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Huawei P20 graphic problem.

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After changing the phone to Huawei P20 I have a big graphic problem. In battles ships and their elements are shaking. To make it more interesting, the superstructures, turrets, hulls and name of the player shake separately!  The same situatnion is with land borders. These elements are shaking only in motion  It means if ship stands still it doesn't shake. If I dont move view, land also doesn't shake.

Another problem is water. It also seems to shake or flash. It very tires eyes.

On other phones, these problems didn't occur. The picture was stable as a rock.

Maybe it's a scaling problem? Display is:  1080 x 2244 px (5.80") 429 ppi 16:9 aspect ratio.
Only one of other games have problem with this aspect ratio (longer edges are not visible), but image doesn't shake in any of them.
Adjusting the resolution in the phone's menu doesn't help.

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