI ship - Maximum 15 Battle time : 15 minutes If the attacking fleet wins both stages in PvE battle, PvP will begin. If a ship is destroyed in Conquest World, the ship becomes 0% DP and 0% Fuel.
  7. The command of fleet can declare war in battle time zone. In battle time zone, WAR button is available. Cost is 300 gold and after 24 hours from declaration of war, PvE battle will begin. For declaration of war, minimum fleet member is 5 and new fleet can't declare war during a month. Also new fleet member cannot join Conquest World during 3 weeks.
  8. The commander of fleet can manage city with below screenshot. 1. Upgrade : City can be upgraded from 1 level to 10 level. High level city can produce more resources. 2. Distribution : Manager can distribute resources to fleet members 3. Set defense : Fleet member can support 1 ship for city defense. 4. Battle time zone : Battle time zone should be set to 6 hours of 24 hours a day for the attacking fleet. 5. Each member can support 1 ship for each city to defend. 6. Resources status from city 7. Manager can transfer resources for debris and crew point. 8. A nation has 7 cities. If a fleet conquers 4 cities, the fleet will be a conqueror. the conqueror will receive 20% resource from other cities as tax.
  9. We have the server maintenance for patch today. You can update app version for 5.6.6 at market. Maintenance time : 9:00 PM ~ 10:30 PM (Korea Time base) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch list 1. Conquest World open for test period. 2. Store renewal 3. New ships added in store --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * After test period, conquered city can be reset. However the resources from city are available. Thank you.
  10. Hello there, What is your issue? You can send email to Thank you.
  11. Hi there, What is your issue?
  12. We have the maintenance for Summer Event and patch. You can update app for 5.4.7 version at market. Maintenance time : 5 ~ 5:40 PM (Korea time base) Patch List ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Chat color changed - Remove fleet mark in Battle Royal - Bug fix for equipment upgrade ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  13. Thank you for the suggestion. I will check those ships performance. Have a nice day~
  14. Bugger off... please..
  15. If you send email to with your account info, we will reset your GameCenter data. Thank you.