Game opening summer event!


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Event details

2017 Game Opening Summer Event is here!

To help more players get to know and have a taste of NavyField Mobile, you will act as our Navy Ambassador!  Players complete different tasks in this event will have the opportunity to win from variety of different prizes, including GOLD, Phone Case & Crystal Trophy! 

Please check out the details below:

1. First you need to register an account on this forum (better with your main Captain name)

2. Complete a list of tasks below and score! 

   a) Rate 5 stars in Play store/Apple store!  (+30 marks)

   b) Share on your facebook and set privacy to PUBLIC and write "Come join me in Navyfield Mobile!" (+10 marks)

share fb.jpg

   c) Share on your twitter and write "Come join me in Navyfield Mobile! (+5 marks)

   d) Write a good review of the game on your instagram with picture (+10 marks)  /  with in-game video (+15 marks)  (You can only get maximum 15 marks in this task)

   e) Make a NF Mobile game play video on YouTube (+15 marks)  (You have to include 1. "your main captain name"  2. Keyword "Navy Field mobile game"  in your video        title and in video description)

   f) Share on your Google+  (+5 marks)

   g) Live stream your game play 5 times with Mobcrash/Omlet Arcade/Twitch/Youtube gaming APP. Each stream should be no shorter than 20 minutes.  (+10 marks)(You        can only get 10 marks here no matter how many platform you streamed on)

   h) Write a good detail game review on the following sites and other WWII world war 2 sites, better register username with your main captain name or include it in your            signature on those sites(+10 marks)

3. How you submit it?   You should have an account on this forum now.


Ok here comes the part you concern the most - Prize!  

I .    Players achieved 50 marks =      3,000 gold

II.    Players achieved 75 marks =      7,000 gold + NavyField Phone case

III.   Players achieved 100 marks =    10,000 gold + Crystal Trophy!   (There are total 10 Crystal Trophy, if there are more than 10 players reach the requirement, winner            will be decided by lucky draw. Winner have to ensure prize can be sent to you by postal mail)



*Remember, our judge will check your facebook and Instagram and other social platform anytime. So make sure you set the relevant post privacy to public so it is visible to us, otherwise we may not able to deliver the prize. Any facebook and instagram accounts that we suspect are created purely for event abuse purpose will not be counted and will be disqualified from the event. If you concern about privacy issues, choose tasks you feel comfortable to complete. You can write review in your primary languages/language that is used on the game sites. Each account are eligible to enter the event once only even you may have multiple captains. Plagiarism from other player reviews are strictly prohibited. Terms are subject to final change/decision of Event Committee and Naiadgames. *

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Well, I am not into all this social media, so I won't participate, but I wish everyone good luck!!! 



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So I am just wondering if the prizes where lowered because of it being a typo or was there a change to the event?  Not trying to be a pain but cutting them 50-70% kinda stinks.


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