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We will inform you about next patch plan.

The scheduled update is likely to be delayed by a week or so. This is because we need to collect update lists together with Apple's recommended game registration issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Patch Contents
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Online battle(Great Battle, Beginner Battle) shows the clan mark on the left side of the ship name

2. Identification of enemy aircraft's peers (enemy - red claw, friendly - green claw)

3. Add attendance compensation (a fixed amount of gold for the first 7 days)

4. Special promotion function for Expert crew (Expert immediate promotion function)

5. Add master crew

- Four-star crew with 250% ability efficiency

- Add crew point (new resource) for master crew promotion

In online battles(Great Battle, Beginner Battle), If you win, crew point is awarded with 100% probability, and if defeated, a crew point is awarded with 30% probability.

- Promotion conditions

(Promoted to master crew with a certain amount of crew points, steel, and fuel)

- Master crew's time and probability of promotion

(1 day master promotion probability 76%, 3 day master promotion probability 20%, 7 day master promotion probability 3.9%, 365 day master promotion probability 0.1%)

6. Beginner battle Participation level limitation

- Level 8 ~ Level 60 (Great Battle is available from level 15)

7. Change the way of Harbor Asaault progresses

8. Display the number of enemy attacks and enemy ships sunk in online battle

9. New ships added (50 Level Destroyer)


10. Change Captain experience   

      A. Gold Ship's Captain Experience Value Up 10%   

      B. If Increasing the tier in the same ship class. The captain experience increase by 2% (up to 6%).

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Patch contents and schedule may be changed or excluded due to developer's convenience.

Thank you.


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