3.6.4 version is released for iOS and Android!

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3.6.4 version is released for Android and iOS!

We released 3.6.4 version January 31st, 2018.

Patch List...
1. Move point will be displayed for aircraft.

2. Selected aircraft squadron will be distinguished.

3. Change gun target line image.

4. Crew Point is used instead of Fuel for crew training.

- After patch, you will use Crew Point to train Crew.

5. AI ship and AAW in land will fire against enemy aircrafts if the ship is equipped AAW gun.

6. Expert online will be availbe until 65 Lv Captain and it will be 10 vs 10 like Great battle online.

7. War of Fleets will be changed.

- War of Fleets will be distinguished Beginner, Expert, Great Battle.

- Prevent abusing for WOF (The battle between same fleets can receive the rating point once in a day)

8. DP of last CV for each nation is increased and last CV can use AAW for sub gun (1st upgrade sub gun)

9. Simultaneous access from two devices with a single account is limited.

10. Event (Captain EXP 50% increase) is finished.

* We will give Random box from next patch. you can get Random box from Victory in Online battle. From Random box, you can get Crew Point, Gold, Extra Crew Point, Steel, Fuel, Captain EXP.

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