7.5.1 version patch and Lunar New Year Event.

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We will shutdown the server for patch and Lunar New Year Event.

You can update your app version for Google (7.5.2), Apple (7.5.1) at markets.

Schedule - 4:00PM ~ 5:00PM (Korea Time)

Patch List
1. Added damage when a ship is hit by a falling aircraft (1500 damage)
2. When an air base is destroyed or an aircraft carrier is sunk, aircrafts that have already launched return to the friendly aircraft carrier or aircraft base.
    - If there is no operational allied aircraft carrier or air base, it moves off the map and disappears.
    - Returned aircraft can be used again 
3. Equipment upgrade UI is changed (displayed in UI from basic equipment)
4. Added new repair ships in research center (A-tier CA)
    - Previously added repair ships, US CA Jason and JP CA Akashi, have been changed to gun-reinforced types.
    - Added KM CA R Class, RM CA Fiume, and SN CA Kommuna
5. Added new repair ships in research center (A-tier CL)
    - US CL Prince David, RN CL Rawalpindi, JP CL Aikoku Maru, KM CL Kormoran, SN CL Ural, MN CL Gloire, RM CL Ramb II
    - New CL repair ships can operate T-Boat (torpedo boat) on each side
6. Daily Quest Gold Reward Increase
7. Changed some submarine data
    - France Surcouf: Decreased gun reload time (740 -> 580), increased firing angle of sub gun, increased turning power (20 -> 21)
    - British A Type: Increased turning power (S-class, A-class: 18 -> 19, B-class: 17 -> 18), increased firing angle of sub gun (S-class, A-class)
    - Soviet Union K Class: Increased firing angle of sub gun (S-class, A-class)
8. Added torpedo upgrades to some battleships in sub weapon line (mines and torpedoes can be installed through upgrades after basic AAW)
    - Class A: JP Mutsu, MN Gascogne, UK Hood 1943, KM Tirpitz
    - S class: SN Proletariat, UK Nelson, US California
9. Some aircraft carrier data changes
    - JP Zuiho (Class S : change basic secondary weapon to AAW and add torpedo upgrade, Class A : add torpedo upgrade)
    - MN PB-58, KM Project A : Increased basic FCS sight range (1625 -> 1800)
    - KM Graf Zeppelin II (Class B~S): Increased the number of sub guns from 2 to 3, added AAW function
10. Removed the delay time when dropping torpedoes by torpedo bombers
11. SN CL Svetlana AAW gun changed.



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