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  1. Or how about let the crews be moved from one ship to another, So you can train and still use that crew. IE: Crew can go from a E:Timmerman - D:Timmerman - C : Timmerman, Or IE: Crew training stays the same or gets a little longer and let players move the crew to build ships to fit their play style...2-3 Engineers vs 1 repair, 1 Radio, 1 engineer...
  2. seal clubbing is a common occurrence in NF always has been since the introduction of GB....when DD-CA games were the norm, you keep what you killed the game was more fun then today.
  3. game started with japan, uk, us, germany and soviet. italy and france were added some months ago. Thanks makes sense they were the most fleshed out in NF,NF2, NF 3D....To bad Italy and france are broken now...LOL...Looks like no one really cares anyway there is almost NO ONE in the community chatting and the DEVS don't seem to care...Well thats not fair to say, Devs just do what producers want done...even if its dumb...
  4. Why did the CL/CA matchs get taken away for battle royal? GBs suck for anything but CV/SS/BB. Would be nice to have a CL/CA/DD matchs for those who don't need to be Seal clubbing DD/CLs.
  5. This is where I have a problem, the lottery is nothing more then a Credit Sink(Steel,Oil,Gold)...I would rather earn what I need to get something. I can't get the Guam without playing that lottery, that's the only ship i have any desire to get but can't because of the idiocy of gambling. If I want to play slots I would play slots... I guess its time to start a new nation, nothing better then making player pay to open a new nation. So which Nation is the newest, i only ask because documentation for this game is well very slim...
  6. how did you get that B Tashkent DD?
  7. Quick and Simple i can deal with. This is just plan stupid, CV have nothing that really counters them...Rock, paper, Scissor is a bad balance model for NF. The suggestions might as well be pissing up a rope...SDEnternet and whoever else is driving this boat doesn't care about anything but making a bigger profit. If you build it they will come is a completely lost statement...
  8. Why is is when someone points out the BS it all anger? You might be angry because someone calls out all the BS NFMoble does... Horrid Balance, Lack of Game play other then getting zapped by BBs...Unless you want to play BB/CV/SS in a GB.... Utter lack of configuration which is what NF was known for... Crew training is nothing more then time or $$$$ no crew specialization...Repair/Restore/Engine Simple point and click Block shooting BS. Rush...Die....Repeat... that's how you play. Or Spend $$$ for the same outcome... If you want to play CA/BB its going to cost you alot of time in a DD/CL in GBs or prem which is stupid expensive for a mobile game... Capped Steel per game per ship... Just some thoughts that really no on cares about
  9. When you have to Caveat something with "At Least" then that's a problem. There should always bee a dedicated DD-CA/SS. Since we can't move crews around its just a way to make players PAY more in time or $$$$ its nothing new to SDEnternet. It was always about time or Money. If its time they will make you pay... Since all Ships are capped at the amount of steel they can bring in during a match this is another reason I am frustrated with how NFmobile has forced players into GBs. Which are just feeding the $$$ customers by making players play with ships that have NO business in GBs once you break level 70....its really starting to wear on my last nerve...
  10. I havne't played yet, thanks for the tip. Subs were stupid in NF, NFII and now they are just as stupid in NFMobile...Why not just changes the name to SubField?
  11. What do you expect when the Devs make the Alaska a BB? Their Idea of balance is to make everything new better then what is already there....
  12. Got to love the lottery BS Designs...LOL its a great Resource gold sink...nothing better then spending 300K/30K and getting an E Gearing..l Great Idea, but the lottery system is a joke... So who thought it was a good idea for this type system?
  13. 2 weeks and still nothing...and now no responses...LOL