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  1. The first one is to prevent some unruly players from obtaining gold coins through new accounts and transferring them to the main account. The conditions can also be changed to country level restrictions (maybe lv50) In fact, the first condition I put forward is not only to prevent abuse, but also to attract developers, because it can make developers earn money lol
  2. Many players have been looking forward to the game to launch a warship or blueprint trading system. I have some ideas about this. I think there can be a market system where players can put blueprints they want to sell. The price is decided by the players themselves. In order to prevent abuse, the system should be set as follows: 1. Like the translation system, only paid players can buy and sell in the market. 2. Blueprints can only be purchased after they have been on the shelves for some time. 3. The system deducts about 20% as tax in the transaction. Developers can sell out of print warship blueprints at special times such as anniversaries.Even if it's just a specially painted warship, and the data is the same as the original, I think some players will love to collect them. I think a healthy and orderly trading system is good for both players and developers.
  3. I have a suggestion about Surcouf. I think it can be more interesting by adding a unique feature. I checked the information on the Internet and found that some of the rear torpedo launchers of Surcouf can be rotated and fired to both sides. I think we can consider reproducing this feature in the game. We can set the 2 or 4 torpedo tubes at the rear to be rotatable. I think this will increase the playability and value of Surcouf. Surcouf except FCS and turning speed are relatively weak. Its deck gun shooting dead angle is also very large, I think that turning part of the rear torpedo launcher will not affect the balance. In addition, this is very easy to achieve. The French 120-level SS had a similar bug in the previous version (the rotation angle of the deck gun and a torpedo launcher were confused).
  4. There is also a bug in Project A's main gun, the main gun can only aim and fire at a very short distance. The main gun is the biggest feature of Project A. this bug has affected its combat effectiveness and entertainment.
  5. In this latest update, some new main guns have been added to the game, and some warships with little advantage have been strengthened, such as Nelson s. But there are some ships that I think need to be strengthened that have not changed. For example: [Surcouf S]Unlike other s-subs, it does not have the highest level FCS by default; the number of torpedoes is small (10 tubes). Poor turning ability. [Charlemagne S] the main gun is not the best in France, but it is acceptable. The range of its AA sub gun is very poor, and the reload time is a little longer. Four long range sub guns are not as powerful as other SBB's. [California S]Poor main gun properties [Amagi S] in the current version, Amagi s has no advantage in firepower. It's not even as good as the Amagi A. I think Amagi should be equipped with air defense or anti-sub weapons instead of ordinary sub guns.
  6. 第一个只是图层问题,蓝色的是战舰的船体图层,盖在了炮塔图层的上面,对实际战斗没有影响。 至于第二个图,不同种类的炮本身就会有不同的图形。
  7. 愿意接手的玩家,请扫描下方的二维码添加我为微信好友。 非诚勿扰。
  8. 大家好,我是愚蠢的人类,目前的游戏名是stupidhuman。 在去年7月份的时候,出于对游戏的热爱,以及为玩家服务的目的,我建立了一个微信公众号【大海战手游小助手】。 在各位玩家朋友的帮助下,公众号不断地改进升级,逐渐成为了一个有用的工具。截止2020年4月6日17时。此公众号已经有354名玩家关注。 但是由于本人现实中工作比较忙,很多非常有用的内容,例如完整的新手攻略以及细致的游戏机制讲解,我基本只是做了一个框架而已。具体的内容只放出了10%。 虽然我很想继续完成这个工作,但是由于种种原因,我要放弃这款游戏了。 我希望能有一位喜欢钻研游戏机制,并且善于分析数据、剖析情报的玩家,能够接手运营这个公众号。对了,最好是有比较多的空余时间。 感谢这354位玩家对于本微信公众号的支持,请各位放心。我会努力寻找到最合适的玩家来接手。
  9. IJN SS Kai-Kou Type, tier B&A
  10. LOL, he even chose Musashi, because it is equipped with four sub guns with a range of 2600. I think it should be punished. Their behavior has a bad impact on the game environment. Maybe you should email naiadgames@gmail.com. Posts in this forum are rarely noticed.
  11. You forgot the MN ACA Jules Verne
  12. It's unrealistic, for one thing only: the number of players is too small. What this game should do most is to increase publicity.
  13. 玩家自制公众号,搜索公众号名称【大海战手游小助手】或【nfmxzs】即可关注,主要功能为查看战舰档案、发布更新情报、提供快速帮助等功能,仅服务于中文玩家。目前还比较简陋,需要大家共同努力建设,如果有意见和建议,可以在公众号中直接回复。 ←扫码亦可关注
  14. The first time the criticalbonus system launched was version 4.5.3, at which time the criticalbonus of rare BB was KM 28. IJN 27. SN 25. USN 25. RN 25. Almost all Italian and French warships use the FCS of the five old countries, except Richelieu. Before version 4.5.3, Richelieu used Soviet FCS. But Richelieu players can easily allocate equipment to the FCS because there is no need to upgrade the main gun. In order to balance the game, programmers designed a third upgrade FCS data exclusively for Richelieu, with critical bonus only 20. But then the problem arises. Later updates have strengthened the critical data, and the FCS criticalbonus of the old five countries has increased by 5. Except for Richelieu's FCS. (The first and second upgrades of the FCS in Richelieu are still using Soviet data, so they are enhanced) I think maybe the developer forgot about the new FCS. The reasonable data of Richelieu third upgrade FCS should be 25.