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S Gorskov

Discrepancy crew exp. points old/new players on DDs

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Greetings ti everyone, like many others players, I have opened more nations and I noticed a discrepancy on crew experience points required for veteran level  DDs between my new nations (UK and KM) and my "old" nation IJN, 190 points are enough for new nations to get up Officers at veteran level instead in my older IJN player i need of 400 points to get up Officers at EXPERT level (as old rule); so Dev Team, you should match all value to clear disadvantage of older players that still have ships without exp.I m a bit confused but  i think these values should be for all: (Officers ref.) DD=190 - CL=220 - CA=3200 (?) - BB/CV/SS=4000.

as always excuse me for bad english

I also look for clarifications from others players, Greetings


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