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  1. We will shutdown the server for patch. You can update your app as 6.5.5 version at markets. Schedule : 5PM ~ 6:30PM (Korea Time base) Patch List ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. New limit for Online Experts : Only destroyers and cruisers can participate until C grade. (B grade ships can't enter) 2. Double touch action for ship move ( Double Touch ON/OFF available at option) 3. New ship direction indicator 4. Auto aiming for torpedo launchers 5. Change tutorial for new comers 6. New A grade KM CA Freya in research center 7. 5 vs 5 Conquest world battle time is increased as 15 minutes. Thank you.
  2. Patch for 6.3.9 version and Autumn event. We will shutdown the server for patch. Schedule : 5:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM (Korea time) You can update your app version as 6.3.9 at market. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Patch list - Maximum member limit is changed in Conquest World (added 5 vs 5, 8 vs 8) - New France, German A grade CA in research center - Torpedo speed is increased by 5 % for A, S grade SS and JP A grade Kitakami, B grade Akitsuki-Kai (3up only) - Changed beginner tutorial simply - Options is changed for link / unlink account - Add daily quest for CL, CA ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you.
  3. We will shutdown the sever for Thanksgiving Event. Schedule : 4:00PM ~ 4:30PM (Korea time) Thank you.
  4. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server for patch. Schedule : 4:30 PM ~ 5:30 PM (Korea time) You can update your app version as 6.3.0 at market. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Patch list 1. Remove cost for Nuke and Airstrike 2. Rollback Hull strength and change condition - We will return all blueprints and golds for hull strength. - Maximum limit will be 10% for Hull strength. - Blueprints amount for hull strength will be changed as follows, S tier : 1 (same as current) A tier : 5 B, C, D : 10 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily Quest event will be ended. Thank you.
  5. Dear Captains, We will shutdown the server for patch. You can update your app version for 6.2.1 at market. Schedule : 5:30PM ~ 6:30PM (Korea Time) Patch List ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. New ships added in research center - S grade RM BB Francesco Caracciolo (1940) - B grade SN CL Sverdlov - B grade MN CL Bruix 2. Added ship class limit to Conquest World battles - Limited to 3 battleships, 2 aircraft carriers, and 2 submarines for maximum 3. Defense ships' AI upgrade in Raid 4. Special price premium package for beginner only 5. Daily quest gold event for new users and users who open new nations 6. 3days premium account added for all existing accounts as compensation for yesterday's access failure ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  6. Dear Captains, We are holding a game promotion video production event that can best inform Navy Field. Selected videos may be used to promote the game in the future. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Video time : More than 15 seconds and less than 30 seconds 2. Video format: MP4 3. Video size: within 100MB 4. Submission period: Until June 30, 2021 5. Prize - 1st place: 30,000 gold - 2nd place: 20,000 gold - 3rd place: 10,000 gold 6. Send the created video to [email protected] with [Video Event - Captain's Name] in the title. --------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  7. 6.1.5 version update. We will shutdown the server for patch. You can update your app version for 6.1.5 at market. Schedule : 5:30 PM ~ 6:00 PM (Korea Time) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch list 1. PvE operation mission bug fixed 2. Auto rotation is working again. 3. In stage1 at pillage mode, defensive ships will move together. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  8. Hi, Your account is unblocked now. Please be careful in future. Thank you.
  9. Hi, G0AT We found that you sent millions of packet to our server. It's a kind of attacking like DDOS. I don't know why you sent those request to our server but it's causing lag. That's why your account is banned. You can send email the reason why to explain your situation. Thank you. TeamNF
  10. We found critical bug for crash in 6.1.3. Therefore we updated 6.1.4 for android. You can update your app version at Google playstore as 6.1.4 Also we patched as follows, 1. AI defense ships in pillage mode are reduced repair cost from 100% to 3%. (Attacker ships are same as 100%) 2. Defensive weapons in pillage map are enhanced. 3. AI defense ships (DD, CL, CA) are nerf in raid. Thank you.
  11. You can update your app version as 6.1.3 at markets. Patch List -------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Added Pillage battle in Conquest World ( PvE battle is removed conquest battle, only PvP remaining) 2. New Battleships added in research center - US BB Kentucky (S tier) - KM BB Yorck (S tier) - SN BB Project21 (S tier) - SN BB Novorossiysk (A tier) 3. AI Boats become smarter 4. UK BB Queen Victoria has better AAW (S, A tier) 5. UK SS has better HULL 6. Bug fix and Data rebalanced for ships. Thank you.
  12. We will shutdown the server for Golden Week Event. Schedule : 5:00 PM ~ 5:20 PM (Korea Time) After maintenance, Golden Week event begins. Thank you.
  13. We have the maintenance for patch and event today. Schedule : 4:30 PM ~ 5:30 PM Also you can update your app version as 6.0.5 at markets. Patch list -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Destroyers and light cruisers cannot detect mines in battle. 2. Destroyers and light cruisers can remove mines in battle. 3. Matchmaking logic is changed. 4. Display the remaining battle time for Conquest World in harbor . 5. French Charlemagne, Japanese Amagi, and US California S grade 3up guns strengthened French Charlemagne 3up gun (reload speed 2015 -> 2003, damage 1780 -> 1830) Japanese Amagi 3up gun (Damage 1832 -> 1980) US California 3up guns (reload speed 2020 -> 1880, damage 2731 -> 3040) 6. German grade B~S submarine 3up engine performance enhancement (max speed 27 -> 28, overheat speed 38 -> 39) 7. Fixed a bug where the mine did not change when changing teams in replay mode 8. Conquest World reset all cities 9. Start Spring Event
  14. Thanks for your interest in Navyfield and being our valued captains again! This is an update of the previous punishment regulations for bug abusing and hacking. An immediate penalty of an account may result if a captain found guilty of exploiting errors and bugs to cause any chaos, such as achieving unfair profits and/or creating any destruction of game balance, instead of reporting them to provide a fair and secure gameplay environment. Depending on number of times the errors and bugs were exploited, the penalty can vary as follows: 1st attempt: account suspension for 7 days, 2nd attempt: account suspension for 15 days, and 3rd attempt: permanent account suspension. In addition, any captain found guilty of using hacking tools will have an immediate permanent account suspension. We ask for all captains’ cooperation to continuously improve our game environment. Thank you.
  15. We released 6.0.0 version at markets. You can update your app version as 6.0.0 Patch List --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fleet icon bug fixed - Replay menu list fixed - Aircraft marks in replay fixed - Changes in chat menu - Changed profile menu (add buttons for private message and duel) - Back to minimal iOS 9.2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  16. Thanks for your interest in Navyfield and being our valued captains! We consider providing a fair and secure gameplay environment a top priority. In pursuing that goal, we do not tolerate cheating or abusive behavior. In order to provide a fair and pleasant gaming experience for all users, all users must adhere to the following rules. Users found guilty of exploiting errors and bugs instead of reporting them will be held liable for serious penalties. Depending on the severity and number of times the bug was exploited, the penalty can be a temporary ban spanning for days or weeks, up to permanent account suspension. Please report us any errors and bugs found. This will eventually benefit to improve of the game content while playing. In addition, unauthorized changes to the game environment will likely interfere with the game services, therefore, it is not allowed. Use of unauthorized programs that are not permitted or authorized, can lead to account permanent suspension. Anyone found guilty of using hack will have their account banned permanently. Misconduct with any of the practices mentioned above, will lead to penalties such as, including but not limited to, temporary chat ban and/or game suspension, and permanent game account closure. In addition to this, we would like to emphasize chat etiquette in the game. We're all here to enjoy games together. Sometimes that can mean arguing with friends over lost battles or derbies. That's fine, but being abusive towards others drains the fun from the game. When engaging in any kind of in-game communication, we kindly ask that you are respectful of others. This also applies to the language used in your team's name and description. Please help us create a great gaming environment for all. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 感謝所有玩家一直以來對Navyfield 的支持與關注。 我們認為,提供一個公平和舒適的遊戲環境是經營商最重要的事情。為了達成此事,我們不容認任何作弊或濫用漏洞的行為。 為了我們能持續提供最好的遊戲體驗給予所有玩家,我們需要大家支持與尊守以下規則: 1. 玩家如發現任何遊戲漏洞後,沒有回報我們並利用漏洞,將會根據利用次數、嚴重性而作出幾天、幾周、甚至是永久的遊戲停權。如發現任何遊戲漏洞,請回報我們,這才是對遊戲最好的方法。 2. 此外,未經我們授權的第三者程式、外掛程式會嚴重影響遊戲伺服器。所以第三者程式、外掛程式是不允許的,一經發現,我們會作出永久性遊戲停權。 以上不當行為一經發現後,我們會作出懲罰,不限於 聊天禁令、暫時或永久遊戲停權。 最後,我們想聊聊關於遊戲的聊天禮儀。遊戲是為了讓大家享受的。有時候,大家會因為輸了比賽而爭吵,但是過火的爭吵會影響其他人的遊戲體驗。 當大家在遊戲中進行任何交流時,我們善意地希望大家互相尊重。這也適用於描述其他語言的艦隊名稱。 有了大家的幫助,我們才能為大家創造一個最好的遊戲環境。 感謝!
  17. With the last server update we resolved an issue related to equipment-overmounting. By this process, any ship in case of this issue will be automatically reset its equipment setting. We have always stood for fair play. But after checking and finding some players or fleets who are abusing this issue, we decided to reset Conqueror Cities to zero with the following rule; One Fleet - One City or perhaps One Fleet - Two Cities in different nations. We will make this reset at the end of March. Thank you.
  18. Hello Captains! We have the server maintenance for patch today. You can update your app version for 5.9.8 in markets. Maintenance schedule : 7PM ~ 10PM (Korea time) Patch List ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Conquest World Replay function added 2. Changed Conquest World battle result to the same rules as Great Online Battle. (The sum of the attack amount of the surviving ship, if the surviving ship is a submarine, it is calculated as 50% attack amount) 3. In Conquest World, 1st PvE attack fails, the city protection period is reduced to 1 day and 2 days with the 2nd PvE failure. 4. In Conquest World, the minimum member of fleet for declaration of war increases from 5 to 10 5. Conquest World Requires at least 3 fleet members who is 70 national level to declare war. 6. Basic FCS increases view for German A-tier, S-tier Project A, S-tier Graf Zeppelin2 7. British armor specialization (ship speed adjustment, DP increase when armor is upgraded) 8. Adjusted the accuracy of dive bomber and changed the target point of torpedo bomber 9. New A-tier CA added in research center - US CA Des Moines - RN CA Archer - IJ CA Miyako - KM CA Blucher - SN CA Admiral Nakhimov - MN CA Mandel - RM CA Trieste 10. Continuous mines can be fired by adjusting the launch angle 11. Adjustment of the ship's secondary gun firing angle 12. Changed ship information DPS and reload time standards for seconds (DPS is based on the total ship) 13. Added DPS to gun upgrade menu 14. Building upgrade cost is decreased in Harbor 15. Changed the image of S-tier UK BB Nelson in shipyard 16. Changed the basic weapon of French A-tier BB Jean Bart from torpedoes to mines 17. Strengthen AAW (secondary gun) of Japanese S-tier BB Mikawa 18. Adjusted the reload time and damage of British S-tier BB Conqueror 3up guns (Reload time 18.9 -> 18.8, damage 1700 -> 1640) 19. Added DPS for defense weapon guns in harbor assault 20. In blueprint, the reload time and DPS are changed according to ship info 21. Changed the button to delete blueprint (changed to red button at the bottom) Thank you.
  19. We have the maintenance to finish lunar new year event and start 4th anniversary event. Schedule : 5PM~5:30PM (Korea Time base) We will give 500 golds and 5 days premium account for all players as gift. Thank you.
  20. Hello there, We will patch replay mode in CW. After reply, we will judge false fleet and battles. Thank you. TeamNF
  21. Hello there, There is misunderstandings for test period. We haven't announced the end of test period on Conquest World officially yet. We have to add replay mode for judging battles in Conquest World at next patch. We know your fleet makes false fleets with minimum members to avoid real war in Conquest World. However we just have been watching those abusing issues because it is test period. Also we will add Surprise Attack mode in Conquest World soon. After patches for those contents, we will announce the end of test period. However it will take a month to develop. If your fleet doesn't want to reset the cities, please don't abuse with false fleets. Otherwise we have to reset all cities. (in announcement, "can be reset" means abusing issue happened during test period) If you stop declaring war by false fleets, we will consider again for reset. Thank you. TeamNF
  22. Dear Captains! We have the maintenance for patch today. Schedule : 6:45 PM ~ 7:30 PM (Korea Time) You can update your app version for 5.8.6 in the markets. Patch List ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Chat channel policy change (Native language + Global) 2. Rollback to salvo firing for auto aiming 3. Battle lag issue fixed 4. fix minor bug in Harbor assault ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you.
  23. We added delay fire for each turrets to protect DD and CL from one shot one kill. However we will consider the option for selection Salvo / Delay Fire. Also we fix the above bug with next patch. Thank you.
  24. You can update your app version for 5.8.4 in market. Critical bug is fixed. Thank you.