3.5.0 version released for iOS and Android

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[Updates and Patches]

A server check for 3.5.0 version updates and patches is scheduled.

The server check will be conducted for about 40 minutes from 5 pm Korea time today.


Please update the server patch and game app update at the same time.


Update versions may vary in deployment time by 1 to 4 hours per individual.
Especially for Apple iOS, it can be delayed by up to 10 hours. There is no problem playing the game, but please update to the latest version as much as possible.

Patches and Updates
-------------------------------------------------- -
1. Add 1 vs 1 battle mode

- You can apply for a 1 vs 1 battle from your chat window.
- There is no compensation for 1 vs 1 combat (abuse prevention).

2. Decrease the damage of 3rd upgrade gun for mini CL (20%)

- As a part of the balance control for the Mini CL, the damage of the 3 main guns is reduced by 20%.

3. Change the resulting windows interface

4. Add 'Extra Crew XP'

- If the crew of the ship is all veteran, all of the crew XP will be converted to the extra sailor experience.
- 'Extra Crew XP' can be transferred to other ship's sailors using gold.

* event

1. When purchasing 'Limited Edition Steam Pack', a new French ship 'Provence' will be provided.

- A new Provence battleship starts with all salior as an Expert at the same time as build.
- Can be used without any level restrictions and will be built in the countries where you buy the Steam Pack. It is not added to other countries.
- Period From December 21, 2017 server check up to January 18, 2018


2. Captain EXP 50% UP ↑ Event

- You will receive 50% more Captain experience from online combat.
- After December 21 server check up to December 28 server check up

-------------------------------------------------- -

- When you access the game, if the tutorial window is displayed instead of the country selection window, touch the return button on the top left corner to return to the country selection window.

If the tutorial is completed by clicking on the "Battle" button, the tutorial may be executed only once. If you proceed with the tutorial, you can use it normally.



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