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  1. The guns on the A tier california are often times not able to sink destroyers because of how week they are. They do almost no dmg to other bbs unless a crit happens and that rare enough. 1920dmg for the iowas strongest gun with the California sitting at 1780, this wouldnt be a problem if the guns weren't worse in every way. The guns have worse range, dmg and reload. And the most dmg I've gotten out 9f them was 16387. The total yield of dmg potential should be in the 23thousands but since no splash comes off of it no dmg is done. Either add same range or better or at least give it a bigger splash, otherwise this ship is a waste of gold.
  2. I also love the size of the maps but wish we couldnt see where people are at the start that'll help with people targeting to.
  3. The new Battle Royal Mode is highly favored to SS because Subs are over Powered. There is no way to hurt or run away from a sub which makes most over ships useless to even participate. Its basically built to were it's a sub playground and if you join in with another ship you would have to be lucky to sink it.
  4. SS speed nerf cause there is no way a ss can out run ca
  5. The first 2 upgrades add belt and deck armor which is same for all ships the last upgrade gives you less torp dmg to ur hull but each upgrade slows it ship down more and more
  6. Quite agreed subs can take dmg like a battleship and can move like a cheetah compared to a fat house Cat. Make it balanced with ships having a strength to eachother subs already have a strength at submerging. They dont need to be as fast as a destroyer. Also add in half speed.
  7. This new update brought in armor drawbacks for having armor on your ship. For every upgrade the slower your ship becomes. Aircraft carriers are more powerful with ships like battleships and heavy cruisers becoming easy targets without much protection against it. Now SS is most overpowered ship in the game because it's to fast. And has nothing to fear considering it cant get hurt, If battleships are slow they should receive more anti air and for submerged subs they should never reach a speed above 20 knots for balance. If ss are going to be 9ver powered cls and dds should receive a torpedo and hedgehog buff that should hurt the sub than give it a few scratches. Each ship should have a purpose of strength not uselessness at over powered ships if u have a ship sudgestion to make this more clear put it down below. If I use a cl I want it to have a use in wof same with dd. Make each ship have it's own strength.
  8. Also Carrie's torpedo bombers been dropping torps right next like on top of my battleships and getting away with it make it that they get shot down if they get that close pls.
  9. The Radar should be made useful, subs slightly slower where they dont have an insane overheat speed which would easly show exactly were they are from the noise. AAW should be on battleships considering the fact that they had to be able to try to defend themselves. Fighter combat should be better so we dont have fighters circling forever until they have to return. Battleships shall not be able to turn like a pt boat to dodge torps or bombers. Bombers need to be made better so they are not completely useless. A Half speed so that carriers can move slowly and use the map. Depth charges to be added to take out deep dived subs. Subs take dmg other than get hit by a Battleship and only get a scratch. Improved sub warfare so its actually a fair fight besides whoever has the fastest sub. Better dive system. Certain ships nerfed (CA,s) so they cant destroy a Vettted Iowa would be nice. Better offense vs defense. Raids made into actual raids. Better carrier control because we all know how annoying it is when we run into a wall when we are busy controlling our aircraft (Which in my preference I used radar to avoid most of the time). WOF Match making better wear times are assigned or an easier way on making plans for it. Plus more ranks in fleet So we can have more people to manage leaders than the chief.
  10. Polina that is the point and why depth charges should be added. I like the idea of the radar Bald has said but if the radar could at least have lines and work somewhat like the old one then it would be better.
  11. Ok so the new update brought in a new radar which completely sucks. It's to small and dosent even work bring back the old much better.
  12. I agree to that. I do play wow. Kinda bad right now tho considering dd's are over powered at the current moment. In navy field carriers,ss and bbs are overpowered compared 2 the destroyers and cruisers. They do need a buff.
  13. As we all know all the ships have a distinct advj for each nation. RN gun power. KM range. US hit points. IJN balanced SN balanced. Well it would be good to see certain advj added to the game. US anti air RN/KM/IJN secondary power SN torpedo launchers. We all know that each of these ships had something better than the other in ww2. If these ships had this it would make these ships formidable and dangerous like there supposed 2. This would technically mean that cruisers and destroyers would be out matched but these ships should be hard to hit so a torp upgrade would make these ships comparible. Currently we know that so.e ships are OP (Province/QV) some changes like this would make the game more interesting because of these advj. The destroyer and cruiser torp range is to short. If you have any suggestions say em.
  14. Hes the one that said we need more players so I make recruitment ad 😏
  15. I realised with my iowa that battleship comparison is horrible. I'm scared to face other battleships of my level because the iowas dmg dosent cut it. I hate that when I face another bb100 that I barely scratch them and I get demolished. I realise that each nation has an advj. Germans have range British have power. I dont see any advj for the Soviet US and the Japanese battleships. I was playing my iowa and its repair is vetted and a QV hits me for a total of 40000 dmg.